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Part Three: Top 5 Ways To Monetize Your Blogs – Products

When a lot of people think about making money online they think about this one. The sale of products, no matter what type of product it may be, a sale is involved somewhere in the equation. We’re going to go over a few of the popular variations on product sales in an effort to give you options when choosing this monetization method.

What sort of products can we offer to our prospects? It depends on a few things such as which market you’re currently working in, which niche within that market you’ve decided to jump into and etc, but that’s all obvious stuff so let’s get down to specifics…

Physical Products

The entire foundation of commerce (both electronic and otherwise) is based on the sales of physical products and services. You can’t escape it if your aim is to make make money with affiliate marketing outside the realm of “make money online” and the likes… information sells, but tangible ‘stuff’ sells equally, if not better.

There are a lot of ways to set up a physical product store, you can even act as an affiliate for other stores such as Amazon, or various nutrition shops which sell supplements and the like. A few suggestions of reputable sources for physical goods would be:

  • (formerly commission junction)
  • (for opening your own shops)

The great thing about the sale of physical goods as an affiliate is you don’t have to open your own storefront. Of course, if you wish to then you can although you’ll then have to consider the work required to attract customers, handle customers service (this is the big reason being an affiliate is so nice, no customer service!) and of course the constant need for fresh or updated inventory. You can make a lot of money having your own store, but you can also promote other stores as an affiliate and make money with affiliate marketing.

Training Courses & Lesson Plans

This is probably the option that most of us are familiar with. The sales of various training material is very profitable and can oftentimes be the only means of promotion necessary in order to earn a very comfortable living as an affiliate marketer (or product creator if you choose).

One great thing about courses is the concept of “perceived value” which gives license to charging higher prices for these things. Now, that isn’t to say you should look for poor quality courses with high prices just to make a buck, that’s a fantastic way to go out of business and completely burn your reputation to the ground at break-neck speeds! However, with the range of courses being created out there you probably have a lot of options so there’s no reason to feel restricted with this one.

One of the hallmarks of selling courses in the Online Marketing community is the upsell. They’re notorious in some circles but when done right they can make bucket loads more revenue when compared to one-off sales, so keep this in mind. You won’t always find upsells (and that’s probably a good thing) but keep in mind that when you do, the initial product should be complete whereas the upsell acts simply as a supercharger to the original content. Don’t sell broken or partially deconstructed material, it’s another way to burn your rep to the ground.

Some places to find courses are the usual spots you may already be familiar with:


Yes, we offer our own course for sale and as an affiliate you could earn a very handsome commission which is also recurring monthly for as long as your assigned members stay active. We have retention rates on average of 6 months and more things could really rack up in the profit department for you if you choose to offer our courses… we used to charge individually for the man… MANY number of different courses we offer on our site, but now it’s all in one. One price gets our members everything we offer under the sun, including exclusive access to our private forum where you will have access to industry professionals including the creator of the Powerhouse Affiliate brand who has been a champion in the performance marketing industry for well over a decade now!

Check our our commission structure at this link here:  Our Affiliate Program, Click Here.

Digital Goods & Utilities

This category of products is very open-ended and can fall under just about anything at all which is digital. We are talking about software, digital art, ebooks, anything at all which isn’t tangible and exist in digital format.

A quick breakdown (for ideas & inspiration) are as follows:

  • WordPress Themes & Plugins which offer affiliate programs
  • Creating graphics or writing articles as a service
  • Email Autoresponders & Webhosting (promote these as an affiliate)
  • Literally anything you can promote as an affiliate which is digital


Promoting memberships as an affiliate is a fantastic way to earn commissions which will pay you over and over each month like clockwork. Some types of memberships have already been discussed here such as our own Powerhouse Affiliate membership. Also, you can think of things like website hosting and email autoresponder services as memberships as you must be an active member for those respective services in order to get their benefits. These all offer commissions to affiliates so there is a good start.

Not only do digital products & services make for great memberships to promote but there are also physical memberships you can jump into for the same benefit. Since the majority of commerce is still conducted with physical goods you’ll be in great company to go this route.

Here are a few ideas on various membership services you could promote:

  • Powerhouse Affiliate Program
  • LootCrate Affiliate Program (link here if you’re curious)
  • (HostGator’s affiliate program)

Amazon (Physical Goods & Books)

Amazon offers a couple of ways to generate sales through their platform through the use of either their FBA Program, which is what you’d use to basically open your own store on or as an affiliate promoting products which already exist on their storefront.

The FBA program is far out of the scope of this article, however if you’d like to learn more about it you can have a look at their official page on it found…  Right Here

Alternatively, here is the page for Amazon’s general affiliate program… Right Here

The benefit of selling through Amazon is that they are a worldwide recognized and highly trusted brand. They specialize in selling, their entire website is created from the ground up to pull as many conversions out of each customer as possible so what this means for us as affiliates is that one sale could turn into multiple sales by the time our customers hit the checkout counter.

In Conclusion

Wrapping up part three in this five-part series it’s important to emphasize that generating revenue through the sale of products is just one of many. There are a whole bunch of options available to you in this tactic and if you’d like to find out more about it, or if you just want help tracking down more options then you’re just a Google search away… that’s the wonderful thing about earning a living as an affiliate marketer, you have everything you need right at your fingertips, you only need to take the required time to do a bit of research and set things up for testing and conversions.

Over at our main site we offer an entire encyclopedia of training lessons to take anyone from absolute beginner to even advanced marketers looking to spruce up their skill sets to that next level. Come on by and check us out…

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