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How To Powerfully Upgrade Your Blog Content For Higher Success

The question of the day is probably “what is a content upgrade, and did I just fall for a click-bait title?” I’m happy to announce that yes, you did fall for click-bait and I’m not rubbing my hands and grinning like the Grinch on Christmas morning! No, but really though, the title isn’t actually click bait because that would mean I wouldn’t deliver on the goods and as you’ll see in a minute, I fully intend on delivering the best online content marketing!


What is a content upgrade anyway?

Hey look, I’m a poet & didn’t know it- that rhymed. Content ‘upgrades’ are pretty simple at their base. It’s pretty much just a piece of content which your subscriber can download or obtain in some way in exchange for something, an action of some sort you require from them.

These offers are usually placed at the end of something. An email, a sales letter promoting a specific product, a blog post, whatever you can make a tempting offer on. The reason why content upgrade ideas works so well is due to its built in “compliance hoops” your prospects will have to jump through in order for them to get what they want. A quick example of using the content upgrade to build a list would work like this:

  • Someone views your page, be it an email, blog post or whatever.
  • They read it (or watch the video) and at the end are satisfied with what you’ve shown them.
  • At the bottom of the page there’ll be something they can interact with, a button or link.
  • Once they click it they’re taken to some other place they can see details for what’s on offer.
  • There’s no risk associated with this offer and that’s tempting to them, they just need to opt-in first.
  • A good chunk of prospects in fact will opt-in and then they get what they wanted, and so do you.

It’s a super simple process with a fancy name, that’s all. The part that is not so simple is the results however. This is an extremely powerful content marketing and upgrading tactic to used by just about any major player in the marketing industry for a very good reason, it works.

Creating your upgrades

This part is essentially the process of creating a product which I’m willing to bet you’ve already guessed… it can get as complex or simple as you want it to be.

When dealing with “content upgrades” however it is ok to keep things fairly simple the majority of the time. Here are a few things you might want to consider for this step.

  • It should be quickly and easily consumed
  • It’s very closely related to whatever the lead-in was
  • The advice offered in it should be actionable
  • It gives an edge over those who choose not to get it

Here are a few ideas of things you can use for your blog content upgrades.

  • Extend a list with a few more items that only subscribers can get
  • If the source material is a “how to” kind of thing, offer content which enhances the original
  • Offer tangible data as a companion to blog ideas you’ve covered in the source material
  • Offer a cheat-sheet or a check list of sorts that they could follow to make life easier

More On Creating Your Upgraded Content

Sometimes it helps to get more specific about these things so this section you’re reading right now is dedicated to just that. Let’s look at a few options you can utilize right now, today, in order to boost your productivity and add that extra bang for the buck to your content consumers.

PLR Options: Chances are high you’re already familiar with this, in fact Powerhouse Affiliate offers it’s own PLR content to members directly inside their dashboards under the fantastic Business in a BOX portion of their membership. But aside from what we have to offer you here at Powerhouse, you can also check other sources such as…

These three links are just a few of so many out there for you to explore. Each of them have a free option available to you so feel free to check them out and see what you find. It’s always an excellent idea to take the stuff you find from those PLR sites and edit the content and covers of each ebook (or anything else) you choose to utilize in order to maximize it’s rate of success. We have to remember that we’re not the only ones using these resources so modify them in order to stand out from the crowd!

Infographics: Now these are always a solid choice for anyone looking to give both an informative impact in bite-sized chunks while also keeping things looking stylish and sleek. Making decent looking infographics is actually kind of hard if you don’t already have the technical and artistic skills. Luckily we have tools like the Infographic Maker at Canva.

These two links above should be more than enough to get you started on making your own awesome infographics cheap (in many cases FREE) and super easy!

Video & Podcasts: This option may be for those of us who are a bit more bold but if you feel it’s in your ability to produce short video clips which demonstrate something be it a short tutorial, an explanation of something which you get a lot of questions on, or just something you feel would be helpful to your audience then using media such as video or even audio podcasts could help get people coming back to you and your blog over and over again. Here is a free option to capture your computer screen, but of course you could always perform a quick Google Search to find other options. If you have a phone with a camera then you can always go that rout if you want to record yourself or your voice to then upload to YouTube or straight to your own websites.

Scaling up with your upgrades

The question is “can I scale up with this technique?” and the answer is simply… yes. The goal here (in most cases) is to capture more leads with optimized effort. If you want to scale it’s practically a matter of funneling more traffic through your source material; which if you’re still not sure what “source material” is, it’s any piece of content that draws in views. A blog post, an article, some kind of video, whatever gets people through the door and looking at your content-upgrade offer.

A very valuable tool for optimizing your content upgrades is retargeted ads. Just about every ad platform offers retargeting and if you take advantage of it you’re heading in the right direction.

The Conclusion

If you have a blog, a YouTube channel, literally anything that you draw traffic to which offers helpful information then you would really benefit from implementing content upgrades. There’s no real way for me to say what sort of figured you could expect without knowing the intimate details of your funnel and figures, but a good rough estimate is at least a 25% – 50% increase in opt-ins when implemented right.

At Powerhouse Affiliate you’ll find easier ways to get massive targeted traffic, and more conversions.

Our training is constantly being updated and added to. You’ll learn how to build your own email lists with relative ease and if you’re a beginner we even offer really great businesses in a box that that’ll take you from marketing newbie to a marketing ninja!

We strive to keep our membership costs within reach of everyone who might be interested and you can rest assured that you’re covered by our money back guarantee. So if you’d like access to our exclusive training, a private forum where you get to bump elbows with industry professionals on the site and a bunch of other cool stuff then you owe it to yourself to head over to the main member’s website and check it out for yourself.

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