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How We Made 5 Times More Money With CPA vs Adsense

There are so many ways for anyone to make money with just their computer and an internet connection that it’s crazy to think you’re stuck to just one or two methods. Today we talk about CPA vs Adsense – which one makes more money?

CPA vs Adsense
CPA vs Adsense


(skip the paragraph below if cpa terminology bores you)

CPA which stands for “Cost Per Action” is an extremely popular method to generate revenue with given its simplicity and unusually high conversion rates in many cases. There are just as many ways you could make money with a well thought out CPA campaign as with literally any other form of affiliate marketing.

The added benefit in this case is the fact you don’t have to actually sell anything.

On With The Show

Here on this blog we talk a lot about various methods to generate solid revenue so you can make a comfortable living for yourself online.

Something we love to talk about in our CPA Marketing Training is just how bad-ass it can be for anyone who chooses to add it to their business as a new revenue stream.

The way CPA works in closer detail is pretty straight forward.

You as the affiliate get paid anytime someone takes the required action on any offer you promote; hence the term “cost per action” or CPA.

It’s your job as the affiliate to seek out these offers which would work well with your traffic demographic and in most cases simply present it to them with little to no pre-sale necessary. That last bit is of course dependent upon the offer in which you promote but hey… details, am I right.

The action your prospect could take spans a wide range such as:

  • Getting an estimate or quote
  • Signing up for a free trial to something
  • Filling out a form of some sort (which usually results in a callback to them later)
  • Buying something! (remember the geek speak earlier? Yup.. buying stuff is still relevant)

How Much Does CPA Pay?

The power of how much CPA pays isn’t in the amount of money you can get per lead but instead how many leads you can pile on into a single offer. Let’s assume for a moment that you have a website which deals primarily in the weight loss niche. How would you make money with this site… what are your options?

You can probably push products as an affiliate by coming up with super awesome reviews and all that great stuff.

You might have something on your pages which captures email leads and you then use that list to promote offers; also a great method.

Maybe you like to go the simple route of just maintaining a blog and monetizing it with AdSense, or selling banner space somewhere on your pages; that’s also a great way to go.

Now imagine you didn’t have to do any of that but instead you just presented the information you normally would in your blog and had links sprinkled throughout in an inconspicuous way.

Now let’s assume for a moment that you got a percent of people who visit your blog clicking those links which lead to an offer that closely related to the information they were reading about on that page.

Don’t you think that offer they’re presented with would have a decent chance of converting, especially if it didn’t actually require anything more than them signing up with their email address?

Let’s Talk Numbers

I want to set up a scenario about a blog we currently own in the diet niche. On this blog we have AdSense ads which get a decent click through rate.


Our revenue on that was about 50 cents per click, so about $175. While that’s not bad we decided to test some CPA offers in the same banner space as what was being delivered by Adsense.

Now Let’s Look At CPA Numbers

Have a quick look at the image below of a CPA offer we tested along with many others. This type of CPS offer pays out an incredible $70 per sale or more and the customer only needs to spend as low as $27 per bottle of garcinia.


The specific offer depicted above is for an “straight sale” CPA Offer. For every valid customer you can generate from your visitors to this you’d get $70 in return.

Our CTR on our ads actually was higher than the CTR on the Adsense ads, which means we got more clicks to the CPA offer then we would on adsense ads. Now we only need to beat the 50 cents earnings per click (EPC) we got from Adsense…how do you think that went?

Our EPC for this one CPA offer was $2.70 which was over a %3 conversion rate.

The reason our CTR on the ad was higher, and our revenue CLEARLY destroyed the Adsense ads was because we had full control on what ads were being delivered to our audience. Now take a note here because many people will use Adsense in conjunction with CPA offers. It’s all about balancing and seeing which ads yield more return.

Several things matter…What sort of demographic your traffic is most prominent in, the subject matter of the post, your traffic quality, etc.

The point here is that if you have everything dialed in right you would need way less traffic to get the same income results or more than AdSense.

Here is another style CPA offer for a restaurant called Panera.

This is what the Landing Page for that specific offer looks like… this is an email submit and it pays $2 for an email submit. These offers can also do well if the traffic is targeted. You will have access to every landing page when browsing CPA Offers inside your CPA network. It’s a good idea to look at the CPA offers to be sure they “mesh well” with your own site and traffic.

Even if you stuck with nothing but email submit offers you’d have a far easier time making $100 per day than going with the more traditional AdSense. Now, that’s not to say you have to ditch your other methods for CPA because you don’t. You can find a happy balance between different methods; it’s all up to you.

Thanks For The Examples But How Do I Make Money?

Creating a blog is the first step. Then getting traffic to your blog.

Finding an offer is the next step required when it comes to building a CPA campaign. This of course assumes you already have your means of driving traffic to these offers set up. That step is out of the scope of this article but we have a bunch of articles on different ways to drive traffic so feel free to browse through them and see what strikes your fancy.

If you’re not sure where to look for offers you can check out OfferVault which is a popular search engine for a number of different CPA Networks across the web. You’ll have to make an account with the CPA networks in order to get access to the offers.

Assuming you already have a blog or something in place, all you’d have to do is search for a keyword you’d like to find a relating offer for.

What you’ll see as you begin to type in your chosen search term are a number of suggestions to related offers. You can of course click on something that catches your eye or just follow through with your search and then brows the list of search results; this is totally up to you.

If you are looking for a CPA network to join you can check out our “featured” CPA network on the right side of this page who are currently accepting applications.,

Next thing you want to do is pick an offer that you feel would be a good fit.

When you’re picking out an offer you want to look for landing pages which look clean and professional. Keep in mind that people who see these pages should be targeted but if the landing page is garbage then you’re not going to get conversions which is the whole point. This is action based marketing, if you don’t perform you don’t get paid. Picking a good landing page is important for those solid conversion rates.

Something to keep in mind is the fact that most of these CPA offers are highly optimized for conversions to their targeted niche. The guys who make these CPA offers are usually professionals and spend a lot of money testing landing pages to be sure they run with the absolute best. That said however, it’s always guaranteed this is the case so it’s up to you to be sure you check and only go with what you think will work for your traffic.

Now You Need To Join Them

This part is very straightforward which is always good. When you find an offer you’d like to promote all you’ve got to do is hit that little orange button which says “Join Network” as shown below.

cpa vs adsense

Once you click that button you’ll either be shown a form where you’ll need to fill your details out or you’ll be directed to the official site for that offer where they’ll display their own form and requirements you’ll need to fill out to get things rolling.

It’s important you don’t provide any fake information on these forms. You will have to sign up for every network you’re not already a member of. They pretty much all ask for the same details so doing this will become second nature after a few rounds.

One thing a lot of people tend to hate is the fact they ask for your phone number. Don’t give some fake number because they may call you!

Getting Accepted To A Network

Something to keep in mind when you sign up for a CPA Network and go through the interview process is that they’re not trying to make life hard for you. They want to make sure that the marketers & advertisers they sign up are legitimate and not looking to scam their system. CPA advertising is big business and quite frankly can be easy money once you get to learn the ropes. This means that it’s a prime target for a lot of scammers out there so every network which is worth a darn will have some barrier of entry set up to help weed out the time wasters and would be scammers.

Just be up front with them, don’t try to come off as king of the hill or like you’re the all supreme king of internet marketing because they probably already do have a bunch of those who they work with so they’ll see right through your shenanigans. Instead be honest and let whomever you’re speaking with know what you’re working with.

I’ll be honest and say that some networks are harder to get into than others but that’s no big deal. Hunt around for some of those with easier entry and then you can get your groundwork done and try back with the bigger operations later.

A couple tips to help you out would be:

  • Call them before they call you. There is normally going to be a phone number you can use to get in touch with somebody during their business hours (all of this is usually on the footer of their site) so just give them a call! It shows initiative and that always works in your favor.
  • If you have a website (which in all honesty, you should when dealing with CPA but if not then don’t worry as it’s not essential) then just be sure your Whois data matches up. A lot of times the account manager you’ll be dealing with will check the Whois of the site you listed in your application process to see if it matches the address you gave them. If it doesn’t and this is for a good reason you may want to bring it up during your conversation just to reassure them of it.
  • Have a legitimate Facebook or Linkedin profile with real activity from you and your friends.
  • Again, just be up front and honest. They’re going to ask you how you intend to promote offers and you should let them know what your primary method will be. If you’ll be running CPC campaigns, or using your blog or website… if you use an email list, it’s all valid stuff they just want to know what you’re working with so they can work with you.

What To Do After You’re Accepted

The next step is to simply start promoting offers. If you’ll be going the route of using a website or blog to do this as was given for my example earlier on in this article then it would be a good idea to design your pages around your offers. Check out blog post here on how to create a blog.

blogging of rmoney

This simply means finding an offer which will do well with your niche and then creating a simple article that will act as a sort of pre-sell to the offer you’re promoting. The usual instinct people have when they go about things in this manor is to just plaster the offer right there on the page and hope it gets conversions; and it often times will… but very low ones.

Instead you want to be less obvious about it all and construct an article around the offer by writing something that would be helpful and insightful to the reader while not giving away too much. Inside that text you could use contextual links which would pop open a page and that page of course would be the CPA offer it’s self.

Yes, you could go the rout of having the offer on a side-bar or something but again, these tend to not get nearly the conversion numbers you’d see if you were less obvious about it. In the end it’s ultimately up to you to test these things out so you can see which method works best for you with any specific offer.

Let’s Wrap It Up

CPA Marketing can be extremely lucrative for anyone who chooses to add it to their internet marketing tool belt. The over all process is extremely simple, some would even go as far as to say that CPA Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. The truth is that it’s absolutely true if you know the ins and outs of the industry. CPA can sound easy to generate a full-time income with but it does have a HUGE learning curve.

The good news is that you’re on the powerhouse affiliate blog and CPA is one of our specialties! We have actually build an entire training program on CPA Affiliate Marketing and 12 steps to create a full business online.

If you’re interested in learning how to make a killing with CPA then it’s a great idea to join us for access to our complete training academy.

Powerhouse Affiliate offers several courses and 12 complete steps that will teach you how to completely dominate the CPA scene. On top of that you get access to the exclusive forum where you can ask questions and get help from other members and keep in mind that this forum is for members only.

There are a bunch of other cool things you’ll get access to besides all the great CPA stuff but if you want to find out what they are you’re going to need to head over to the main site right now.