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How to Get Traffic to Your Shady Advertorials.

RTB (real time bidding) platforms offer one of the most effective ways to enhance the ROI on your campaign. Do they allow advertorials or testimonial type landers? Well many of them do yes. In fact here are the exact guidelines from one of the top RTB traffic platforms Sitescout:

“If you would like to promote a news-style landing page on SiteScout RTB, please ensure your ‘News Article’ LP is free of the following:



-Reference to, or logos of any news networks, i.e.: CNN, FOX News, NBC, Aljazeera etc.

-Made-up/Non-existent news brands or logos

-Fake testimonials

-Images of reporters

-False claims/guarantees

-Fake news-casts or videos



Additionally, the page must contain the following:


Top of page must have ‘Advertisement’ clearly displayed, as opposed to ‘Advertorial’.

A disclaimer acknowledging the affiliation between the website and the advertiser or product.”




Hallmarks of Effective Advertising



Before getting into benefits of RTB as such, let us first look at the hallmarks of an effective

ad campaign.


An effective advertising campaign ensures that the ad…



  1. Is targeted at the right people at the right time to enhance chances of conversion


  1. Is displayed in an appropriate medium, where the chances of it being received (viewed) by the relevant audience are the highest.



The 3rd component of an effective advertising campaign is related to the cost of the campaign. Leaving aside the cost of creating the ad, the other crucial cost in an ad campaign is the cost of buying media. When your media buying charges are exorbitant (and not justified by the returns you get), it naturally eats into the profitability of your campaigns.


The core concept of RTB (Real Time Bidding) advertising is to enable you to pay for individual impressions based on how valuable they are to your campaign.


So, based on your pre-set parameters, if the RTB advertising platform (also called a Demand Side Platform or DSP) finds that an impression has very high chances of a conversion for you, they will place a high bid on it. The bid is naturally low for less valuable impressions or they may not be bid on at all.


Thus RTB actually helps you control the media buying in a very precise manner, helping you maximize the ROI and profitability of your affiliate campaigns significantly.


However, apart from this, RTB can be leveraged for even more benefits for your campaign.


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