Google Lead Gen VS Facebook Lead Gen: Which One is Better!

Without Leads, chances are your business might fail.

Leads are oxygen to any business, and qualified prospects who have the potential to become customers can be ambassadors of your brand. A company can have several important goals, but lead generation should remain a primary goal because it has everything to do with the company’s revenue stream.

Be it, B2B Marketers, or B2C Marketers, they all rely on several channels to drive leads to their businesses and uplift their conversions.

Depending upon your business type, a particular channel can do good for you, however, digital channels have been doing good for most B2B and B2C business types.

At one time in my own marketing career, I struggled to acquire quality leads and over time I have tested and tried every possible channel to acquire leads. Today I will be sharing with you how  you can get the best yield results from Facebook and Google while doing Lead Generation Campaigns.

Lead Generation with Facebook

Where do your potential customers spend their time mostly?

One can argue everyone is on Facebook and this single fact makes Facebook an ideal platform to find your potential customers.

Creating a Leads Generation campaign with Facebook is easy and doesn’t require much technical knowledge.

1) Choose the Goal. Go to Facebook Ad Manager and Choose “Lead Generation” as your Goal from the Consideration Funnel.

fb lead generation setup 1


2) On the next page, you will be asked to define your marketing budget. It is good to begin small, go with $20 per day, and set your budget type as “daily”.

fb lead generation setup 2


3) Now from the list, choose the page you want to use for this lead generation campaign.

fb lead generation setup 3


4) Choose Your Audience, target their interests, and define the duration of this campaign.

5) On the next page, use your creatives as you do in Facebook campaigns, however, creating a form is a new thing on this page.

fb lead generation setup 4

6) Name your Lead Generation Form and choose the fields you want to place in this form. It is pretty simple and easy to add as many fields as you want, however it is suggested to add fewer input fields to get the most leads.

fb lead generation setup 5


7) Complete your campaign and hit the launch button.

Leads coming through this form will be saved within Facebook’s database and you can view or download those leads from your page’s Lead Center.

Lead Generation with Google Ads

Google has a big market share in the online ads industry and every digital marketer tries it to upscale their business and grow their revenues. Google certainly takes care of leads generation campaigns as well and has introduced an extension for lead generation.

1) Go to your Google Ads account and create a new campaign

google lead generation setup 1


2) Choose “Leads” and select “Search”. I would suggest going with the Search ads because this mostly gives quicker results. However, you can include “Display Network” if you are willing to run a lead generation for the long term.

google lead generation setup 2


3) Select “Lead Form Submission” from the goal.

google leads generation


4) Now from the new page, create a new lead generation form that you want you to show to your audience.

google leads generation

5) Add Keywords in your ad group and place creatives in your ad like you usually do, and that’s it.

6) Now you can view and download leads data from Predefined reports > Extensions > Leads

google leads generation campaign



Facebook vs Google – Which One is Better?

Both of these tech giants have their pros and cons. While Facebook has more information on people, Google knows who has an immediate need. I have generated tons of leads from both platforms using my own landing pages, however, when it comes to using built-in lead forms, I have found Facebook better than Google.

However, there is no standard rule on this. You can try both platforms and give your best shot. It is suggested to let your campaign run for at least 2 weeks to get the best results because both platforms need a learning time.


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