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$100 A Day Methods

How To Make $100 A Day On Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest learning platforms on the internet to date. It houses a collection of very top-notch training courses, some of which have been put together by some of the biggest names in their respective industries. What does this mean for you? It simply means that Udemy has earned a very prestigious reputation since its inception because of this and that’s a very good thing for you.

Have a look at the Udemy’s rank within and you’ll see it’s currently sitting in the top 600 ranked sites in the United States and top 500 in the whole world which is even more impressive.

Udemy is an awesome place to set up an information-based business for making money on Udemy or more due to its wide appeal and ease of use. Much like with Amazon, the people who frequent Udemy go there with the intent to seek out and buy information in the form of training courses. If you can make decent material that people want to learn then Udemy will actually do part of your job for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the things Udemy does for its Instructors:

  • Provides an effective & easy to navigate marketplace for customers to find what they need
  • Udemy actually does a lot of its own PPC marketing and features courses off its website
  • Things like payment processing, refunds, site maintenance and updates are all done by Udemy
  • A very useful coupon system is in place to help you promote courses with the lure of a discount
  • Udemy is known for “selling stuff” which means a lot of its visitors are “buyers”

There are a bunch of benefits which go with using Udemy as your sales platform for your training material. That said there are some details you should be aware of. The best way to share these with you is to simply direct you to the official source so here you go:

Pricing Structure:  Here’s the page which walks you through Udemy’s pricing structure. It’s a very unique and specific pricing structure so it may be a good idea to at least gloss over this stuff before jumping into this method for making money on Udemy.

Revenue Share:  Here are the actual percentages of revenue split between you (as the ‘instructor’) and Udemy as the host & processor. You’ll find valuable information here such as details on Udemy’s marketing programs.

If you’re opted in to any of our marketing programs, i.e., Udemy Deals, and the marketing boost program, your revenue share can range from 25% to 50%. Receiving 97% revenue share is only possible when your course is purchased with an instructor coupon.

How Much Can I Make On Udemy?

That is a very valid question and the response is… it depends, but making $100 a day is very much possible. Let’s look at a few details about this.

If you took a look at the page on pricing which was linked above you may have noticed that Udemy has a set price structure they require all instructors to stick with. The reason for this is because in the earlier days of Udemy the site was over taken by clever marketers who learned how to ‘game the system’ and were doing all sorts of crazy things to their own advantage, and to the disadvantage of Udemy. Us marketers are a clever bunch sometimes, no denying that!

In a nutshell you can price your courses up to $50 and when you factor in the various revenue sharing models they have based on how the course was discovered and under which condition it was sold (all of which is monitored and tracked by Udemy) it becomes possible for you to earn from Udemy on average about 50% to 70% on average per sale. There are other variables and percentages to keep in mind but this is what the average sum comes out to.

This means that it would take (on the low end) about 4 sales per day on average for you to rake in that crispy one hundred per day. Of course you’ll have some days where you may not sell any and other days where you just might sell 8 or more! In the end it all averages out and that’s what we want.

When you take into consideration that some of the top selling courses sell upwards of 20k+ courses and the middle range for course sales across the entire Udemy market falls within the thousands sold it’s safe to say if you produce a decent course for your market that your students would like and you do your part to get the word out by advertising then you stand a very fair chance of making at the minimum $100 per day with Udemy.

It was mentioned briefly before that Udemy actually does a lot of its own advertising; and it does. The site does its own PPC campaigns across major platforms as well as plenty of media buys across a variety of properties. This is great news for us as instructors as it means if you have a good enough course Udemy might actually feature your course in one of its own ads.

Of course you don’t have to rely on this and can just run your own campaigns which would stand a better chance of landing sales when potential buyers notice they are purchasing from a well-known site which puts that initial buyer uncertainty at ease.

Expanding Your Business On Udemy

One ‘Udemy hack’ is simply seeking out highly rated courses on Udemy about selling courses and profiting on Udemy. Here is a search to get you started on doing that.

Some of you reading this might already have an email list in your niche of choice. Try setting up an email campaign promoting your Udemy course if it fits your market. If you don’t have an email list just yet you may wish to check out the email list building course in our free affiliate training membership. It features an awesome 5-part course which teaches you how to build a brand new email list from scratch!

Here’s a quick and simple list of ways you can boost business on Udemy:

  • Get more students (of course)
  • Create more courses
  • Branch out into sub-niches within your industry
  • Ditch Udemy by pulling students to your own site
  • Play around with pricing & find a sweet-spot

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you could hunt around to find even more or come up with a few of your own. But let’s break some of these down shall we?

How do you get more students?

How do I get started?

  • It’s a good idea to browse Udemy to get a feel for courses already available in your niche
  • Sign up as an instructor You’ll need to link your Paypal & fill out the application
  • Use a short Yet valuable course & offer it at a lower price or for free to gauge demand
  • Once your course is up & running send traffic to it to get started

There was a very interesting case study done which chronicles building a Udemy class of 1,000 students from scratch. If you’re interested in seeing it for yourself you can check it out here.

Become A Udemy Affiliate

Perhaps you just don’t have any desire to make your own training courses, that’s fine. If you still wish to take advantage of the Udemy platform but only want to do it as an affiliate by promoting other instructor’s courses you can absolutely do that!

Check out this page for details on how to get signed up as an affiliate.

Once you’re all set up it’s really just a matter of putting your skills as an affiliate marketer to use, directing traffic and making sales. If you want in depth training on how to generate massive cheap targeted traffic, and some great landing pages, graphics and more we will teach you how to do all this inside the Powerhouse Affiliate Membership. Not only will you learn how to do all the Internet Marketing essentials like building an email list from the ground up but you’ll also learn how to run ppc campaigns, do media buys, set up cpa campaigns and a bunch of other stuff which could very well take you to $100 per day income and way beyond.

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