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How To Convert Push Traffic & Mobile Offers



You are about to discover how to create CPA mobile campaigns with massive amounts of traffic. Take your time and read through this entire course, every single lesson of it and enjoy as we uncover how to create and test CPA mobile advertising campaigns!

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that you should always check with your own networks and affiliate account managers before implementing any methods we share. While we do make every effort to share compliant affiliate marketing methods, the industry changes daily…therefore We do not guarantee all of our methods are 100% compliant, nor do we guarantee you will see the same results as we do!

With so many people using smart-phones these days it’s no wonder that mobile affiliate marketing has taken a strong hold and is still gaining momentum continuously. This training course is all about getting the highest ROI for your mobile advertising dollars.

The Offers

This entire course is going to focus on mobile CPA offers. Many people automatically assume when we say mobile affiliate marketing that we are doing some type of game or app installs but that’s wrong.

We have found that the majority of offers available in the CPA space actually accept mobile traffic now and the majority of advertisers are making their sales and checkout pages extremely effective on mobile! Gone are the days where you need a “mobile network” in order to bank serious cash with mobile traffic.

Put aside the myth that you have to promote apps and installs with mobile traffic. In fact many people will break out a credit card using a mobile device, and this means even the “trial” and “Cost Per Sale” (CPS) offers work great! Let’s turn our attention to lead offers to show an example of how easy it can be to find these types of offers.

CPA Network

First you are going to need a CPA network which is knowledgeable in the mobile space. We recommend you join the featured network on the right side of this page since they are accepting applications, and have a wide selection of mobile optimized offers including:

  • Lead Gen Offers
  • Dating
  • Games
  • Installs
  • Trials
  • Cost Per Sale

We will discuss more on these specific offers in a bit.

Rest assured there is not going to be any shortage of top performing niches and offers that you can use in mobile traffic promotion!

Offers That Work On Mobile

Now here is where you need to be a little creative. You need to come up with an idea for what you think people will want to buy or sign up for while browsing on their mobile devices. The possibilities are endless and believe it or not people will break out their credit cards and convert, all you have to do is reach out to them so they see these offers!

A great way to get ideas is to simply browse the selection of mobile affiliate offers that are available to you.

So first let’s login to your CPA network and see what’s there.

Whatever network you choose as you can see there are many ways you can search for offers using the custom filters located on the dashboard interface. The best way to find mobile offers is to:

Search the keyword “Mobile”

Or Under the media types drop box select mobile

So if you see an offer you like simply ask your affiliate manager if it accepts mobile traffic. There is no one particular type of offer that does best on mobile. Many courses out there will try and tell you only one type of offer works but that is 100% false. Just pick an offer and see what the offer actually looks like on your own mobile device.

Every single day people are getting more and more comfortable doing transactions on their mobile devices and this has pretty much opened up the mobile affiliate world to a vast opportunity of promoting hundreds of profitable offers that will work.


Basically, every CPA network you join (and there are many) will have a few categories of details you can look at to help you decide which offers you wish to promote. It should be noted that the payout for each offer is different from the CPA, CPL, CPC & etc.

The payout for each offer is what the advertiser for that specific offer is going to give you in exchange for the action they require to consider that ad’s conversion a success.


Having an offer that allows multiple countries means you can get insanely cheap clicks and it is easily scalable into other countries! Of course not all offers will allow you to advertise to more than one country, but some do. On top of that, you can also just find offers which want you to advertise to specific countries which will let you expand your reach and thus gain even more profit in the long run.

Every CPA network deals with its own list of countries but for the most part they each do have a list you can sort through to find multiple offers tailored to those distinct countries. If you choose an offer that accepts US, CAN, or UK you can bet you will have a lot of volume, but the competition may be a bit higher so higher click costs. This is something to keep in mind so it can sometimes be a good idea to consider promoting offers for other countries.

Mobile Traffic Sources

A lot has changed in the world of mobile traffic since its beginning. Most of the major traffic providers offer a mobile component to buying traffic including:

  • Bing
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Sitescout

Just to name a few of the big ones. These are all very viable sources of cheaper cost per click and cost per mille mobile traffic. One thing to be aware of is the fact that most ad platforms offer some sort of mobile ad option. If you have a preferred platform or just one you’ve heard about in the past it may be a good idea to review what they offer to see if you can branch your mobile ads out to other platforms.

Performing a simple Google or Bing search for things like “mobile ad networks” could yield excellent results.

Setting Up The Campaign

What you’re about to see here is an example campaign set-up for demonstration purposes. This is to help you get familiar with the process required to set your own campaigns up.

First we are going to choose from the list of traffic sources in the previous volume, unless you have a preferred ad network then go with them. The traffic source chosen for this example however is:

This lesson may be a bit technical for some… so if it is over your head please visit our Affiliate Forum where we can walk you through any questions you might have!

Inside Propeller ads we have the option of choosing several different ad types and multiple targeting options. This is great, but it is extremely important we have our own 3rd party tracking set up, and you will see why later.

We will be using CPV lab for our tracking system.

Domains, Servers & Tracking

Firstly, if you want to be serious and earn money as a CPA affiliate, then you MUST learn how to set up domains, hosting, landing pages and tracking! We covered this extensively in our Affiliate Marketing Certification Course.

If you want to set up CPV lab for tracking (highly recommended) then you need to purchase a domain name, and a hosting account (Get this at BlueHost – highly recommended).

You can buy domain names at You will need one for your tracking system and one more domain for your landing page if you choose to use landing pages. (landing pages are highly recommended)

If you don’t have a tracking system in place yet, then you need one to track all of your traffic and conversions so you know what works and what doesn’t.

If you are going to take this business seriously you need a good tracking system and the best we recommend is CPV Lab. Their licensing fee might seem rather expensive at a glance but consider it like this…

CPV Lab charges only once per year, there is a one-time set-up feeand then you pay annually. If you are doing what you need to do as a marketer then you’ll not only be able to easily afford this fee but you can also probably write it off as a business expense come tax time. (Taxes are different everywhere so it’s advised you speak to a tax professional for proper tax advice, this is not tax advise but just a friendly suggestion)

CPV Lab does require some set-up when just starting out. Have a look at their knowledge base to sort this out for yourself, and of course if you need additional help you could always visit our forums and ask any questions you need answered:

Our Forum Here

CPV Lab Knowledgebase Here

YouTube Tutorials Here

If you want to try a free tracking system then Bemob is the one for you. We will not be covering Bemob in this course however you can view a video tutorial on our Powerhouse Action Plan HERE

CPV Lab Setup

Now we are going to assume you have CPV Lab installed on your own server. We will go to our CPV Lab installation and login and create the campaign by clicking the ‘Add Campaign’ Button as highlighted in red in the image below:

Here we will select ‘Direct Link & Landing Page’ option.

When testing an offer for the first time you can usually just direct link to the offer. This allows you to see if there is a lot of traffic and whether it is worth designing a landing page.

Basically that means our ads will link directly to the CPA network offer like this:

Propeller Ad » CPV Lab Link » Redirects to CPA offer

Usually a landing page is the best option but here we will try the direct option. The landing page option looks like this:

Propeller Ad » CPV Lab Link » Landing page » CPV Lab Link » Redirects to CPA Offer

This may already seem advanced but you can take time right now and learn more about CPV lab by visiting the links above and watching youtube videos on benefits and how to’s of using CPV Lab.

Step 2: Conversion Tracking In The Traffic Source

Now in order for us to be able to track conversions inside Propellerads and have our CPA network automatically post conversions in there, we will need to set a few settings.

The image you see directly below this text is a visual representation of what your campaign set-up should look like inside CPV lab. We’ve gone with a weird example for a campaign name simply so it stands out and is easy to refer to which is: “Propeller – China Women”

It would be wise to familiarize yourself with this interface, you can use YouTube for easy to follow video tutorials by simply searching for things like “CPVLab Tutorial” and browse the list of videos to see which one’s might be a fit for you… or simply click the link right here and be taken to a search already performed for you: CPV Lab YouTube Search

The reason searching YouTube is suggested is because these types of details can change often and you should be able to always find current set-up tutorials on YouTube so there will be no waiting for us to update this course and you’ll never be left behind.

As you can see I have added:

  • Campaign Name
  • Source
  • URL Append Token
  • Estimated Cost Per Click
  • Offer Name and Offer URL which I got from my best mobile CPA Network

I also want to make sure CPV Lab inserts that into the offer link from the CPA network. If you copy these settings exactly all you need to do is add your own CPA network tracking link and replace the one I put in the example image above.

You will have gotten that link from inside your CPA Network Account. Ok now that you have the CPV Lab settings correct save them, and copy the CPV Lab campaign link to use that inside your ads on Propeller ads. This is what the CPV Lab campaign link looks like:

Now that you have the link it’s time to test it and make sure it works. You can see how it would look in a mobile device by entering that url into a place like this: (keep in mind these types of sites don’t always display perfectly…the best way to test is on your own devices) If the link is not directing properly to the offer it could also mean that you are not in the correct country that the offer accepts, and therefore it will redirect you.

There is one final step to setting up the conversion tracking. You must provide the following “postback url” (exactly as it is) to your affiliate manager, so they can place this for you inside the offer you want to run.

Just send them a message and say please place this on the ‘China Women offer’ (or whatever offer you are running)…or you can actually just do it yourself like in the picture below. Locate the Postback URL for Propeller Ads.

Keep in mind that whichever ad network you choose you’ll have to use their own postback link variables like #s3# for cake, or {aff_sub3} for Has Offers. The best thing to do in this case if you have no idea how to implement this stuff is again, refer back to YouTube for video tutorials or check the official help documents on the ad networks own website, they may also have FAQ’s. You can also do things like hire someone for a day or few hours (however long it takes) and have them set all this up for you. Sites like also have the option to post custom jobs so you can actually put an ad out of your own saying you need to hire someone for a few hours to set up website tracking on your landing page. there may also be people in the Affiliate Forum if you post.

By pasting the postback link from Propeller Ads into the offer on your network, you can now see all conversions inside the Propeller Ads interface which we will examine in lesson 3. You will TOTALLY understand why this is crucial in a moment.

Basically what happens now is that every time the CPA network sees a conversion it “Posts” it to Propeller Ads through that postback link. This allows you to see all the conversions inside Propeller Ads which allows you to dig right down and see exactly where people converted.

You can also place a CPV Lab pixel in your network to have all the conversions tracked in CPV Lab.

Now copy the campaign link from CPV Lab and let’s go over to Propeller Ads


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