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How to Increase Views & Traffic From YouTube

When starting with your video marketing strategy, one platform comes to mind – YouTube. It’s free, easy to use and has wide audience reach. YouTube has around 1 billion mobile viewers’ daily and mobile makes up 50% of the entire platform traffic. With that, there are roughly 2 billion viewers daily on YouTube.

The platform is also the 2nd biggest search engine. Placing your video content on YouTube increases the chance of your offers to be seen when a user searches. Not only that, videos are 53 times more likely to put you on the first page ranking. Videos’ CTR is 43 times higher than text content because users love watching videos over reading boring text. [1]

But the question is how to improve YouTube channel?

youtube ecosystem

If you’re on YouTube but your videos are not getting that much user traction, here are some tips on how to improve YouTube views.

  1. Invest in good content

Most viewers learn about a brand by searching “how-to” or “best product category” in YouTube…for example “best anti-aging cream” . These phrases are used by users who are ready to buy products and are just re-affirming their decisions. You may opt to do the video about your offer yourself to save on cost but it takes time to learn about video editing and content which is poorly edited does not get the same traction. Otherwise, leave it to the experts for now….you can get quality affiliate videos or testimonial videos from

Both of these YouTube videos had the phrase “Best Anti-Aging Cream” in the title, but check out which one had better content and response!

Best Anti-Aging Cream Sample 1

Best Anti-Aging Cream Sample 2

  1. Keep it short

The shorter your offer video is, the higher the chance it will get shared in other social media platforms. Videos that are 15 – 30 seconds seconds would be preferred….but you can go as high as 120 seconds. Also, keep in mind that your content should catch the attention of your audience within 5 seconds. Pretty challenging right? Well, a survey conducted by Adriot Digital shows 46% of consumers think that an ad which is more than 15 seconds is too long.[2]

keep videos short

Our key take-away? Catch the attention of users in 5 seconds & Sell your claim to fame in the first 15 seconds.

  1. Optimize SEO keywords

80% of keyword searches are from YouTube. For any specific keyword search made by a user, there is a 50% chance that a video will be suggested on the results. [3] This makes it very important for affiliates to improve keywords used.  The infographic below explains how YouTube ranks videos on search.

Optimize SEO keywords

  1. Funnel for Conversions

Study your consumer’s purchase journey. One video might not be enough to lure your audience to your offer. Create a series of videos which are not just aimed at generating a conversion but designed to help the user understand more about the offer and to generate subscribers to your channel. Most marketers have people leave YouTube after they have introduced the product and that could be a wasted opportunity.

Funnel for Conversions

Think beyond just creating a video to introduce your offer and start building subscriptions that will ultimately drive traffic to YouTube channel.

Video is a persuasive tool for your audience. People remember what they watch rather than what they have read. Use this tool it to its maximum potential and it will give you results.

We would appreciate any member’s input experience with YouTube marketing. Check out our other content inside Powerhouse Affiliate Membership where we dive deeper into You Tube and Video Marketing.


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