How to Set Up an Effective Facebook Leads Generation Campaign

Facebook has powerful marketing tools that are helping millions of businesses around the globe. Lead Generation is also one such business type that can benefit from Facebook’s marketing platform. With the help of Facebook’s Lead Generation campaigns, you can generate leads proactively without the hassle of traditional methods such as cold calls or emails.

Facebook Leads Generation is so effective that even major brands like BMW are using Lead Generation campaign types for their ads. Check their campaign screenshot below.


BMW Leads Generation


The best part is, you don’t even need a website or a landing page to run and collect leads using Facebook Lead ads. Facebook allows you to create lead ads within its platform. Facebook Lead Ads work in a very simple way. You create a form where you pick the type of information you want to collect. For example, you can place the information-fields you need such as First Name, Last Name, City, Email, Phone Number, etc.

So simplifying it, you create a lead form, set the audience whom you want to show this ad, Facebook displays to those people an ad, and when they click on it they see a form. People then fill that form out and Facebook stores the data, and allows you to download the information so you can use it for your business purposes.

Once you have this data you can get in touch with those leads and sell them your products. Another benefit is you can use their lead data to create new audiences, custom audiences, and lookalike audiences.

So in this article, we are going to learn how to set up a successful lead generation campaign on Facebook.

1) Awareness Campaign

Let’s assume you see an ad in your Facebook Feed. You click on the “Learn More” button and a form appears that asks for your information. Are you going to fill in the form if you have never heard about that brand before? Probably NOT.

This is the reason why many lead generation campaigns fail on Facebook and beginners think Lead Generation campaigns don’t work.

The reality is, people are highly concerned about their private data and they won’t provide it in their first interactions most of the time.

Hence, the best approach is, do an awareness campaign of your offer first for some days, then use its audience data and retarget those people with a new campaign, this time with a lead generation form.

This way, people would be able to recall your previous ad and a little sense of connectivity would be there for them to trust your new ad and provide you their information.

2) Lead Generation Campaign Creation

There are two ways to create a Lead Generation campaign on Facebook. One, you open your Facebook Page, click on the promote button appearing on the left sidebar, and choose “Lead Generation” from there. The second method is, going to Ads Manager and creating a Lead Generation campaign from there.

I would suggest going with the second method as it gives you more targeting features and control over the ad. So the first step is to go to, click on the CREATE button, and choose Lead Generation from the options that you can see in Facebook’s marketing funnel.


Selecting Lead Generation Campaign


3) Setting Budget

Start Small. The screenshot is showing you a default budget. I would suggest you start small and go with $20 to $30 per day for the first couple of days. The reason is, in the first few days, Facebook is learning about your audience and who are the people who are most likely to respond to this ad. So choosing a small budget for this learning process is wise.


Selecting Budget for Lead Generation


4) Choose the Page You want to Use

You now need to select the page that you want to use to proceed with your Lead Generation campaign on Facebook. If you are doing it for a brand, better to use their original page. If you are doing it as an affiliate marketer, it is good to create a new page having the keyword in its name so the page gives a feeler that your business specializes in the business you are looking to get leads for.

Selecting a Page for Lead Generation


5) Selecting an Audience for your Leads Generation campaign

Make sure you are choosing the right country for the campaign. By clicking on the option beside Locations, you can choose which country, city, or zip code you want to target. Generally, targeting an entire country would give you cheap results, and going with the zip-code based targeting would be heavy on your pocket. Choose what suits you.


Selecting Audience for Lead Generation


6) Detailed Targeting

This is a very important step. This is what will be the deciding factor for your campaign to be a success or failure. In demographics, you would see hundreds of interests you can choose to target. Click on browse, and as per your understanding of the audience who is most likely to be interested in your business, choose their interests. Three to Five interests are fine to choose.


Choosing Interests for Lead Generation


7) Choosing the placement

Go with the manual placement rather than Automatic Placement. Manual Placement would perform better in our case. Make sure you only choose to run your campaign on the Facebook platform, so uncheck other platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network, etc. They don’t work well most of the time.


Setting Placement for Lead Generation


8) Creating your Ad Copy

Don’t forget to write the best ad copy for your campaign in this step. Choose the best headline, write the best description, and copy-paste your site link in the display link box. The display link is just the placeholder, people won’t be redirected to this link by clicking on the link in their first interaction with your ad.


Setting Ad Copy for Leads Generation


9) Creating the Lead Form

Now is the time to create your lead form for the campaign. Click on the “Create Lead Form” option on the same page after a little scroll and you would see a new popup. The form you would create would be stored in your Ads Account so that you could use it later on as well.


Creating Form for Leads Generation


10) Selecting Data Fields for the Leads Generation Form

While choosing form fields that you want to put on your lead gen form, make sure you ask for the minimum information. The more boxes you add, fewer people will complete the form. So just ask for the information that matters the most to you. I recommend 3 to 4 boxes, not more than that, for best results.


Selecting Form Fields for Lead Generation


Once you are done with the process, publish your campaign. The campaign will start serving in a few hours. If this is your first leads generation campaign the Facebook team would manually review your lead generation form to make sure your ad follows their policies.

Once it starts serving and people start responding to this campaign, you will be able to download the leads data of your Facebook campaign from your Page’s Insight section. Only Admins of a page can download the leads so make sure you have this access level to the campaign.

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