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Top Digital Marketing Trends of 2019 to Stay Ahead Of Competition

If you’re reading this right now then you’re officially included in the digital crowd. These are folks just like you and I who take part in stuff like reading blogs, joining in on social media, video watching on massive websites like YouTube and just about anything else which requires a computer of some sort and an internet connection. So then… what does this mean for marketers like us?

That part is simple once you know about the upcoming trends of 2019 to get in on at the ground-floor. Some of these digital marketing trends might appeal to you greatly while others may be more or less white noise in the background, that’s fine because as your own boss you get to pick and choose!

User Experience

Essentially the point of providing a good user experience for your readers is to keep them on your pages so they have time to consider doing things you want them to do such as clicking on ads, buying a product you have on offer or literally anything else which requires an action of sorts from them. The longer they stick around, the better your chances are of getting them to perform a desired action on your page.

Let’s talk about how important the overall user experience is when it comes to your website & traffic metrics. Google takes more details into account these days when determining how they’ll rank your websites in the search results. Now, of course this might not matter to some of us, but for those who do care, this part is for you.

Your landing pages should be clean in their appearance, have well formatted paragraphs of text, make proper use of visual elements such as embedded video and infographics while also keeping the visitor’s eyes moving along the page from one section to the next… we can’t afford to be lazy anymore because your competition is waiting for you to slip up just once and that’s all it’ll take for them to snag your share of the market.

Break your pages up into sections, dedicate each section to some specific point of information before moving on to the next point. Find ways to tie related points together by the end of the article if you are using this info for blogging. Link your readers to outside sources (always be sure to open external pages on new tabs or pages so that the reader doesn’t leave your own web page) and don’t forget to offer your own input or analysis on your research, people are coming to you for their information because they want to know what you  know so share it with them.

Use caution when designing the layout of your webpages, take care not to throw too many different elements at your reader all at once or they might become overwhelmed and that can lead to frustration. People tend not to stick around when they get frustrated and your bounce-rates will definitely spike as a result of this which can lead to poor performance in SEO.

Keep It Entertaining

Research has shown that people tend to favor those who can make them laugh, if you make someone laugh then you’re considered ‘likeable’ in their eyes and that’s one step closer to becoming friendly.

Take a look at some of the more popular figures within your desired market and see which ones you happen to gravitate toward most. In some cases you just might discover the one’s which make you feel friendly or happen to put a smile on your face just might be at the top of your list, this goes not only for yourself but just about everybody else!

Digital marketing trends 2019

It’s not only humor that does the trick (although humor is probably the most powerful tool to leverage for this purpose) you can also use a general sense of caring for your visitors which can come across as genuine, that’ll always be greatly appreciated by just about everyone.

It’s a good idea to find simple little ways to insert remarks or images and even videos which will relay a sense of humor or good will toward your audience, doing this is a sure way to help them identify much more closely with you and lends that ‘human element’ to your content which gives you an advantage.

Stories (Social Media)

Social media stories is not exactly a new trend but it has very recently gained much more popularity which is precisely why you should consider using them wherever possible. Some great ways to leverage this tool are:

  • Simple shoutouts to your audience and even a few other businesses or brands you may be currently working with. Since these stories are time sensitive you can count on the fact that they’ll ‘go away’ to ad a sense of urgency should you use a story to promote an exclusive offer.
  • Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp and now even Facebook have their own stories feature each giving you nearly-direct access to a user base cultivated by you, this is very powerful for developing a sense of community.
  • Don’t want to put your face out for everyone to see? No problem! Just create a quick video sharing something and point the lense of your camera at a computer screen in order to demonstrate something, act as if you’ve got something super urgent to share and you didn’t want to waste time so you just had to throw a story up real quick to get the word out!
  • Stories are meant to be quick and easy, you don’t have to make them look polished and one might argue that is where their charm comes from.

Promote limited time offers (just don’t over do it) or use stories as a tool to stay in touch with your downline if you happen to have one, it’s limited to your imagination and the time limit allowed by the individual story function for your chosen platform. Give them a shot, they’re super quick, very easy and can even be fun!

Voice Search

In just a couple more years voice searches might become responsible for roughly half of the overall searches performed online, that is massive! What this means for marketers like us is we’ll have to take ‘natural speech inquiries’ into account and write our content based around them.

For example, let’s say you have a website which specialized in mattresses and you it’s highly SEO optimized, that would still work for the half of your traffic which arrived based on computer searches for things like “best mattress for bad backs” but in order to capture the other half which are now looking for a mattress via voice search you’ll need to squeeze in more natural sounding terms such as “which mattress is better for bad backs?”.

If you’ve already got a bunch of content set which is performing well, don’t worry about it too much. Just keep voice search in mind moving forward and find ways to target longer tailed keywords which use more natural sounding speech to help advance you into the future of SEO.

Voice Search

Another important element which has become very popular over the past few years is the “people also ask” feature on Google and other similar search results found on the other search engines. These are targeted specifically for voice related searches and shared with the general population. If you ever need inspiration on how to structure your longer tailed keywords then that’s an excellent place to look.


This is a bit of a wide concept but you can think of micro moments as those times when something sparks an interest or curiosity and you just have to go look it up right away for an answer! They can spark at anytime and often happen many times per day.

Google Voice Search

Taking advantage of these can be simple or tricky depending on your goals. Let’s use the new year for an example along side push notifications. “New Year, new me” is a popular terms among some crowds and this means people will be actively seeking out ways to improve themselves coming up on the new year. You could take advantage of this fact by pushing out notifications to those who have put themselves on your list in a proactive way to get ahead of the curb.

This concept of ‘micro moments’ ties very closely into voice searches as most people will often times find themselves searching for these answers via talking to their phone… “google, what’s the quickest way to lose weight” is a prime example of a micro moment turned into a voice search.

Take note of typical and popular events that you know people will be seeking something out and place yourself directly in front of them so you stand a chance of being seen in the right place at the right time.

Data Security & Privacy

People are tech savvy these days and they want to know that their data is secure anytime they interact with anything online. This is why it’s vital that you keep your own security measures up to date while making them evident to the end user, this means your audience and customers.

If your websites don’t yet take advantage of the HTTPS security protocol then you need to take strong consideration into changing this. On top of that it’s important to abide by the GDPR standards which have been set in place earlier this year in 2018.

Data Security & Privacy

Take the opportunity to remind your customers that they are in good hands with a safe & secure check out if you happen to provide any such services. Always do your best to remind anyone viewing your web pages that they’re protected by leveraging trust badges and of course that https little green lock up at the address bar lends a lot of comfort to those in the know. Keep them safe and they’ll keep coming back to you for their needs.

Keeping Up With Competition

You need an edge if you want to not only survive in this hyper competitive industry, but to also thrive in it. Having the proper training alongside with valuable resources is a great way to keep yourself ahead of all the rest.

We specialize in training affiliates giving them the tools and knowledge they need to go out there and absolutely kill it in just about any market of their choice. Once you know the tricks of the trade and get a firm grasp on the tools needed to keep the machine running smoothly you’ll become a true powerhouse in the affiliate marketing game. Let us show you how you can get started for absolutely free, click our banner below to see our homepage where we’ll walk you through what we have to offer you, today.

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