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Secret To Boost Holiday Sales By 100%

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There is no doubt that we as marketers like to take advantage of the holiday season to get a boost in revenue. Question is, what can we do to help ensure that increase? The answer is a lot simpler than you might think.

Mobile sales are growing at an astounding rate. IBM has predicted that by December 2015, 50% of practically all holiday traffic to retail sites will come from mobile devices. Add to that the fact that today’s social media sales drive more than $14 Billion dollars in revenue and you’ve got one one of the most powerful holiday marketing ideas to consider.

No matter what, if you are selling something your website had better be mobile friendly!

If you haven’t gotten your spot on social media with a site that is mobile ready by now you’re behind the digitally savvy competition. Facebook research has shown that about 72% of all shoppers are using their mobile devices -most of these being smart phones- when looking for products to purchase. On top of that it’s estimated that 10% of offline purchases are influenced by mobile activity which only further demonstrates a link between the two. Another thing to consider is that 23% of shoppers change their mind while shopping offline due to information they find on their mobile devices. With apps provided in any app-store to make shopping for deals easy it’s no wonder that more people are willing to buy online where find a great deal has become common place.


Here Is The Tip

Social Media.
That’s right; sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for business are an easy way to send your conversion rates shooting through the roof. Mobile shoppers who read reviews found in their news feeds on Facebook for example are over 100 times more likely to convert and actually buy that product they were looking at. If you’re not already taking steps to get your product or service out on Facebook now is the time. With this one simple tip you can see massive gains in profit and conversions which just might help you increase holiday sales.


Why You Should Consider Facebook

A study of Shopify has shown that about 85% of all social media orders have come from Facebook. A further look into things has even shown that the average value of an order from Facebook hovers around the $55 mark. This has made Facebook the highest converting platform of them all.

You Need To Act Now

The website Invespcro has come up with an infographic which shows a positive review on the effects social media has on prices and how a product shared on these sites can actually increase their prices by 9.5% and still make sales. It’s known that social media shoppers do begin to make purchases early but the fact remains that people still buy things as late as Christmas Eve.

This gives you more than enough time to rack up efforts and get the word out about your products so people can like, share and review them which may in turn lead to more people being exposed to your offer and increase holiday sales figures.

Here Are Some Actions You Can Take Today

  1. Review your Facebook presence. Adding a new cover image with a more festive theme is a quick fix. You could do something like change the cover image to your Facebook page every week, each week featuring a new or important product you want to be sure your customer base is made aware of.
  2. Invite all of your existing customers to like your fan page. It sounds simple but you’d be surprise what this could do to get people talking about and sharing your posts which would then lead to that increased conversion rate. There are different ways you can do this such as sending a broadcast to your email list which spotlights your fan page. You can even do this right on Facebook it’s self by simply inviting people to like your page in the text of a post.
  3. This one is clever and works wonders. If you have the ability to put a Facebook like button on the confirmation screen of your order pages, do it. With each sale you make you might see an influx of page likes and shares which will just lead to a snowball effect helping to gain more sales and thus more likes.

Social media platforms isn’t going anywhere anytime soon so it’s in all our best interest to take advantage of this great gift which has been given to us marketers. This has been a very simple idea which could help you increase conversions this holiday season. If you’re interested in learning more head over to the Affiliate Forum site and discover the wealth of information just waiting for you there.

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