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Part Three: Top 5 Ways To Monetize Your Blogs – Products



When a lot of people think about making money online they think about this one. The sale of products, no matter what type of product it may be, a sale is involved somewhere in the equation. We’re going to go over a few of the popular variations on product sales in an effort to give you options when choosing this monetization method.

What sort of products can we offer to our prospects? It depends on a few things such as which market you’re currently working in, which niche within that market you’ve decided to jump into and etc, but that’s all obvious stuff so let’s get down to specifics…

Physical Products

The entire foundation of commerce (both electronic and otherwise) is based on the sales of physical products and services. You can’t escape it if your aim is to make make money with affiliate marketing outside the realm of “make money online” and the likes… information sells, but tangible ‘stuff’ sells equally, if not better.

There are a lot of ways to set up a physical product store, you can even act as an affiliate for other stores such as Amazon, or various nutrition shops which sell supplements and the like. A few suggestions of reputable sources for physical goods would be:

  • (formerly commission junction)
  • (for opening your own shops)

The great thing about the sale of physical goods as an affiliate is you don’t have to open your own storefront. Of course, if you wish to then you can although you’ll then have to consider the work required to attract customers, handle customers service (this is the big reason being an affiliate is so nice, no customer service!) and of course the constant need for fresh or updated inventory. You can make a lot of money having your own store, but you can also promote other stores as an affiliate and make money with affiliate marketing.

Training Courses & Lesson Plans

This is probably the option that most of us are familiar with. The sales of various training material is very profitable and can oftentimes be the only means of promotion necessary in order to earn a very comfortable living as an affiliate marketer (or product creator if you choose).

One great thing about courses is the concept of “perceived value” which gives license to charging higher prices for these things. Now, that isn’t to say you should look for poor quality courses with high prices just to make a buck, that’s a fantastic way to go out of business and completely burn your reputation to the ground at break-neck speeds! However, with the range of courses being created out there you probably have a lot of options so there’s no reason to feel restricted with this one.

One of the hallmarks of selling courses in the Online Marketing community is the upsell. They’re notorious in some circles but when done right they can make bucket loads more revenue when compared to one-off sales, so keep this in mind. You won’t always find upsells (and that’s probably a good thing) but keep in mind that when you do, the initial product should be complete whereas the upsell acts simply as a supercharger to the original content. Don’t sell broken or partially deconstructed material, it’s another way to burn your rep to the ground.

Some places to find courses are the usual spots you may already be familiar with:


Yes, we offer our own course for sale and as an affiliate you could earn a very handsome commission which is also recurring monthly for as long as your assigned members stay active. We have retention rates on average of 6 months and more things could really rack up in the profit department for you if you choose to offer our courses… we used to charge individually for the man… MANY number of different courses we offer on our site, but now it’s all in one. One price gets our members everything we offer under the sun, including exclusive access to our private forum where you will have access to industry professionals including the creator of the Powerhouse Affiliate brand who has been a champion in the performance marketing industry for well over a decade now!

Check our our commission structure at this link here:  Our Affiliate Program, Click Here.

Digital Goods & Utilities

This category of products is very open-ended and can fall under just about anything at all which is digital. We are talking about software, digital art, ebooks, anything at all which isn’t tangible and exist in digital format.

A quick breakdown (for ideas & inspiration) are as follows:

  • WordPress Themes & Plugins which offer affiliate programs
  • Creating graphics or writing articles as a service
  • Email Autoresponders & Webhosting (promote these as an affiliate)
  • Literally anything you can promote as an affiliate which is digital


Promoting memberships as an affiliate is a fantastic way to earn commissions which will pay you over and over each month like clockwork. Some types of memberships have already been discussed here such as our own Powerhouse Affiliate membership. Also, you can think of things like website hosting and email autoresponder services as memberships as you must be an active member for those respective services in order to get their benefits. These all offer commissions to affiliates so there is a good start.

Not only do digital products & services make for great memberships to promote but there are also physical memberships you can jump into for the same benefit. Since the majority of commerce is still conducted with physical goods you’ll be in great company to go this route.

Here are a few ideas on various membership services you could promote:

  • Powerhouse Affiliate Program
  • LootCrate Affiliate Program (link here if you’re curious)
  • (HostGator’s affiliate program)

Amazon (Physical Goods & Books)

Amazon offers a couple of ways to generate sales through their platform through the use of either their FBA Program, which is what you’d use to basically open your own store on or as an affiliate promoting products which already exist on their storefront.

The FBA program is far out of the scope of this article, however if you’d like to learn more about it you can have a look at their official page on it found…  Right Here

Alternatively, here is the page for Amazon’s general affiliate program… Right Here

The benefit of selling through Amazon is that they are a worldwide recognized and highly trusted brand. They specialize in selling, their entire website is created from the ground up to pull as many conversions out of each customer as possible so what this means for us as affiliates is that one sale could turn into multiple sales by the time our customers hit the checkout counter.

In Conclusion

Wrapping up part three in this five-part series it’s important to emphasize that generating revenue through the sale of products is just one of many. There are a whole bunch of options available to you in this tactic and if you’d like to find out more about it, or if you just want help tracking down more options then you’re just a Google search away… that’s the wonderful thing about earning a living as an affiliate marketer, you have everything you need right at your fingertips, you only need to take the required time to do a bit of research and set things up for testing and conversions.

Over at our main site we offer an entire encyclopedia of training lessons to take anyone from absolute beginner to even advanced marketers looking to spruce up their skill sets to that next level. Come on by and check us out…

Click on our logo below to visit us today.


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$100 A Day Methods

How To Start Your Own Business Inexpensively Under $50




Business opportunities are out there just waiting for anyone willing to scoop them up and take them to greater heights. Sometimes these opportunities are pretty average, you might even call them typical but other times they can be as unusual as the people who think them up… and that’s a great thing! We’re going to have a quick look at five really interesting new business ideas which have already been started in hopes that maybe these will get your own creativity flowing so that you can come up with something innovative of your own.

I Want To Draw A Cat For You

What a mouthful that title is, but it’s gotten it’s creator a lot of recognition, so much that he’s even made it all the way to the hit show Shark Tank where he managed to pitch his business idea to a handful of popular investors and business-people.

The website is owned by Steve Gadlin who is a web developer, writer, comedian, and prolific stick figure cat artist as proclaimed on his own website (and who are we to deny the man credit for his talents, am I right). He hosts the nationally syndicated television program Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers and in 2012, Steve appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to pitch his cat drawing company to their panel of millionaires and billionaires. While he assumed he was there as comic relief, he walked out with a new business partner – Mark Cuban.

how to start a business

If you’d like to take a look at Steve’s website then you can visit it with this link here:

It’s a pretty neat site which actually offers quite a lot of different options in the way of cat-related merchandise. Brows around and see if it inspires anything within you.

Ruin Days

If you’ve ever heard of the glitter bomb craiz which became quite popular just a couple of years back then you’re probably familiar with the company who supplied the goods… Ruin Days!

Since the ‘good old days’ of just supplying glitter bombs, this company has since taken to the moon with their variety of options to help you ruin your select target’s day. Of course all of this is meant to be just a silly joke, a light hearted poke if you will, but some of the stuff they offer is pretty outstanding!

how to start a small business

Have a look at their website if you’re interested to see how they’ve structured their business model. Maybe even take a look at a few YouTube videos under the keyword “glitter bomb by mail” to see this stuff in action, it’s actually pretty amusing at times.

Potato Parcel

Here is yet another silly yet brilliant idea which was featured on the Shark Tank television show, Potato Parcel! The idea behind this is simple, you pick the person you’d like to send a simple message to and then you have it written on a potato and mailed to them. Potatoes have become something of a pop culture reference for things which are mundane and below the bar in a manner of speaking. Take the reference for a video which was produced in very poor visual quality, you’d probably have someone say “this video looks like it was filmed on a potato” and they’d probably be right!

how to start a new business

Take a peek at their website to see it for yourself right here:

Something interesting you’ll notice about both the glitter bomb site and the potato parcel site is their way they really try to capture the attention of each visitor and lure them in with opportunity. Upon initially visiting the website you will have an opportunity to join their mailing list and play a game, it’s actually quite a clever way to build a list of leads, see it in action for yourself at their website.

Behind the Opportunity

A lot of these novelty businesses ideas tend to have a common thread which is longevity, or in many cases the lack of it. It’s very easy to spot a trend, throw up a quick ecommerce business around it and bank for a period of a few months until the trend dies down. What you could be left with may very well be profit to the tune of a few hundred thousand dollars, maybe. It of course would all come down to your ability to put the business together and market it, creating enough buzz around your new brand that it starts to become viral and spreads through word of mouth.

The big ‘problem’ if you wish to see it that way is the fact that a lot of these business types will blast off to the moon for a short period of time and then fizzle way down. So, if you don’t make the bulk of your profit up front while the trend is still climbing then you’re probably going to miss out on your cash-grab.

It’s always a good idea to have the future in mind and that’s where things like your typical affiliate marketing business model come into play. Sure, it’s probably pretty exciting to start up some silly business and watch it grow into a huge money maker for the short-term, but what happens when that money well runs dry? You don’t want to be left with nothing to fall back on and you really don’t want to wait until it’s too late to start something new!

If you are thinking of how to start your own small and new business, then Affiliate marketing is a great business model that just about anyone can run from the comfort of their own home with little investment to start and all it really takes is the proper know-how.

That’s what we teach at Powerhouse Affiliate, the knowledge necessary to truly launch a business of your very own right from the comfort of your own home.

Check us out, click our logo below.

PA Powerhouse Affiliate A Trust Badge

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Affiliate Tips

How I Am Going to Make More Money This Year Than Ever BEFORE!?



Well this is my first blog post of 2018 and don’t worry it’s not going to be one of those boring blog posts all about setting goals and sticking to them. Who has time for goal setting anyways – jeeze it’s already January 9th – you should have had your goals set last December anyways…. 🙂

I know some of you are already on about ten other email lists that have already sent you their 2018 goal setting tips – so I wont bore you.

blah blah blah boring right?

So what’s going to make this blog post different?

Well I might just use this blog post to keep myself on task…:)  First of all I just started working full time in my office this year on the 8th which means I’m already a week behind everyone else. I don’t have time to tell you all my goal setting strategies what I am going to do is explain my strategy on how to make more money.

I have decided that 2018 is going to be divided into three core areas of focus for my business.

First and foremost I will continue building affiliate marketing campaigns and driving traffic to affiliate offers through strong Partnerships I have set up over the past several years. This has always been my favorite area of focus for my business and is always generated the most short-term Revenue. This year is ALL Facebook, Google, and Native ads. (If you are wondering)

I say Affiliate Marketing is short-term Revenue because really affiliate marketing is all about building other people’s businesses. I know it sounds counter productive but here is why I do it. The amount of money you can make doing it makes it all worth it.  Really there are no headaches when it comes to affiliate marketing aside from finding good traffic channels and being a little creative when you have to be.

While others are scrambling to set up their own Shopify stores, including setting up shipping, processors, support channels, and paying high fees to operate, (for their 10-20% margins) –  I plan to still steadily drive my affiliate train pass them as they continue to fight each other for the cheapest products they can find from China to try and sell here in the Americas.

Now I am not here to bash eCommerce because really there are a ton of people making thousands of dollars a day with Facebook traffic and their Shopify stores. But in a sense this is no different than affiliate marketing in the fact that they have just basically created themselves a job, but like affiliate marketing it’s not a long-term recurring income. In the end the majority of the stores created will die and only a few very strong marketers will win in the end.  I mean how long will it take for society to realize that you don’t have to spend $39 for a tactical flashlight?

So does this mean that affiliate marketing and online e-commerce is about to die?  Hell no….Any online marketer who has been doing this for a few years surely knows that this is just the beginning. Millions of dollars can be made each year all alone as a single affiliate or ecom store owner. Good marketing applied in the right traffic channels will always win in the end! And for that reason this is why it is one of my core areas of focus – affiliate marketing.

My next area focus is going to be continuing to build a recurring Revenue stream. Recurring Revenue is what we fall back on as online business people especially in affiliate marketing and e-commerce. There is a lot of competition and it requires a lot of creativity. Sometimes we get into a writer’s block or competition becomes Fierce and our affiliate campaigns begin to die. This is where recurring revenue keeps us afloat and pays the bills. It allows us to take those weeks off when we need them.

One of the best strategies for me in generating revenue that is recurring is  building email lists with autoresponders, as well as building online authoritative sites with AdSense on them. I use the email lists to drive traffic to the blogs with adsense on them. 

The training inside our affiliate membership site describes these strategies on how to make more money in detail from setting up the website to setting up autoresponders to what you should say in your auto-responders, and how to set up ads so that you get recurring revenue for the long term.

The recurring revenue is nice, but again the real money is made from the front line affiliate marketing campaigns using CPA affiliate offers or offers that pay recurring commissions every single month.

So lastly what is the third thing I am going to focus on this year? Well it’s a bit of online and offline trends…

There are two very big markets emerging and they are cryptocurrency and legalized marijuana.  

For those of you who know me, you know I have been dabbling in pot stocks, and bought some crytpo last year. It’s kind of addictive – I find myself re-checking stock prices even when the market is closed! WTF.

While the research has been very time-consuming, it has been very rewarding. There’s a big opportunity to make a lot of money with cryptocurrency and legalize marijuana. In Canada we will be legalizing marijuana this year. As for cryptocurrency I’m more of a buy-and-hold kind of guy so I’ve decided to buy some Ripple,  Litecoin, and I’m looking for a couple other coins that I can buy and hold.

There you have it – nothing fancy just rolling my train down the tracks and I am ready for anything that tries to stop me…

Have a fantastic 2018 – and hope to see some of you reading this post, inside the forum – sharing your success stories!

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Everything About The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program




Everything About The Best Ecommerce Affiliate Program 1

All Aboard The eCommerce Money Train… Choo-Choo!!

The eCommerce train is about to leave its station…
Jump on board before you get left in the dust!

Here’s the deal, we’re all looking for opportunities to boost income and crush our old ROI’s. It’s no secret that building a profitable business in today’s environment is rapidly becoming an ever-increasing exercise in “guess the next trend!”

Honestly, it’s a “pain in the behind” and for those of us who are perhaps still starting out, it’s also pretty difficult to get the ball rolling, let alone having it actually expand and grow like some sort of wealth-producing-snowball that just grows bigger and richer, paying back dividends with every cycle down it’s path.

In other words

Things are changing and you need to strongly consider if you want to change with it or risk getting left behind… probably regretting not jumping on that next money train when you had the chance.

People involved in eCommerce are making a lot of money right now. In some cases even MILLIONS a week with affiliate marketing! Seriously, look into it, that’s not a joke… millions a week. How are they doing it? Well that’s quite simple…

Shopify Stores

Want to see something interesting? Sure you do, so check this out.

shopify stores stats

Go over to Google right now and type in “shopify stock” and have a look at that graph. What you’re going to see is that it’s been on a very steady up-trend for years and it isn’t showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. This shows how strong and popular their platform is, it also shows how profitable it is which means just one thing. If they’re making money, it’s because their user-base is making money! Since they specialize in providing a digital storefront for marketers like us, they don’t make money until we make money, they don’t grow until more people decide to join their platform and use it to pull in sales day after day! And as I mentioned… their stock is still growing, think about that a moment.

Why is it so successful?

It’s fairly easy to use for starters. If you’re familiar with WordPress (and even if you’re not) you can liken it to a plug & play web-store builder in the same way WordPress is plug & play for blog and website building.

They both use extremely easy, customizable plug-ins to give your shop functionality which would otherwise cost you insane money to have developed by a professional coder.

They are both kept up-to-date with security checks and performance optimizations to stay on-top of the times where technology is concerned, meaning your shopify store will never be left outdated because let’s be real… doing all that yourself would just be hard and expensive!

They’re both EXTREMELY simple to install and use, they are “on demand” and fully functional right out the box, all you have to do is set it up and you’re ready to rock & roll.

That being said however, let’s talk about the setup process for a moment.

A lot of people get confused how it’s done, especially if they’ve never seen the ‘back end’ before. That’s perfectly understandable, we’ve all been there so all you really need is a helping hand to assist you with getting set up.

The setup process is something we go into detail with over at our private forum, we discuss the steps you should go through and walk you through it all so you can get set up and take a hearty piece of the shopify pie for yourself. As a strong educated affiliate marketer you are best positioned to make money from this trend. Not only does our training teach you all you need to know about being a successful affiliate, but we also show you how to take your business to the next level using your ecommerce affiliate marketing skills to your advantage.

In addition to our premium ecommerce affiliate programs we have added in a full Shopify Guide! Once you’ve joined our ranks in the members area,  you can take full advantage of all the cool training we offer. That will be way more than enough to get you rolling and believe me when I tell you that it will take some work (especially in the beginning) but I mean…

Some People Are Making Millions In Sales A WEEK!!

Don’t you think it’s worth whatever amount of work it takes (which honestly isn’t all that much after the start up phase) just to get even a fraction of that massive money-pie?

I sure do.

Check out what I’m talking about in detail if you’re interested over at our official & exclusive ecommerce affiliate marketing training center we have developed!  We’re keeping this shopify and ecommerce training for our member’s only for a very good reason! Get on board with the rest of us, before the train leaves the station for good!


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