10 Must-Have Factors for a Successful Mobile Affiliate Marketing Program

Mobile marketing is an area that still has a lot of growth potential. With every passing day, newer technologies are available to help you slice the vast amounts of data gathered and choose the kind of demographic that you want for your website or online forum. For beginners as well as intermediate experts with mobile affiliate marketing, here are 10 things to keep in mind to have a successful mobile affiliate marketing program based on mobile platforms:

1. Rich Media Needed


Similar to the content is king principle in web-based affiliate marketing, ensure that any content you create for mobile platforms is feature-rich and manages to attract the attention of people visiting your mobile site. With exciting new technologies like HTML5, Javascript and Flash being available for the generation of mobile content, do not lose out on customers because your content is text-based and boring.

2. Target Precisely Using Available Tools

When social media giant Facebook announced that it would let advertisers target viewers based on the data speed of the network that they are using, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. There are a variety of tools available to advertisers that ensure that they are able to accurately map the habits and buying behaviors of their consumers. Use these tools to successfully drive traffic to your mobile website and complement with focused content created for the mobile platform. Most people always carry their mobile phone with them when outside. Take advantage of geolocation tracking, which can help deliver content based on the location of the user and result in more revenue.

3. Create Mobile-Friendly Content

This is one of the most basic steps to beginning a mobile affiliate marketing program. Do not ignore or take lightly the creation of content as this will affect the volume of traffic at your site. Ensure that content on your mobile site is similar to your computer-based website, while taking care to resize the page layout to fit the smaller screens of most mobile devices. Tailoring content to match different phones is the best way to go about ensuring that visitors to your site have a good experience.

4. Mobile Numbers as Unique Identifiers

Aim to get the phone number of visitors to your site instead of their email address, as these numbers can be used at a later date to identify and show targeted advertisements. Customer information can be gathered by offering them the option to get regular updates in the form of a newsletter or text messages or a via free download.

5. Engage with your Customers

The whole point of being mobile is the opportunity for instant interaction that the platform provides. Do not stick to email opt-ins, but instead look at reaching out to customers instantly via mobile. Mobile users are often more likely to act instantly and can be a valuable source of revenue if targeted in the right manner.

6. Consider Launching an App

App development is becoming easier with each passing day as a whole range of tools are available for developers to create apps. If you have already tailored your website content to display on mobiles, the next step for you would be to consider developing an app. Make it easier for visitors and fans to interact with your business with the creation of an app. If you think a mobile app is not the right option for you currently, at least consider other choices like RSS feeds which keep your target customers updated with the latest products and services on offer. This will help you improve traffic and consequently, sales as well.

7. Access an SMS Opt-in List

 Although costs of lists can vary across advertisers, if you do have a list available for your demographic, consider buying it from companies in order to start targeted messaging for driving traffic. Keep a burn budget handy for the collection of information as well as tweaking of offers as you slowly understand your demographic. Initially, as you set yourself up, losing money will be a necessary evil and as such you must ensure you have adequate funding to support yourself till you set up your mobile affiliate marketing program successfully.

8. Invest in Mobile Tracking Solution

 While expensive, mobile tracking solutions tell you about variables like screen size, operating system and other features of the phone. Other details include information about the origins of paid traffic, which will help you grow your affiliate marketing program better. Proper tracking would also help you in providing specific offers directly to the inbox of your customers or through their social media pages based on information gathered.

9. Sign up with a Mobile Marketing Company

There are many companies that offer mobile affiliate marketers a range of options. Tradedoubler, MobPartner and Matomy are some examples. However, make sure that you do your research before signing on with a particular company as failure to do so, in the beginning, can result in issues later. Never forget, these are the companies who decide how much you earn and when you get paid. A little effort, in the beginning, can go a long way in avoiding losses later.

10.  Never be Afraid to Learn

 Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or have already proven yourself on web platforms, remember that technology changes with every passing week. Keep yourself updated on the entire range of new technology on offer and utilize these to the maximum in order to keep getting good returns on your investment. Read up on how-to guides and join forums focused on helping beginners understand the world of mobile affiliate marketing. There are several websites and forums with handy tips for beginners and more advanced information for people who have already seen success with their campaigns. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned veteran in affiliate marketing, there are resources online for you. Do not be afraid to use them.

With the advent of smartphones, a lot of opportunities are available to advertisers and affiliate marketers to target customers based on a whole range of options. Mobile phone affiliate marketing holds more promise than plain web-based techniques as the amount of information available for you to target specifically is far more. With location tracking, you can get accurate information about where your end customers are located and the places that they frequent, offering you the choice of providing them with more focused content. A challenging job, mobile affiliate marketing provides rich rewards for those ready to spend time and money in deploying campaigns using mobile technology.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about what factors you should consider when setting up your mobile affiliate marketing program. As you can see, there are a lot of things that you need to think about that will help you get the most out of your mobile affiliate marketing program. If you do choose to set up a mobile affiliate marketing program, we hope these tips help you!

What has been your experience in mobile affiliate marketing and your mobile app affiliate program? We’d love to know in the comments.

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