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Part Two: Top 5 Ways To Monetize Your Blogs – Affiliate Marketing

For the second part of this series let’s discuss a few different approaches to monetize blogs with affiliate marketing. It’s important to point out that what you see mentioned in this article is in no way extensive, there are more ways to do this… it’s just that these are a few of the more popular ways to go about things in affiliate monetization. Not every approach can be the best way monetize a blog. You have to choose the right one. Let’s see how to monetize a website. 


Product Reviews

Typically when you think of affiliate marketing blogs you’re probably thinking of this type of content. Most blogs which use this are super involved in SEO and often times rely on it almost exclusively to generate traffic to their sites. So if SEO is your thing to get traffic then you might want to look into this revenue-generating style of affiliate marketing.

A really simple way to see review sites is to type this into a Google Search: product review

That is the word “product” plus the word “review” (or substitute “product” with any word you wish)  and then just run your search. Doing this will get you different results compared to just typing in the word “review” but you can try both if you wish.

Digital Trends

Above is an example of a really nice looking review site which ranks high in Google

A really popular style of review sites/blogs are the “round up” or comparison sites. Taking a number of different, yet related products and reviewing them each, giving comparisons and contrasts between each. You might find rating systems such as Amazon’s star-rating system (a lot of sites use a star rating system these days) or you might find a scale of 1 through 10 or anything that lets the reviewer illustrate how high up on the scale something is.

The Pre-Sale Page

This one is another big contender when it comes to affiliate style blogging. It’s used in a lot of CPA style marketing to warm the prospect up before sending them off to some offer which is related to what they’ve just read about.

One way to get conversion rates up for almost any offer under the sun is to first have prospects land on one of these presale pages. They’ll read the page (if they’re truly interested in the subject) and then decide for themselves if they wish to proceed. This acts as a filtering system to weed-out those who are not as serious about your offer. It does the job very well because you won’t have a ton of “tire kickers” visiting your offer page, raising your visitor stats and not converting. Most of the time you’ll find that people who click over to an offer from a presale page are much more likely to convert than those who are presented a sales page right from the start.


Above is an example of a slightly aggressive presale page

Do to the nature of this form of marketing, you’ll often times find presale pages on social media sites. Provided you stay compliant with the various T.O.S. of your respective platforms, you can often times run ads directly to your presale pages which can usually see some pretty decent results based on how strong the ad copy and offer are. It’s important to stress that you absolutely must stay compliant with the rules of whichever social media site you’re doing this on because even though you might get away with bending the rules once or twice, you’re bound to get caught sooner or later and then you can kiss your account goodbye.

Build An Authority Site

Though this one is much easier said than done, it’s possible to cut your own little slice of the authority pie with word & dedication.

The authority site method is a long term strategy which requires a lot of work to keep content rolling out on a regular basis. Not only that, but the content needs to be reliable to your readership as well as presenting a sense of authenticity. If people don’t trust you, they aren’t going to take you seriously and will look for a 2nd opinion.


Above is’s flight page which is a mega authority in the travel niche

However, if you manage to take this seriously and know that it’s a marathon and not a sprint then you can see very profound rewards for sticking with it. Your recommendations will be taken seriously and for good reason, because you give honest reviews and know what you’re talking about. This can often times make things easier for you to promote offers which will convert. Just keep in mind that if you use your powers for evil, your audience will drop you quicker than a hot potato! (and rightfully so)

Social / Viral Blogging

If your goal is to use social media to pull traffic to your pages then this is going to be a big benefit to you. Chances are good you’ve seen a bunch of these sites around, sites like for example.

Social / Viral Blogging

The general idea behind these types of sites is to feature either a broad selection of “cool & unique” offers, or specialize in a single niche or market. It works best when you have a mix of high priced offers sprinkled with lower, more affordable offers. A lot of times you will find these types of sites offer products on Amazon through an affiliate link. The reason for this is do to the fact that you get credit for the entire shopping cart of an order, not just the single item you promoted.

The cool thing about creating a viral type of site is that you can mix & match different elements into one site. Not only can you feature some really neat stuff that practically sells itself based off it’s looks and a quick description, but you can also implement a rating system, comparing various products against each other of similar type. People will always go with what they like best personally, so you can think of this as a way of squeezing in more opportunities to make a sale.

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