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How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

In this article we’ll discuss the concept of “what is affiliate marketing and how does it work” along with the benefits of working with affiliate marketing companies such as Powerhouse Affiliate and what it can do for you and your business in the long-run.

There are a lot of articles just like this one scattered all over the internet, in fact there are probably too many of them! It’s for this very reason that you’ll not find the typical mumbo-jumbo reproduced in this read. Instead, we’re going to go over some of the finer details as they pertain exclusively to our own training material, tools and our affiliate network.

Start At The Very Beginning!

Yes, it’s simple… I know. But the thing about starting at the very beginning is that we all start there. If you’re reading this and already have some concept of how affiliate marketing works then skip this section and jump down to the next. But if you’re brand new then keep reading as this is important information for you.

It works like this:

  • Make the important decision to change your life for the better.
  • Search the internet for hours and possibly days for a solution.
  • Stumble upon websites which offer to teach you what you need to know.
  • Maybe even invest in some training programs (hopefully they’re good ones).
  • Try a few things out, figure out it’s not as easy as you thought and then quit!

Okay, maybe it doesn’t workout exactly like the “steps” above for everybody but it certainly goes that way for the majority of people who try their hand at marketing online. The problem isn’t them, it’s not that they’ve done anything wrong and it’s definitely not that they’ve been lied to… although the unfortunate truth is that a lot of the information out there is outdated or just plain wrong depending where you get it from. The truth of the matter is that if you’re new to this whole marketing thing then you don’t yet have the experience, you haven’t developed your instinct for this stuff which is very important if you wish to see any level of success.

In other words…

Expect To Fail At First

As human beings we learn from our mistakes, not from doing everything right the first time, every time. You have to make mistakes if you want to learn, it’s unavoidable so if you are too afraid to mess up and not see the results you want in the beginning then affiliate marketing is NOT for you.

How It Really Works (Jokes Aside)

I know that most people reading this don’t want to hear that they have to fail in order to learn how to succeed, sorry to break it to you but we’re not about hyping you up just to pull a quick buck from your wallet. Powerhouse Affiliate thrives on honesty and teaches real methods to help anyone who wants to bring their own business to new heights.

Want to see the process for yourself? Check this out:

First things first, head over to our main site and join forces with us… you can get started for free right now!

Thriving Online Business!

After you join up with us you’re going to get access to our private forum as well as our start-up training program. This is enough information to get you familiar with how to begin affiliate marketing and how Powerhouse can walk you through the more advance steps when you decide you’re ready for it.

Once you’ve made your account and have verified your email address by clicking on the link sent to you upon signing up, you’ll get access to the member’s area of Powerhouse Affiliate… It looks something like this.



Have a quick look at that video in the image above, see it? That’s the quick start video introduction. After you log in, look at all the stuff on your screen and say to yourself “where do I start?” you can then look at that video, watch it and let it tell you where to go from this point on. It’s very easy to understand and will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to get the full benefit from your free membership at Powerhouse Affiliate.

The Next Step

After you’ve been introduced to what we have to offer you behind the curtain you can navigate to the goodies… simply click on the option to the left which says “Fast Start Steps” it looks like the following.

Fast Start Steps

Once you’re on the fast start steps page you’ll see a bunch of super helpful stuff to help you start building your own online business:

  • Our exclusive Facebook group
  • An introduction to our private forum
  • Some simple help with defining your business goals
  • Learn about our very own affiliate program to earn as you learn
  • Checkout a quick introduction to our introduction course on affiliate marketing
  • Learn about the rest of the super helpful courses we offer when you’re ready!

Earn Your First Affiliate Commission!

The primary goal of Powerhouse Affiliate is to teach our members how affiliate marketing is really done. The company was started by an industry veteran who has been working from  home for nearly two decades… needless to say he knows what he’s doing and learning from someone who truly knows their stuff is the absolute best way to get started.

It’s tempting to just jump right into the forum or our Facebook group and ask questions like “how do I start?” but that’s not going to get you nearly as far as if you were to simply start learning directly from the training course. Check this out…

Online Affiliate Marketing

This is the first page to the first certification course on affiliate marketing (we offer an advanced one when you’re ready for it) and this introductory course will teach you the basics of marketing online and plenty more:

  • What is affiliate marketing & how the money flows
  • How to make money with Powerhouse Affiliate
  • How to set up your affiliate campaign & website
  • What tracking links are
  • How commissions are earned
  • What website traffic is & even more!

Literally all the details anyone could ever need to get familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing and how to apply it all to their own business. It’s a lot simpler than you might think and you only need to go through the learning material yourself to see that, it’s really just about as easy as it could possibly get.

Not good enough? Not feeling convinced that you’ll get access to a bunch of incredibly helpful information all for free in order to help you build an online business of your own?

Check this out…

Course Content

Lesson of Affiliate Marketing

  • Want to learn how to pick the right niche which will earn you big profits?
  • It’s covered.
  • Want to know how to pick the right name for your website for SEO and brandability?
  • It’s covered.
  • What about how to build your own blogs and web pages which get traffic and convert?
  • Yup, it’s covered.

How to get traffic, how to track your vital statistics and even how to get FREE traffic…

Guess what, it’s all covered in the certification course which we offer to you for free!

I know it sounds crazy, you’re probably thinking to yourself “why are you offering all this stuff for free?” Hopefully you’ve also figured it out by now… The reason is because the stuff that we charge for is that darn good!

The idea is simple and it works like this.

Teach brand new affiliates how to do what the professionals did in the beginning, the stuff which got them to where they are today in order to entice them to want to learn even more once they see that this affiliate stuff actually works. We have the training, the tools and even the affiliate network all in order to help anyone launch their own business, it’s all in one location, Powerhouse Affiliate.

Where To Go After The Beginning

After you’ve signed up, gone through the introductions and have at the very least glanced at the training course, it’s now time to start participating in the group with all the other affiliates. You don’t have to wait to do this you can do it right away and in fact might even wish to at least check out the Facebook group and our forum as soon as you sign up just to get familiar with it, but keep in mind that these things are meant only as a support and not to teach you what’s already in the training lessons.

Powerhouse Affiliate - Learn More

The forum (as shown above) is our top hangout spot for all the affiliates who work with us and learn with us. It’s a cozy little place where you can exchange questions, learn some of the latest affiliate tips and tricks and just visit whenever you want to for any and all affiliate marketing related reasons! There’s always activity going on over there so sign up and drop in, introduce yourself and let us know you plan to get started today.

Earn While You Learn!

Yes, it’s definitely possible to earn money while you learn all about how to get started with affiliate marketing. We offer an in-house affiliate program which is available to both out free members as well as our private members, the entire process and commission breakdown is all laid out on the official page which you can find right here:  Powerhouse Affiliate Program

Powerhouse Affiliate Program

The structure is a simple one which consist of just three levels, and they are…

Level 1 - Affiliate GuideIf in any given month you directly refer 25 new customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 1 Mentor Bonus – $100. (See Partner Program Terms for Specific Details)

Level 2 - Affiliate CoachIf in any given month you directly refer 100 new customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 2 Mentor Bonus – $500 (See Partner Program Terms for Specific Details)

Level 3 - Affiliate MentorIf in any given month you directly refer 250 new customers to our Premium Training Program you qualify for a Level 3 Mentor Bonus – $1000 (See Partner Program Terms for Specific Details)

The process is really simple and works like this.

For every legitimate sign-up you get which converts to a premium member of Powerhouse Affiliate, you will earn a commission for the entire duration of that active membership. If they stick around only a single month then you’ll earn for that one month. If they stay a premium member for multiple months then you will of course earn for as many months as they’re premium membership remains active, it’s really that easy!

It’s important to realize that we really only offer this affiliate program to our members as a starting place for them to “get their feet wet” as it were. The idea here is to give you a learning tool which not only helps familiarize you with the process of marketing as an affiliate but to also motivate you to advance your training in order to keep raising that bar for your own success.

Once you’re ready to take things to an advanced level we offer our advanced lessons for premium members. Premium members are also invited to apply to the VaultMedia Private CPA Network. Getting access to other cpa networks can sometimes be difficult , as a premium member of our training program your chances are better to be approved inside this CPA network. Once you learn how things work through our network you’ll then be able to take all your newfound wisdom and transfer it over to other networks so you can branch out and truly explore all that is available to you in this industry… it’s really an exciting thing.

Advertising With No Limits


Above is a quick look at the homepage of VaultMedia as well as the affiliate dashboard for a single affiliate account. Everything is laid out in a very easy to understand fashion. If you are approved inside the CPA network, you get access to your own affiliate manager as well as all the available offers in the network. Some offers do require prior-approval before you can begin advertising them, but it’s still all there at your fingertips.

Wrapping It All Up

Not only will you learn how product-based affiliate marketing is done but you’ll also learn how to do cpa marketing, in fact this is something which Powerhouse Affiliate specializes in! It’s painless to get started and with absolutely no obligation aside from just giving up your email address so we can send you your requested information, you really have nothing to lose when you sign up with us. Check it out today… right now, don’t wait, learn everything we have to teach then go out there and make it happen!

Here is or clickable logo which will take you straight to our website.

PA Powerhouse Affiliate Training

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