Part Five: Top 5 Ways To Monetize Your Blogs – Services

We’ve reached the fifth and final part of this series on different ways to monetize a blog and it couldn’t have come any sooner, I’m sure you’re just bursting at the seems to go put together your own ideas in an effort to begin monetizing your own blogs. We’ll cover just a few ‘left-over methods’ which you may find suitable to tack on as an afterthought or as an alternative if none of the previous parts have been very useful for your particular case.

Sell Your Site

If you’ve taken the time to build your site, get a fair flow of regular traffic to it and kept stats on it from the beginning then your blog may be a good candidate for flipping, just like in real estate. This is actually a very old business model which is still the best way to earn money this day, you just have to rise above the competition (which honestly isn’t very hard to do).

Above are a few of the more popular options to ‘broker’ your websites. Flippa is of course the most popular of these options which also means it’ll have the highest competition rating. You can try your hand there first and if you didn’t get any takers then perhaps remove your listing from there and try it on another. Just don’t run multiple auctions for the same site at the same time across multiple brokers in the event you get a successful auction in more than one place, could cause a problem for you.

Collect Donations

Maybe your blog provides a service or produces helpful stuff that your readers really find valuable. It would make sense that at least a percentage of your readerbase would be willing to help you out with donations to keep the blog going. Doing this can be a tricky thing so it’s important to handle this with care. This isn’t going to work so well unless you have some really loyal viewers to your site so developing a sense of community is going to be a major factor in this method.

One reason there has been such a major explosion in YouTubers hitting their subscribers up to become a Patreon is because they know that creating a sense of community causes a fair portion of those viewers to be loyal followers. If you can pull this off then you too can do something similar, maybe even using Patreon itself to collect those donations. It’s important to push the idea that you must produce fresh and inviting content on a very regular basis for this to work well.

There do seem to be certain types of content which work better than others when going with a donation business model. For example, podcasts are a great way to not only build that sense of community but also lets you connect with your audience on a more personal level. If you happen to have a blog or website which follows some sort of sequential production, could be related to anything at all… you’re not limited by niche or market on this one, then you stand a much higher chance of seeing donations roll in than if you were to for example run a “viral blog” which reported on current events and such in your typical standard article format.

Offer Your Services For A Fee

If you happen to be good at what you do then you can have a section of your blog which is dedicated to selling  your services as a professional. It’ll help to have shining examples of your work and positive testimonials from past jobs you’ve taken will always work in your favor. If you don’t yet have any of these things and you want to try this idea out for yourself then you should get started building your credentials by offering your services for free in exchange for an honest review or testimonial. I know this seems a bit unfair at first but it really is the quickest way to go about this. Alternatively you could offer your same services for a very heavily discounted price, it’s good to state that you’re lowering your price so drastically in an effort to encourage an honest review of your work from paying work vs. freebies.

That’s About It

Told you it was going to be quick, and it was!

These ideas are meant to be inspirational for alternative ideas of monetizing your blog if you seem to be having a hard time getting any of the others to work for you. The thing about success is that it takes work to actually see it. If you give up too soon then you might be walking away from a gold mine which you were only a few more steps away from, don’t walk away from that after you’ve already put so much hard work into your endeavor already!

Check us out over at the main site to see what we can do for you in your marketing journey. We offer some really excellent resources to help take your business to it’s next level and way beyond.

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