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How To Make $100 A Day Curating Blogs & Abitrage

Whether or not you’re aware of it, curation is big part of some of the most popular Internet Juggernauts. Sites such as Yahoo, MSN, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed and Distractify all do it. This is a very short list of sites which use content curation as their primary means of generating revenue; the list goes on and on and each one of these sites generate profits into the multi-millions of dollars per year. So, if you are looking for quick ways to make money, keep reading. Today, you will see how to make $100 a day.

There are a number of different means to generate ad-revenue using the curation model. Quiz sites, list sites, slideshows, general blogs which feature curated content; it all basically does the same thing but presents the content in different ways. Based on your chosen niche one model might work better than the rest and the best part about all this is how easy it is to test what will work and what won’t. Let’s get into some specifics starting with a few positives and potential negatives you could expect to run into using this method to generate $100 a day. In fact, if you really put effort into this method it’s very possible to make a six-figure annual income and far beyond. It’s all a matter of how far you wish to scale up.


What’s Good

  • Traffic generation is a piece of cake when you use social media to do it. It’s no secret that visually stimulating content gets shared more than just a bunch of text on the screen. Curating things which are heavy in pictures and video is a sure way to pull more traffic back to your websites from places like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
  • Curating content is super easy and quick. Yes, there are legalities to keep in mind and common “best practices” you’ll need to set in place when doing this kind of stuff but if you play it smart then you lessen the chance of having any serious legal backlash come your way. Covering your butt with the proper content & curation policies and then honoring those policies is an easy way keep you and your business safe.
  • You get to effectively piggy-back off of already successful ‘stuff’. Why waste your time publishing content which you’re unsure of when you can simply seek out things that are already getting a bunch of shares on social media and use it to your advantage. This is extremely easy to do!

What’s Bad

  • In all honesty there really isn’t anything about this business model that’s “bad”.
  • As time goes on it seems to get more difficult to organically reach an audience with Facebook but on the plus-side boosting posts on their platform can be relatively inexpensive and well worth the investment… especially since a solid post which is targeted right can lead to mega-viral sharing and that translates to lots of traffic for you!
  • There is a LOT of competition; everyone seems to be doing this now. The good part about this is that most of this so-called “competition” is of extremely poor quality. Out class them and you can secure yourself a strong foothold in any niche.
  • Some monetization models can be difficult without buckets of traffic… lucky for us this business model is all about traffic and we’re going to cover a way to get a ton of it so keep reading.

Is It Hard To Do?

No; not even in the slightest. As mentioned before, curation of content is something which practically all the big boys do and it’s for a great reason… its easy!

You don’t have to come up with your own content (though you will have to modify and add to content you curate). You don’t have to be very creative, just seek out creative stuff made by other people and share their creativity. You don’t have to make your own videos, products, write your own articles, none of it. Just find other stuff which already exists, make sure it’s already being shared and sparks some sort of passion in your niche and share it  yourself to reap the monetary rewards!

Here is a very brief check list of what’s needed to pull this off:

  • Web Hosting… you can start out small but you will need to scale up once you get a lot of traffic It’s not unheard of to see traffic pour into your site in the hundreds of thousands or more
  • A WordPress Site/Blog
  • A Facebook account where you’ll need to create a Facebook Page to build followers & likes
  • Twitter & Pinterest accounts are optional but they do help in some niches
  • About 30 Minutes a day to curate content and post to your blog & Facebook page
  • $1 to $5 a day for Ad-Spend on Facebook. You can skip this part if necessary but it helps a lot
  • Acceptance into various Ad-Networks like Google AdSense and the like (easier than you think)
  • A solid work ethic

Chances are that out of the entire list above the hardest thing most people will identify with is a solid work ethic. Truth of the matter is that not everybody likes to work for what they want and that’s just fine. But for those of us who are willing to work for it this is one way to see major rewards and the good news is that the work isn’t even too difficult. I mean, if you’re not willing to spend just half an hour five days a week to build something which will pay you back 10x for what you put in then just move on… this method isn’t for you.

How Do I Make Money With This?

The most popular means of monetizing a curated blog is by advertising revenue. That is the method we’ll cover in this article.

There is quite a bit of information on this topic so I’m going to break it down in simple terms for easy ‘bite-sized’ consumption.

Let’s say you have a curated blog and you want to monetize it with ads… it might help to know what this method of monetization is actually called.

Native Advertising

Native Ads are basically just ads which look like they belong on a particular site. The visual style of the ads themselves are typically in the fashion of something you’d see on the front page of Yahoo News or something. Most ad networks follow this format now so finding an Advertising Provider is quick and easy to do; here are a few of the big ones:

There are a lot more than this very short list above. The general idea is to simply build a blog using pre-existing content and then put ads in just the right spots on your pages to maximize revenue.

If you’re curious about where the “right spots” are for optimal ad placement then you might want to consider looking at the competition and see where they place ads. A good way to see success is to simply duplicate what’s already working.

Where To Buy Traffic From

It’s  no secret that it sometimes takes money to make money and turning a profit from Native Ads is no exception. Though it is possible to slowly build your traffic up without spending a penny, it’s not really advised. If you want to look into a few places where you can purchase instant traffic for relatively cheap then have a look at these places:

  • Facebook Mobile Ads (it’s possible to target only mobile devices when creating ads)
  • Taboola (yup, they’re good for both buying & monetizing traffic)
  • Bing Ads
  • Hashtag Ads (be sure to click on “Advertiser” as they ask which one you are)

Different Types Of Curation Sites

We will keep this short and sweet because the fact is that you can really make just about any type of site and format it however you want with curated content. That being said however, it is likely in some circumstances that certain formats of websites will work better than others for maximizing monetization with Native Ads.


If you’re active on Facebook then you’ve probably already seen plenty of these. You know those spammy sites that lure you in with clickbait titles and then just show you a bunch of pictures with a big “NEXT” button somewhere on the page which forces you to click over to another and then another page. Yeah, don’t do that… at least not in the say you often times see on those spam sites.

It is however possible to follow that same format but do it in a more legit and less spammy way. Micro articles with a few photos and “Next Buttons” would do the trick and still get you excellent results.


Funny word right?

A “listicle” is basically an article which is presented in the format of a list. Not only are these things super simple to create on your own but they’re even easier to curate. It would be wise to not just take the entire list off one site and put it on your own but if you wanted to use maybe half of one list and perhaps tweak it a bit, add pictures and even turn it into a slideshow / list hybrid then you could really be working with something powerful here!


The quiz format is very similar to the slideshow in that you’ll often times have a post which spans the length of multiple pages. Quizzes used to be huge a few years ago but have since faded to the background. That is not to say they still aren’t a viable means of generating revenue. It might not be wise to create an entire site dedicated to nothing but quizzes but you can surely incorporate them into a site/blog and use them to generate viral traffic. They are really great tools for generate a lot of traffic on Facebook, just a little tip for you.

Using Facebook For Viral Traffic

Here is another short and simple section as the topic of traffic generation from Facebook is very straight forward.

It works like this:

  • Make a Facebook page
  • Put content on it that you know will be shared by your chosen niche
  • Spend a couple of dollars a day to boost posts which already show post engagement
  • Repeat the process until the sky falls

It really is that simple. Yes, there are details which further explain the intricacies of this process but they basically work like this…

Check out your competition to see what they share on Facebook and then share the same stuff that looks to be getting a fair bit of traction. You can even curate stuff right off of Facebook itself to post on your own Facebook pages. Check out popular curation sites like Buzzfeed and Buzzsumo to find more popular viral content and then share that.

Then you just keep tabs on what posts you make are actually getting shares and likes and then spend a bit of money to “boost” those posts to gain even more followers to your Facebook pages which will in turn get you even more traffic back to your sites.

There are a lot of ways to reach that goal of $100 per day and this is absolutely one of the easiest ways. If you’re curious to find out more details on this method or simply how to start your journey as an Affiliate Marketer in general then get your Powerhouse Affiliate Premium Membership today and see all the great things it can do for you.

As of the writing of this article a brand new course will soon be available to the members of Powerhouse Affiliate which walk you through in effective detail how to actually get your own curated website up and running so you can profit from native ad arbitrage like the big-boys do. If this method even remotely interests you then you’re not going to want to pass this opportunity up. In as little as just a couple of weeks you could have your own site(s) up and running, generating you $100 a day and way more… we are talking well into the 6-figures a year and beyond if it suits you.

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