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2 Super Easy Ways to Find Affiliate Blog Topics to Write About

Do you own a blog and find yourself always scrambling to find affiliate blog topic ideas to write about that make money?

Maybe you write for a blog and you’ve started out strong in the beginning but now you’re left scratching your head while asking yourself “what to write next?”

Well here at Powerhouse Affiliate we are all about sharing new ways to make money, while still preserving the quality of content you deliver.

It really doesn’t matter what niche you write about or in which style you choose to write it in, there is always a way to make money from your blog posts, and there is a wealth of information out there for you to cherry pick from that shows what is selling now.

It’s a little known fact that this wonderful place exists online called 🙂 Have you ever taken a moment to just browse the wealth of information on this site? Seriously, this one tip alone could keep you writing for decades and when you see just how easy it is to find what you need from this single source you will find those moments of writers block just melt away. the best part is that these topics are SELLING on amazon…so people are buying up this information.

affiliate blog topics

Method One – Affiliate Blog Topics from Amazon Kindle

If the whole reason you’re on Amazon is to find blog content ideas and even specific details to help flesh those ideas and concepts out further then this method is for you. Let’s just assume you have an article you wish to write on the topic of CPA Marketing because you have decided to promote the Powerhouse Affiliate – Affiliate program :).

Now let’s say you are fresh out of blog post topics on what to write on this subject to attract readers who will perhaps go on to buy the affiliate offer. All you have to do is follow the steps below.

  1. Head over to Amazon’s Kindle
  2. Search for whatever your topic happens to be. Take note of the search suggestions you get as you begin to type your keywords in. You might be able to go back and check some of those suggestions out too for even more goodies.
cpa blog topics

Search for what you want. You can sort the list of results by things like Relevance, or price, or average reviews but leaving the sorting feature alone will work just fine for this purpose.

As you can see a great blog post idea would be “How to Make $100 a Day Using Targeted Free Traffic”

Method Two – Affiliate Blog Topics From

This second method builds on the first and uses it to fine-tune your search for a general topic while keeping the possibilities open.

  1. Whatever topic you think you want to write about head on over to and enter it into the search box.

I entered “cpa marketing” and here is what the tools has given me for even more content ideas!

One thing you’ll notice when you check out the questions people ask is that there are variety of options you’re presented with. You can literally just answer each question in that tool on your own blog posts, and develop highly engaging and profitable blog topics.

Wrapping it all up

I’m sure it’s safe to say that we all have our preferred methods of research and resource collecting so you can now add one more to the list. The thing to keep in mind is that you are limited only to what you don’t yet know so always be on the lookout for new ideas and draw inspiration from them.

Having a blog is having a valuable asset which you can use to advance any business in today’s internet environment. There are a number of ways to monetize a blog, some of the more popular ones of course being selling ad space and affiliate products.

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