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How You Can Boost Your Email Follow-Up Response Rates



You’ve just spent time coming up with a campaign to draw more leads into your funnel and the good news is that it’s working! That first email in your sequence is going out to all those who have signed up and shown an initial interest, great news! The question now is what do you do next? How to increase email marketing response rate?

Follow up Marketing


There are two popular catch phrases floating around in the Internet marketing space and they are…






Fundamentally what it comes down to is how the email campaign is being handled. Though it’s true that in a number of spaces email marketing may not be as effective as it once was with all the new rules and filters being developed, but it is by no means “dead”. Your time is well spent learning how to properly harness this super-power for your own positive ROI. Email marketing is only dead to those who don’t do it right which means to those who do it’s still an absolute gold mine!

This article is going to be focused on the follow up sequence; what you should do after you’ve already sent out your initial email to greet a new opt-in.

Email Marketing Cycle


First things first: Check your stats

I could go into what the “industry standard” is for considerable opt-in rates vs. open rates and click-through rates, average email response rate and blah blah blah… but that’s all gibberish if you don’t have a foundation to compare to. This is where it becomes important to not only set up proper, well thought-out funnels for your subscribers to go through but you need to really keep an inquisitive eye on your statistics.

Check out how many emails are being sent out and look at how many of those are being opened. Are you getting a lot of hard bounces? For those reading this who may not know, a “hard bounce” is when you get a return to sender type of scenario because the email that just went out was to an address that doesn’t exist.

Most if not all autorespondor services provide some sort of dashboard you can look at for the usual statistics like open rates and click-throughs from links inside your emails. Keep an eye on these as well because they’ll be important in the steps to follow.


No open? No problem: Send a follow-up

Now, typically speaking you’re going to have a series of emails that your opt-ins will go through. These can be simply set on a schedule so they just go out blindly (which is what a lot of email campaigns do) and I’m not saying this is a bad idea because it isn’t.

However, the aim of a follow-up is to of course get more people to open those emails up; this is where subject lines come into play.


Performing an email split test

I’ll just come right out and say that unless you have a pretty large list an actual A/B split-test on your list isn’t going to be very reasonable. What you can do instead is simply take all the people on your list who haven’t opened that initial email and send them all a follow up message.

The good news with this is that you don’t have to change the body of the email itself, just the subject line. Though there is no way to guarantee that everyone who registers as not opening your email didn’t actually see it thanks to things like email preview windows; it’s still a good practice to send out a 2nd email with only the subject line changed.

When changing the subject you’ll want to make the change is pretty drastic. Try taking the opposite approach of whatever your initial approach was. If you sent something out which sounds more “businessy” and professional then shoot the follow up to everyone who’s supposed to get it with a subject line that’s more casual; maybe even bordering on friendly.


Here are some techniques & best practices to increase performance


  1. Personalize those emails without the use of names.

Times have changed and so have people. It may seem like a great idea to personalize every email with the recipient’s name but it’s been shown this might not be the best idea.

Let’s put it in simple terms. How would you feel if some sketchy salesman approached you and as soon as your engaged in a handshake he asks your name and then just starts off every single thing he says with “Well, John, Mary or Joe!” Bad example, I know, but you get the idea. It’s considered strange by a lot of people when their name is used in some email they’re only vaguely familiar with or in some cases completely unfamiliar with at all!


  1. Avoid lengthy subject lines.

There is something marketers commonly refer to as the “dead zone” in email subject lines. It’s typically the character range after 50, or at most between 60 & 70.

This means that if you are composing subject lines which are longer than 60 or 70 characters in length then you’re pretty much wasting your time as open rates don’t test any better the longer your subject line goes. It’s always a good idea to keep your email subjects short and punchy as their only purpose is to capture curiosity and compel people to open.


  1. Sending emails out at the right time of day helps.

If you were to ask around “what’s the best time of day to send my emails out?” chances are you’ll get a bunch of different replies. One thing in common with those replies however will be the times mentioned will usually fall between 8pm and Midnight EST. That’s if you are mailing out once per day, which is generally recommended. The reason for this is because you’ll typically be catching people in that small window when the day has been winding down and your recipient is in that down-time frame of mind where they’re doing things simply to kill time before bed and one of those activities for many is checking emails.


  1. We live in the mobile age so get with the times.

There is a chance you may not check your emails on your cell phone, but a lot of people actually do. What this means is that it’s a great idea to be sure your emails are sent out with mobile readers in mind. There really isn’t much you need to do in preparation for this but here are a few ideas.

  • Keep your text to a single column. This is typically the default anyway so not much is needed here.
  • It’s a good idea to have the size of your font slightly larger than normal so people can more easily read your messages on those tiny screens.
  • A lot of people use iOS devices (Apple phones) so following the button-standard of 44 pixels wide by 44 pixels tall is an excellent idea if you’re going to incorporate any sort of graphical buttons.
  • Make sure your call to action is super obvious and very easy to tap. Separate it onto its own line or short paragraph and make sure that hyperlink isn’t anywhere close to other links as to avoid accidental miss-clicks.

More on email follow-up campaigns

Open rates are different for everyone but there is a detail which tends to remain constant and that’s how much time you have to turn a fresh opt-in into a dedicated fan. The window for this is typically somewhere around 3 months. If you don’t capture the attention and dedicated interest of someone within those precious first 90 days then you can consider them lost for good… or are they really?

In many cases, yes they are. However, if you simply try again with a fresh and brand new Re-engagement campaign you could wind up pulling in a fair number of those people who simply weren’t interested before.

The reasons this works are many but one of the most basic could just be the person you weren’t able to reach before just wasn’t in the right frame of mind or they had things going on in life during that time and your email was the last thing on their priority list. Giving them another chance by sending a completely new and modified campaign to draw them in and hopefully keep their attention this time tends to work pretty well.

Remember that this is basically a last ditch effort to regain that person’s interest so give them all you’ve got! You need to make sure that this first email in the Re-engagement series is punchy and captures attention. It needs to appeal to them and it helps if it captures curiosity in a sense so they simply ‘have to’ click to see what the heck you’re talking about.


Let’s Wrap It Up

Email Marketing can be extremely lucrative for anyone who chooses to add it to their Internet marketing tool belt. The overall process is extremely simple.

If you’re interested in learning how to build an email list of your own with extensive lessons covering everything explained here and way more then it’s a great idea to join us for access to our complete training academy >> POWERHOUSE AFFILIATE.

Powerhouse Affiliate offers several courses and 12 complete steps that will teach you how to completely dominate the affiliate marketing game. On top of that you get access to the exclusive forum where you can ask questions and get help from other members and keep in mind that this forum is for members only.

Powerhouse Affiliate

There are a bunch of other cool things you’ll get access to besides all the great email marketing stuff, like our premium CPA marketing lessons among others. If you want to find out what else is in store for you in the member’s area then you’re going to need to head over to the main site right now.

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Affiliate Tips

Top 5 Internet Marketing Gurus of the World (and they have something to say)




top internet marketing gurus list

If you want to become a good online marketer, you have to learn from the best internet marketing gurus.  Of course, this means finding a mentor or guide who will teach you the secrets of online marketing.

Thankfully, there are several top internet marketers in the world who share their career secrets online through websites, books, and online podcasts.

There are a few top online marketing gurus who have made an impression worldwide and are literally considered the ‘Steve Jobs’ of the online marketing world. These top online marketers have created a legacy for the newbies of online marketing.

We have our personal favorites, as well, and we’ve listed our top five online marketing gurus (in no particular order) that you should learn from as well.

We have also mentioned top online marketing gurus’ companies, books, courses, etc. where you can learn from. These top internet marketers in the world have not only created a deep source of income for themselves, but they have fortunately also charted out the path for the rest of us to follow.

Here’re our list of top internet marketing gurus to follow. Web marketing experts like these allow beginners to start online marketing on the right trajectory.

Online Marketing Guru, #1 – Gary Hamel

Online Marketing Guru Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel currently writes the Wall Street Journal but he can be considered as one of the most impressive online marketing gurus of the century. The influential strategist is also a visiting professor at the London Business School and he is a force to be watched carefully. Take a quick look at his website or read a few of his publications to understand just how the quirky genius works. This sales and marketing guru has definitely made a mark in the world and hence has rightly made place in this Internet Marketing Gurus list.

Internet Marketing Guru, #2 – Darren Rowse

Internet marketing guru Darren Rowse

Even newbies to the internet marketing world know that Darren Rowse is one of the best internet marketers. Rowse set up a personal blog in 2002 but he quickly managed to hit the big time due to his impressive thinking. The guru marketer’s personal blog was quickly followed by other blogs that were closely followed by readers. However, it was not until ProBlogger that Rowse actually hit the top line. The blog provides advice for bloggers and website owners and also offers an impressive job board for fellow bloggers.

Web Marketing Expert, #3 – Pat Flynn

web marketing expert Pat Flynn

This down-to-earth marketer is one of the most closely followed geniuses online. According to last records, the marketing guru easily generates more than $50,000 in revenue through blogging. His Smart Passive Income podcast also has more than 200,000 downloads and is a followed by double that amount. For novices, his top online marketing blog offers a wealth of tips that can be invaluable in setting up a successful online internet marketing campaign.

Internet Marketing Coach, #4 – Neil Patel

internet marketing coach Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the best internet marketing gurus. He has clients like Amazon and Viacom and it definitely pays to listen to what he is saying. At present, the budding genius runs QuickSprouts that is followed by industry experts, marketers, and entrepreneurs as well. Check out his SEO and expert internet marketing tips that can literally make a 20% difference to your website. Patel is also quick to catch emerging websites, trends and tools and he was the first to point out popular brands like KissMetrics and CrazyEgg.

Online Marketing Expert, #5 – John Chow

online marketing expert John Chow

This well-know affiliate and internet marketing guru teaches people how to make money online and he does it quite well. Most of his secrets are available online at Amazon through his book ‘Make Money Online: Roadmap Of A Dot Com Mogul.’ Marketing authors like him are game changers for newbies.

This concludes our Top Affiliate Marketing Gurus list. We hope you find this list of digital and email marketing coaches useful.

Of course, you might have your personal top internet marketing coaches and experts that you follow to learn about internet marketing. If you have, do write in to us by leaving a comment below. We would love to expand our list of internet marketing experts to help as many affiliate marketers as possible.

Tell us why these online marketing experts and their concepts are your personal favorites and what you’ve learned from them and help other fledgling marketers expand their skills as well.

Leave a comment below if you have specific questions about any of the digital marketing industry leaders and top marketing gurus.

Stay tuned to learn more about affiliate marketing.

You can also take affiliate marketing training from us at to learn more about online marketing, like many successful internet marketers do.

If you’re an affiliate marketing enthusiast, you can also checkout our new affiliate marketing program.

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Affiliate Tips

Get Higher Opt-In Rates With These Few Tips




Traffic is the lifeline for any offer, if you’re not getting people to see what you’re promoting then you’ll never get anything to convert and that’s simply a fact. There are a lot of different sources for traffic but what we’re focusing on today is email as it’s the one source you have the most control over.

In order to get leads on your list you first need them to opt-in and to do this effectively it’s important you’re optimizing your sign up forms, so let’s talk about a few very simple ways you can do for better email conversion rates.

Put it above the fold

The moment somebody lands on your page you want them to see your form, even if they don’t pay attention to it, you want it there in their view. The reason for this is because 80% of most people’s viewing time on any webpage is often spent above the fold, this means they won’t even scroll down or might not scroll very far before backing out or closing your page. Additionally, when most people whom make return visits see that sign up form over and over they’ll be much more likely to finally give in and sign up.

Every publisher be it in print or digital media always charges a premium for the adspace which is displayed above the fold and this for the the very reason just mentioned, it’s for the same reason everyone wants the top spot on the Google SERP and it’s the same reason you should be treating your own web pages with the same regard. You can have these forms somewhere on the page itself as an embedded form or you can use a pop-up in the form of a light box, something that is easily dismissed in order to be compliant with most ad platforms who frown on web pages that use pop ups which aren’t easily dismissed.

Make a STRONG call to action

This one seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many new to marketing and advertising simply don’t make a proper call to action and in some cases just don’t make one at all. Adding a call to action is one of the best practices for email opt-in. The difference between a conversion and a lost lead can be your call to action. In the case of collecting leads to an email list you’re going to need to demonstrate value in some form to entice the sign up from your viewers.

you’re going to need to demonstrate value in some form to entice the sign up from your viewers.

What you decide to offer as that valuable thing to entice a lead is up to you. In some cases it might be something free that’s normally for sale or it could be access to privileged information they’d otherwise not have access to. You do need to be sure that what you offer is of actual value to your lead however because gone are the days when you could throw any simple little bit of digital content up and expect somebody to fork over their email for it.

K.I.S.S. your forms

If you’ve not heard of the “kiss rule” it goes like this… “keep it simple, stupid”. Sure it’s been changed over time to make it a bit more politically correct but nothing cuts right to the point like the original. Keep your forms simple, don’t fluff them up with unnecessary details and always make it very clear what you want from them.

The fewer input boxes people have to think about, the fewer chances they have to change their mind. This can mean the difference of a few percentage points worth of conversions. We live in an informational savvy age now, people know what will happen when they fork over their details and they will either give you fake information which is not very useful or they just won’t give you anything at all if you ask too many data points where it seems unnecessary to do so. If you’re just collecting leads to market affiliate products to later then you really don’t need anything more than a name and email address and in many cases just the email will do fine.

Walk them through it

It’s easy to assume that anyone reading your opt-in form is going to know what to do next but time & time again this has been proven wrong. There are going to be a fairly large percentage of people who will sign up to your email list from your capture form and then simply stop there, never to check the emails sent to them and eventually forget about it all entirely. Don’t let this happen, walk them through to the follow up step of checking that email and do it in a simple way.

It helps a lot if somebody is redirected to a new page after signing up, this page should give a few details on what they need to do next in order to get what they signed up for or to simply remind them that it’s now waiting for them over at their inbox.

How We Can Help

Here at Powerhouse Affiliate we’re always working around the clock to bring our members top of the line training material in order to get them each the best results possible. This is an interactive community of professionals and those looking to become professionals alike, all working together to break new ground and get things done… all the way to the bank.

We cover a ton of different strategies so you can pick what works for you and we’re always doing our very best to make it quick to learn and easy to understand. Come check us out at our main site…

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Affiliate Tips

An Honest Email Marketer’s Review of Aweber: And How To Use It The Right Way




Yup, today is all about review Aweber specifically and what I think of it as well as how to properly use it for email-based affiliate marketing. When it comes to any style of marketing there’s more than one way to do it right and email marketing is absolutely no exception what so ever. There are just as many different styles of emails and subject heading as there are professionals under the sun, what will suit you best is going to be determined by your personality and what goals you’re aiming at.

Why Do We Use Aweber & Not Something Else?

Easy… We were kicked off another best email marketing platform for being “too aggressive” in our email marketing practice. That’s right, we used to use another service before switching over to Aweber and were kicked off of it because our method was deemed “too aggressive” which is pretty darn funny looking back on it now because we’re even more aggressive with some of our lists and absolutely racking in the profits hand over fist thanks to it. Later on you’ll be shown a snapshot of just ONE of our blog’s revenue streams, there are multiples per blog and multiple blogs.

Now, for purposes of not making enemies within the industry we work, the name of that particular autoresponder service will remain nameless. It’s also important to note that they’re not a bad service by any means so don’t be afraid to give others a shot if you find that Aweber isn’t to your liking as affiliate program. It’s just that, Aweber, email marketing software, is by far the easiest to use and has given us the higher delivery rates of the ones we’ve tried. They have awesome and rapid customer service as well as a lenient payment processor that will work with you (within reason) should you happen to fall behind on one or your payments once or twice… just don’t take advantage of this because you could still lose your account over it.

How Do We Use Aweber For Email Marketing?

Well, we have a number of different lists all setup within a single account and each of those lists are aimed at a different purpose within a handful of niches. The purpose of this article you’re reading isn’t a word-for-word tutorial on how to use Aweber’s different tools, we actually already have that contained within our premium membership training material (go here if that interests you) but instead we’re going to give a quick rundown of what to expect when you jump into Aweber’s dashboard and how all the neat stuff they offer can work for you.

Create Your List First… and then

There is some confusion about this among many new marketers, they don’t know which steps come first and why. When you are just beginning with a new campaign you have to create a list first and then add subscribers to it second. Think of it like making a shopping list, first you have to grab the piece of paper and then you start writing stuff on it. Well, in Aweber first you have to create your piece of paper that’s called a list… then you can start adding subscribers to it.

Aweber email marketing & analytics

The image above is just a quick screenshot of our account (it’s just a partial shot, there are many more lists than what is depicted here) and as you can see, there are a few parts surrounded in red.

  • All the way at the top is the “manage lists” button, you can access this from the main dashboard by clicking on it.
  • The green “create a list” button which will walk you through steps necessary to make a brand new list.
  • At the far-left is the different email lists you have, ours are blurred out to keep our lists safe, it’s nothing personal against you but we have to protect the integrity of our business.
  • And just off to the right-side of that is the “subscribers” count where you can see how many you have on any particular lists, depicted in the image above are two very new lists so we’re still building up the subscriber count but as you can see, one of them is already doing quite well with over 27k subscribers.

Once you have at least one list all setup you can then start doing that email affiliate marketing thing to gain subscribers. There are a ton of ways to get people to subscribe to your email lists, many of which we cover in our membership course so if you’re interested to learn then you’re encouraged to have a look at our homepage and see it for yourself.

Doing Some Actual Email Marketing with Aweber

So, your list is setup and you have subscribers but what about doing a bit of actual email marketing? Well, in order to turn those subscribers into revenue you have to think of it as a newsletter which you use to promote offers, share helpful information and over all just keep in touch with people who want to hear from you.


Above is another screencap of one of our lists to illustrate what you might expect to find when dealing with your own email lists inside of Aweber. This is the “Legacy follow up series” page and it’s where you will work with the actual autoresponder portion of the Aweber service.

You have the “create a message” button which is colored in green. Clicking that will direct you to the email composer which is the tool you use to actually write your email messages. The big red box near the lower-left are the different emails already composed and part of the follow-up series and just off to the right of that is the open-rates for each one of your emails.

A quick note on open rates… A lot of “gurus” will teach you that your open rates are the most important thing and although it is important to come up with headlines that compel your audience to click and actually read your emails it’s not the most important number to keep track of, that would be your revenue.

You could have opens rates which are half the one’s depicted above and still make a killing in your revenue figures, it all comes down to other key factors which again, we won’t cover here but you can find it all contained within our official training program. Let’s talk about what having a thriving email list can do for your website traffic next!

The Blog Traffic & Email Subscriber Synergy

It’s already been mentioned that having an active email list is basically just like running a newsletter where you keep in contact with folks just like us who have shown an interest in you or your offers or information. What this means is that you can basically recycle old leads and p

ossibly turn them into new sales or new visitors for ad revenue.

Blog Traffic

Above is a screenshot of just one day’s earnings from just one blog, and keep in mind that this is only the ad-money and not the CPA revenue we also have going on which is typically responsible for about an extra $1k per month, per blog at minimum with some blogs doing many multiple times that each month. The reason we’re showing you this specifically is because about 80% of the traffic comes from email subscribers with the other 20% coming from Google search traffic and YouTube video traffic.

Another great thing to consider is that these blogs which are basically just cranking out money each month are side projects, they aren’t even our main focus which is native ads and maintaining the Powerhouse Affiliate website. CPA and affiliate marketing is our full time gig so the fact we can even generate these extra thousands of dollars on the side each month is really neat!

If you treat your list right, keep it neat and tidy by deleting unsubscribers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and don’t spam them (it’s okay to be a bit aggressive, but there is a line to be weary of) then you can keep sending traffic over to just about any website you wish over and over again. It’s really a great proposition to basically pay for a lead once and then you have access to them for as long as they remain on your list.

Email marketing platform

If you don’t have an autoresponder yet or if you’ve been thinking about starting your own email marketing campaigns then it’s probably a good idea to test drive Aweber’s services for free and then decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Click on the image above or the link below to go get your free trial setup today and start working on your new money generating revenue stream. It’s pretty easy, very beginner friendly and you have the benefit of teaming up with us if you choose to where we’ll help you along the way. On top of that, Aweber has been around a very long time and have an entire library of helpful lessons and tutorials to teach you everything you need to know about their platform. Extra tutorials are always popping up on YouTube as well so you’ll never be left alone and confused.

Link To Aweber’s Free Trial… Click Right Here!!

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