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Native Advertising – How to Increase Conversions With MGID Push Notifications

Did you know that your advertising accounts with giant companies like Facebook and Google are constantly in limbo and potentially in threat of being terminated?

It’s true, and what makes matters worse is that it doesn’t even matter that you’re following all of their rules (even though they constantly change on a regular basis) there is still a huge risk that your next paid-ad could lead to a permanent account ban!

Why does this happen? The answer is just as complex as it is simple. These guys just don’t care to work with affiliates like you and I, at least not on the  same level as some of the fantastic alternatives available to you, alternatives such as MGID native ads network.

“By the way, keep reading if you’re interested to learn how to get up to $1250 in FREE AdSpend with a little bit of help from your buddies here at Powerhouse Affiliate.” We are also going to explain one of the hottest new trends in native advertising! So read till the end :). 

Don’t get me wrong…

I’m not insisting that the big fish are out to get you or that they don’t care at all about your business, they care as much as they have to.

Wouldn’t you rather run your advertisements on a network where you don’t have to wonder if your account will still be there when you wake up though? I know I sure would, which is why we’re going to dive into more detail about one particular network, MGID.

native acquisition

What is MGID & Why Should You Care?

If you are brand new to the whole native advertising scene then it would make sense for you to be unaware of MGID.

All it takes is a deposit of $500 into your ad spend account to qualify for their full service campaign management option. (If you are just starting and don’t want to spend that much there is another option I’ll explain in a sec)

Some other networks won’t even allow you to apply for an account unless you spend twice that or more, and they don’t even promise such an option!

How Does it work?

You’re not even required to start out with $500 if you don’t wish to. We have arranged for a partnership where Powerhouse Affiliate readers can get 25% cash back anywhere between $200 and $5000 in initial start up deposits.

You can still start an account for as low as $200 with our special partner link and get $250 in ad spend! Go here for details>

You can also go with their awesome self-service option with an initial deposit of $200 and still get access to all the tools they’re known for. If you’re all about testing the waters before diving in head-first then you’re completely welcome to start on the shallow end of the pool. Once you get a taste for what’s on the table with this network it won’t be long until you find yourself wanting to upgrade to that managed campaign option.

Tools & Options Are What MGID Is About

There’s no question that mega ad platforms such as Facebook and Google AdSense have options for days when it comes to targeting and tracking. The good news is that MGID has its own full featured set of tools to help any affiliate narrow in on their target in order to boost ROI and keep the positive cashflow rolling.

Campaign Management

First on the list is your campaign manager (if you’ve opted for that). They can help with some pretty big tasks such as:

  • Placing top performing bids for higher quality traffic
  • Optimizing campaigns on the regular
  • Help with targeting the best performing traffic sources
  • Assist with cutting out the non-performers to save you money
  • They can even help you create ads!

The whole reason these excellent representatives are available to you is because MGID knows that by helping out their advertisers they are helping themselves. The more profit you make, the more revenue you have to invest back into advertising and they want you to keep raising those profits… it’s a win-win situation for everybody.

Split Testing With Tracking Integration

Next on the list is their great options for split-testing (A/B Testing). MGID works with something called Symlink which is fully integrated into their network. The cool thing about this is the fact you now have the option to set up tracking in just a single click!

Split testing your creatives is as easy as it gets thanks to this great tool and it’s now available to you if you work with these guys, which is not only a smart move for your peace of mind but also a solid move for your bottom line. Track your stats with major tracking tools such as Kochava, Voluum, Cake, Adsbridge and Hasoffers… all seamlessly and all fully supported right from within your MGID dashboard.

Tons of Niche Options!

Pick and choose your required verticals and geo locations to best target the right audience for any offer.

Top blog niches

(a small example of vertical options, far more are available)

Thanks to the large number of options in what your ads target and where your ads will run, you now have a large piece of the puzzle to success right at your fingertips. It’s so easy to find what you need for just about any offer under the sun that you just might find yourself working exclusively with this native ad network for some offer types:

  • Health and Beauty
  • Weight Loss
  • Online Games
  • Gambling & Online Casino offers
  • Business and Financial offers
  • Dating offers & way more!

Take a moment to look at that list just above and notice that most of them will not even be possible to advertise to with other ad networks such as Facebook. If you tried to push out ad creatives to these types of verticals you’d probably wind up with instant rejections and you better hope that one doesn’t slip through the cracks and actually get accepted because it just might wind up getting flagged later on and that could lead to a full blown account ban!

Not only can you select what interests you want to target but you’ve also got the option to target specific languages…

Yes, you can even decide which language you want your ads to show up for. This is a massively useful option as it’s not only possible that some regions you target might speak more than one language, but you’re going to save a ton of cash by not showing ads to people who can’t even read them.

The Next Big Thing – MGID Push Notifications With Ease

With so much of today’s traffic coming from smartphones it’s no wonder push notification advertising has become as big as it now is, and MGID offers you options to take advantage of this brand new advertising phenomenon. MGID Push notifications are performing extremely well in many niches and the clicks can be a lot cheaper! 

MGID Push Notifications

Let’s consider a few factors regarding this form of advertising:

  • You don’t have to contend with spam filters like email marketing
  • You can get large traffic volume at reasonable prices
  • People have shown to open these notifications at higher rates than emails
  • This form of advertising works well with (online dating, gambling, health & others)

These are only a handful of reasons why you should consider using push notification ads if you’re not already doing so. If you’ve been having a difficult time getting your CPA offers advertised with the usual options such as Google, Bing, Facebook and etc then consider using push notifications with MGID because it could very well open a whole new world of profitable options to you.

Inside MGID it is simple to target only Push notifications. As you can see below it is a basic option for targeting in your campaigns:

MGID push campaigns

MGID has also allowed us to target much more in the below options including options you do not see in the image. By using a proper tracking system you can find out EXACTLY where your ads are converting and specifically narrow down your targeting to turn campaigns from losers to winners. This is all explained in the course I am going to describe below.

Want to learn how to do native advertising the right way?

Powerhouse Affiliate has a specific training course dedicated to native advertising which includes 3 in depth case studies, and we also have detailed follow along campaigns in the forum showing EXACTLY how we created a profitable gaming campaign.

Here are just a couple examples of what you will find inside:

Gambling Push Notifications
Profitable! MGID Network

This is as close to learning direct from an industry pro as you can get without the sky-high consultation fees you’ll be charged by any other professional who offers to teach for a fee. Our Native Ads Display Academy course is available to all premium members, and gives you a complete overview of using native ads with live examples, and up to date methods and techniques. It also includes a huge list of resources that just are not shared anywhere else but inside Powerhouse Affiliate.

MGID’s Special Offer And $1250 In FREE AdSpend!

As of the time of the writing of this article, which means right  now (if you’re reading this around the same date of publication) there is a very generous offer to help get you started with advertising on MGID’s network. Click the image to get your bonus!

25% Bonus

That’s right…

If you act fast then you’re in for a 25% bonus based on your initial deposit amount of just $200 (or as high as $5000) and this means you can potentially get up to an additional 25% increase in traffic just for getting started!

Remember, MGID is a well known veteran in the native ads industry, they’ve been around a long time and have an excellent reputation among their user base because they truly know how to treat affiliates like you and I the right way.

Really quickly I’d like to provide you with a helpful link to an online percentage calculator, that way you can do the math quick & easy for yourself without having to think about it too much. Just follow this link here to the calculator, or click on the picture of it just below this text.

Percentage Calculator

(Remember, the minimum deposit amount to qualify is $200)

A Powerhouse Combination

The combination being presented to you right now of Powerhouses’ training and MGID’s native ad network is an extremely powerful one which just about any affiliate can pick up and learn in only a short period of time so the opportunity to achieve success is sooner than later, but don’t forget that the hard work is all up to you. We are here to help teach you what you need to know but in order for your business to truly thrive you need that winning attitude!

You could jump on board with one and not the other. Maybe you’re already a pro in the native advertising scene and for some reason have never heard of mgid, well then, let me be the first to congratulate you on discovering this! On the other hand, maybe you have yet to get started on your own business but you know that you have plans to do it, this is an excellent way to jump right in with the learning process and then you can take up that 25% bonus offer to help you really stretch those advertising dollars for what they’re worth.

Click on the 25% bonus offer below in order to sign up for that.

Exclusive Deal 25%

Click on our native ad training offer to be directed straight there.

CPA campaigns
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