Native Advertising: What to Expect in the New Year

Powerhouse Affiliate prides itself on the top level training offered to our members over on our main website (found right here) of which native ads and cpa marketing are at the front of the line. We specialize in this brand of marketing and advertising, it’s what our staff do personally as well as the creator of Powerhouse so there’s no wonder we love teaching this stuff because it’s not only a business but also a passion.

This article you are reading right now will review some of the major highlights of implementing native ads into your business model as well as introducing a quick review of what we teach and what you can learn in order to skyrocket your success in this new year.

How To Start Native Advertising

The simple answer here is “just start” and get ready to learn along the way. This is one of those things you can’t just read about and watch a bunch of videos then expect to become a professional overnight! You have to get experience and the only way to do that is to jump in and start doing the work.

We get some common questions which we can address right here, such as:

Does it cost money?

  • Yes, you can expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars when just starting out.

Will this work in my country?

  • Absolutely it will! The wonderful thing about the best native advertising is that you can use it to your advantage in just about any country on the planet that has access to the internet.

Which niches work best?

  • You will usually find that the major niches work best in any case, those are based around (money, health, relationships) and oftentimes things which spark passion such as hobbies provided there is a way to monetize these things. That said, you can make a profit from just about any niche, even if it’s a small one. Then you’ll simply start all over again in another market and stack your success one on top of the other.

Can I start for free?

  • You can start learning for free! We offer you access to our introductory course for no cost at all, you only need to create an account with us so you can access the training.

How much money can I make?

  • That is up to you because there is never any guarantee you’ll make a specific number, we can only take guesses based on the past success of others. Powerhouse Affiliate has helped to teach a ton of affiliates who now have their own successful business online, you could be the next one if you’re willing to do the work and take this stuff seriously.

Here Are Some Native Ads Facts

Advertisers have spent roughly $9 Billion Dollars on (RTB) ads, which stands for Real Time Bidding. These are the same types of ads you find on Google, Bing, as well as practically all Native Ad Networks. They are responsible for a huge chunk of success across many markets and just about most niche-ideas you can think of.

Facts about Native ads

According to Business Insider, that figure is expected to grow to $26 Billion by the end of 2020 which is only two years away as of the writing of this article! The reason for this is thanks to the higher (CTR) or, Click Through Rates of these types of ads when compared to the dwindling stats of older style ads such as banners which now can get as low as UNDER a single percent.

The age of the Internet has given opportunity to people just like us where it hasn’t previously existed. All it really takes is the right knowledge and a willingness to do the work. You can’t expect to instantly grow your business into a 7-Figure giant right away but with the proper dedication and attention to detail you’re bound to be limited only by your own willingness to get things done.

What Are Native Ads Exactly

They’re typically informational pieces such as written articles or videos which actually give some form of valuable information to the customer and in doing so also link to some appropriate offer. Think of it as a blog post that suggest something helpful for the reader to buy in order to satisfy a need or want.

The old style of advertising was basically “here’s my product and it has these great features, buy it!” but now that the general population has become too savvy for such ads, it’s necessary to offer them what they actually want while also informing them of just how they’re going to benefit from it.

This means native ads are much more well planned, researched and executed with respect to targeting and data collection. You have to keep close figures on all your ads and their conversions in order to cut the junk and ramp up on the winners which are making a profit. If you don’t know how this is done, we teach this too.

How Can You Learn Native Advertising

Let us teach you how it’s done. We offer multiple course, each focusing on specific aspects of the art & science behind native ads as well as cpa marketing.

Everything is set up in easy to follow steps which you only have to review and implement. Plenty of our lessons teach other styles of marketing such as social media targeting and email marketing which can both be very profitable, but what we pride ourselves in most is how comprehensive our cpa and native ads courses are.

-These are only a portion of what we teach-

Learn how to take advantage of Google Ads, which also includes live case studies performed by our staff. We hold nothing back, you see all the successes and failures, as well as how those “fails” were turned around and leveraged to eventual success just like a professional marketer would be expected to do.

We have an active community you’ll become a part of so you can interact with us as well as all the other members so you never have to worry about questions going unanswered. Regularly updated training as well as bleeding-edge information on the marketing and advertising industry. We do this stuff for a living so everything we learn we simply pass on to each of our members!

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