Native Ads vs Facebook Ads

Native Ads vs Facebook Ads. There are some smaller differences between these two that really highlight one over the other. While both are great, native advertising offers a better reach of users, so let’s not overlook native advertising in 2021.

Facebook advertisements are different from boosted posts. Ads are shown on the Facebook timeline for traffic generation and boosted posts are simply to promote content for engagement. Intended to fit the original content of a website or app, we have native ads. Meant to be less intrusive, native ads capture the attention of the user and are efficient for pushing a user down the sales funnel.


Soft vs Hard Selling

The differences between Facebook ads and native ads come down to how they’re used and what approach is required. Facebook ads is much like a dog fight- you must be aggressive.

In order to have a higher CTR, your ad must stand out from the feed it’s presented in.

While quite the opposite, native ads are intended to blend into the feed around them. They’re subtle, non-intrusive, and natural. The ad is blending in with the content the user is viewing, creating a casual connection.


Approaching the right audience

Each method offers a different audience to target and a different way of targeting them.

Facebook targeting has tons of options. You can build a custom audience, select a saved one, or create a lookalike audience. Using a custom audience allows retargeting to users that have engaged with your ads already. Targeting a saved audience allows you to target users based on their interests, demographics, and location. Finally, a lookalike audience reaches users similar to your already existing customer base.

Native advertising offers a different approach in targeting an audience. Due to the non-invasive approach of native ads, you are able to match your content to the website content in which it will be promoted on, strategizing your promotion to be placed in front of the right people.

In summary, Facebook ads rely more on specific targeting, while native ads rely on placing the ad in right place in front of the right people.


Retargeting your audience

Most times in marketing, large campaigns require more than one source in order to interact with the right audience. Using Facebook ads to target audiences that are not yet familiar with your product will be difficult, as they’ve never interacted with your brand and hold no trust for your promises.

However, using native ads, you can begin a connection with your audience, and then retarget through Facebook. Now that trust has been built, you can bring your audience to Facebook and optimize for efficiency.


Native Ads vs Facebook Ads

All in all, you need to decide what’s best for what you’re selling. Look at the goals you’re wanting to achieve, and decide between Native ads vs Facebooks ads for which will bring you the best results.

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