How To Nail Email Marketing

Email marketing- if you’re a Powerhouse Affiliate member, you know this is the most valuable asset we explain. With the rise in social medias, some might think email marketing is dead. It’s not. In fact, it’s very alive, and it’s a channel we must learn to nail.

In 2019, email marketing played a huge role in marketers across the world in driving an increase in 760% in revenue.

Of course email marketing isn’t the only channel for success, as we have Facebook ads (I mean, do we?! *eye roll*) and social media advertising.

But that’s not to say that email marketing isn’t important and should be left in the past. In fact, email marketing should be on the front line of your marketing strategy, as it’s still one of the very first thing people check in the morning. Email marketing allows for a one-on-one conversation with your subscribers. And guess what? It’s not a trendy platform. Just as Myspace had its hot rise and then steep fall, it’s not impossible that other social media channels follow suit.

No matter what happens with these large social platforms, your email list will be there to catch you. You will always be able to take your audience with you.

As important today as it’s ever been, email marketing is complex. Let’s discuss valuable resources to focus on to nail email marketing.


Auditing Your List

The dreaded step of an audit. We need to ensure that the right people are on our list. As with most things in life, we should opt for quality over quantity. What’s the use in having 100,000 subscribers if only 100 of them are active? The number of your subscribers might be cool to talk about, but in reality, it provides no value. You want to make sure that your list is full of quality, valuable leads, especially since you are paying per subscriber via your email platform. The point is to optimize the money you are spending on email hosting and ensure that the subscribers you have are legit and are worth the marketing cost. If not, you are talking to people who aren’t interested.

When collecting email addresses, ensure that you’re collecting the right kind of subscribers. How do you do this? Well, are you truthful about what you’re advertising? Are you actually providing what they’re signing up for? The signups need to be the right fit for your business so that they will engage with your content and be worthwhile.

How you’re collecting email addresses is important. Think about what pulls you in to give a company your email. Once you’ve opted-in, do you continue to open those emails? If so, which ones? If not, which ones? These are important steps to run through when planning how to collect email addresses.

The goal is to provide more than “just information” to your subscribers. Creative a relevant incentive. This way when you send the first email and every email after, your subscribers are continuing to see the value you’re providing.

(If you don’t know what kind of content to send once you’ve begun to build your list, check out Stage 2 in the Powerhouse Affiliate Bootcamp Training)


Contests and Giveaways

Hosting a contest or giveaway to grow your email list can be a hit or miss. You’re going to grow your subscriber count, yes, but are these valuable subscribers? Are they only here for the free item (most likely, yes)? And if so, how will you keep them once the contest is closed?

There’s a right way to do contest and giveaways. The key is to make sure what you’re giving away is relevant to your audience and what you provide.

When the contest is related to something that’s relevant to your audience, the new subscribers will add both quality and quantity to your list!

Consider a contest next time you’re looking to elevate your strategy and really nail email marketing.


Use Your Email List For Retargeting

Building an email list just to build an email list is so last year. Why not use your efforts to retarget?

Yes, you can do this. Export your email list, or a specific funnel, into a CSV file, upload it to Facebook, and send targeted ads to those people! I mean, how awesome is that? Now you have a defined demographic that you KNOW are interested in your offering, but this time you have the opportunity to present another face.

For example, let’s say you’ve collected a list of emails for people who are interested in joining your program. You can sort your list by those who have signed up and those who haven’t. For those who haven’t, you can create a Facebook ad encouraging them to finalize their actions and sign up!

With this, you can use your email list to stay in touch with your list as well as create targeted ads to help people become customers.



Personalization is easy, right?! You just put the first name of the subscriber in the subject of all emails! Well, not exactly.

Let’s discuss on-site personalization to talk to your visitors with relevance, thus growing your list with high-quality subscribers!

Using the many tools out there, you can determine whether the visitor is already a member of your site, what language they speak, if they’re subscribed to your site and even what list they’re apart of!

You can tailor content on your homepage and pages of your site to converse with the visitor in a relevant way to them. Use this information to tailor the email content you send and then further segment your email lists!

What you learn about each audience member can be used to provide them with targeted content on both your site and through email marketing.

If you’re not at the point to begin customization on your site, be sure to customize content on your emails. This ties back to staying true to the content that your subscriber has signed up for.


Nail Email Marketing!

Auditing your lists, providing value to your subscribers, giving back to them via contests and giveaways, and then personalizing the content they receive will undoubtably ensure that your email list is full of quality subscribers that WANT to be there.

What other methods will you implement in order to nail email marketing? Let us know!

If you’re unsure how to build an email list, make sure you sign up to Powerhouse Affiliate bootcamp to learn all about affiliate marketing, how to build a meaningful email list, how to advertise using Native methods, and more valuable resources that all SUPER affiliates know!

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