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Let’s Talk About Performance Marketing



There are a variety of different marketing styles such as branding, which is what you’ll usually see really large corporations do such as the coca cola company or any major computer & electronics corporation. The purpose behind this form of marketing is to create an awareness of the brand so that you’ll pass by their products when you’re out shopping for something they offer and remember their brand name. This will spark a sense of familiarity and persuade a good percentage of the consumer-base to buy that particular brand’s product. On the other hand we have performance marketing which is often done by smaller entities thanks to its ability to be specific and targeted in sending its message out to the customer. This usually lends itself to cheaper “ad costs” as well as higher ROI (return on investment) rates.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Let’s start off with the most common method which is paying per click on your advertisements. If your style of marketing is ‘performance’ then PPC is what you’re going to rely on the most. Everything from Google’s own AdWords platform, to Facebook Ads, to practically every Native-Ads network under the sun and many more are all based on the pay per click model. Think of it as an auction for real estate to place your ads on. You engage in an active auction in real time for ad-spots and the flow of the market is always moving. It’s for this reason that the PPC game can be overwhelming for some of us who are just starting out in the advertising game.

Keep in mind that if you really want to hit it out of the park with this form of advertising you’re going to need a budget. Typically a few thousand will do well to test things out, however, if you do not have such a budget then you can get started for perhaps only a couple hundred per month in the beginning. It’s wise to not forget that ads cost money, you are investing in your business so if you manage your books right, you can throw all of these expenses into your tax filings at the end of the year!

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Etc)

Yes, this is another big one in the performance based marketing game. Though “social media” technically falls in the space of pay per click marketing, it definitely deserves it’s own slot here because it’s a very specific creature compared to other ad platforms. Thanks to the tools available to you such as Audience Insights on Facebook performance marketing, and Twitter Ads which has it’s own set of tools and options available to you. Something you may not hear much about is ads which can be found Right Here.

A great way to learn how to use any of these ad platforms quickly is to search for tutorials on YouTube. A simple search of whatever platform you want to use plus the word “tutorial” will get you good results to start you on the right path.

Email Marketing

The money is in the list… at least that’s what they say. The truth is that there isn’t a darn thing “in” the list itself, it’s what you do with your lists that count. Not only that, but the quality of your list matters a lot too. The more serious you take your list building and email marketing, the better results it will yield for you. Having a list (or multiple lists) is one of the best ways to own your own traffic source. It’s an asset you can tap into at will, provided you treat the people on your lists right… we are dealing with real people here after all, not just numbers and email addresses on the screen.

A great option for hosting any email list with all the tools you could need to run that list is Aweber. Check them out at their website which can be found by clicking on This Link Here.

Why Try Performance Methods?

It’s simple… the reason is it’s potential for very high returns on your advertising investments. Sure, you might have to run a bunch of ads before finding your winners, but it’s well worth it. Once you have those winning ads you’ll discover that in many cases a single winning advertisement will not only earn you back your testing budget, but will also turn you a handsome profit. Of course this can’t be guaranteed, and nor is it… however, the likelihood of this happening is fairly likely given you have a solid offer and are utilizing proper ads.

Performance marketing is key when advertising CPA offers. This is something we specialize here at Powerhouse Affiliate. If you’d like to learn from industry pros then come check us out over at the main site. Just Click Right Here, or on the PA logo below.

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