5 Mistakes Newbie Affiliates Make When Using Facebook Ads

Newbie affiliates make Facebook ads mistakes.

We all know how useful Facebook ads are and how profitable the best Facebook advertising strategy can be. Because of that, many newbie affiliates want to jump into the Facebook ads pool without the proper strategies. I’m here to help you avoid making those mistakes when using Facebook ads.

FB can generate a massive reach and some affiliates can generate tens of thousands in commissions on a daily basis. Facebook ads, in particular, have managed to generate a whopping interest among businesses and affiliate marketers.

While Facebook ads aren’t really hard to grasp, their extensive use means that a lot of people who are not even professional ad experts end up using them. This has led to some common mistakes while doing Facebook ads which happen regularly.

Let us learn the basics.

What are Facebook ads?

Facebook ads are tools that help people in promoting their business by widening their reach and thereby improving the overall visibility of the business. These ads can be customized and you can calculate the amount of money you want to spend on them.

You have to be mindful of some settings which you can implement when it comes to Facebook advertising strategy. They can help you improve your visibility and targeting by leaps and bounds.

The Common Pitfalls

  1. The wrong targets

What are Facebook ads

When implementing a Facebook advertising strategy it is upon you to ensure that you are targeting the right crowd with the proper advertisements. Ideally, a lot of people just target random individuals with random ads. Their focus mainly is to get maximum exposure, but, here is some food for thought – what is the point of targeting those people who are never going to convert? Do you really think it is going to make any difference whatsoever?

Think of a scenario where you are promoting female skincare products. If your ads are made for women but are being delivered to men, (who are much less likely to buy a female skin product), what use will your ad serve? Even if your ad is viewed by men, it is not going to bring profits, unless your ads say something like “Get Your Girlfriend Some Beauty Products”…. Get the idea?

This is why when you are using Facebook ads it is a much more sensible thing to target people who are likely to buy based on what your ads are saying. Do NOT make the mistake of targeting the wrong crowd. Don’t go for random targeting as the key focus should be to target the ones who are already a fan of your product and/or services. This will help you be sure that your ads will yield positive sales.

  1. Vague Titles & Headlines

Using facebook ads

Click-through rate (CTR) is extremely important in Facebook advertising. A higher CTR usually means more delivery and lower click costs.

The Headline can be one of the most effective parts of your ad for CTR. It is limited in how many words you can use, so, you need to be sure that you are coming up with a killer copy. People love viral topics on FB so try and create viral headlines.

Your ad copy has to be spot on. One of the common mistakes that too many people make is being complacent with the titles. This is something you CANNOT afford to do. When you are looking to improve your click-through rates, you should come up with catchy titles that will actually serve your need.

If you have an ad for a lead generation form for a diet product, be very specific. The title should be convincing enough to make people click on the ad and enter their details. Your title is your first impression and if that fails to impress, your ad success score is least likely to be impressive.

  1. Complacency can be Terrible

Facebook ads work on a dynamic model. You never know how quickly the algorithm will change and even before you can analyze the impact, the things that were working might stop ruling the roost.

So, do not make the mistake of taking too long to analyze the steps that work and the ones that won’t. You cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to Facebook ads.

When you are working on a campaign and you find out that a certain set of targeting seems to be working really well for you, you should try and make more of an investment and cash on it before it stops working.

There are two things you will need to do:

  • Make sure to keep a quick eye and have speedy analysis of the different results. When your Facebook ad campaign is on, keep an eye on the kind of profits and click-throughs you are getting. As your investment and results are going to swing quite a lot, a quick eye means that you can dynamically stay updated.
  • The moment you find a strategy working, increase your investment in it and maximize your benefits. However, do not stop analyzing the success it reaps. Use it dynamically.
  1. Ignoring Mobile Traffic & Other Geo’s

Ignoring Mobile Traffic

Facebook is going to add quite a lot of new features and even new ad types from time to time. A lot of advertisers are so busy with their current campaigns, that they spend no time looking at these new additions. One of the major changes in recent years is the VAST amounts of mobile traffic being delivered through FB. You can spend tens of thousands daily just on mobile traffic alone! It is massive and cheap and converts like crazy with the right offers.

Another missed opportunity is not testing other countries. As an affiliate marketer who uses a network, there are hundreds of offers available in nearly every country. Many people tend to focus on English countries since that is the language they are used to. But if you use a translation service and create translated pages for other countries and target them on FB you can make a killing with cheaper traffic, and untapped niches.

  1. When Testing Details Keep Campaigns Separate

When Testing Details Keep Campaigns Separate

Take a detailed look at Facebook insights and explore the parameters and test each aspect to find out the final parameters which you need to work on. Even if you are in a hurry, you should not publish your ads before you have tested the core points.

You should be testing campaigns separately on Mobile vs Desktop, as well as a separate campaign in each country.

If you put all the targeting into one campaign your results can become extremely difficult to optimize and maybe even impossible. You might not be able to tell if mobile is doing better than desktop, or which country is doing best.

These are the common mistakes which too many people make and they have all suffered because of it. As you are now aware of the specifics of how NOT to mess with your Facebook ads, you should learn from this and then implement the right tips.

When you want to take your business to the top and you are looking for more click-through, higher sales, and even better profits, you should make it a point to spend time analyzing the insights.

With every detail, it will help you get the most of Facebook ads. Facebook is quickly becoming one of the most powerful tools for all those who are looking to market their content in a much better way.

When Facebook ads are channelized to the right fans and you test the parameters thoroughly and put in a killer copy, you will surely succeed in making things work the way you want to. So, have you developed your Facebook plans already?

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