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How to Create Advertorials That Convert Like Mad & Don’t Get You Sued.

The problem many people run into when trying to promote high paying trial offers is that they try to use methods that only work with lower paying offers.

For example, most landing pages for low paying offers are “quick & dirty” and have the call to action displayed prominently above the fold. The whole idea there is to get someone to click on the download button or enter an email quickly and boost CTR.

It’s a great theory and can sometimes work extremely well, BUT… when applied to an offer where someone needs to break out a credit card, (like the trial offers) it is not always the best approach.

Most people don’t just break out the credit card without doing a little reading first. These people require some proof that there will be good results. An effective way to do this is with a success story, or adding social proof from Facebook fans or Twitter followers to your blogs or video testimonials. Since you likely do not have a ton of followers at this point, then a compelling success story can work just fine.

The best story of course is a real one. If you recently quit smoking with E-Cig or lost 20 lbs. then tell your story! Have believable results, and real photos. This will go a long way in convincing people what you’re telling them works.

Below this text are some sample promotional blogs or “native ads” you can look at for examples:










The key to creating a good story (that makes money) is having all of the “parts” of the story match up. If one piece of your story contradicts another piece then your conversions will drop drastically. Whether your story from the start is real or a made up story, it must all flow seamlessly. Most importantly it must be interesting and compliant!


Many of these pages use distinct disclosures and even provide links to clinical tests which may be a requirement from your own traffic sources.


Here are some examples of disclosures often at the tops and bottoms of promotional landing pages:




Or you will also often see “Advertisement” at the top of the page. Most of the traffic sources we describe later require this at a minimum.


Once you have your story written you need to add the main components which boost conversions.

These are the fundamental “sales” pieces that will boost your conversions.


These include:

1. Study the Publication – (Where you plan to advertise)


Depending on where you buy traffic from, your advertorial will sit in a context, in a magazine or on a website, on a news website, or on a blog. The ad is usually in the form of a text link or banner and it will link directly to your advertorial.


You must study and master that context on where your ads appear and you must be sure the right target audience is visiting that site first. If you’re banner ads will be visible on several different sites such as a banner network then you can be more general with your design to make it look like a high powered content blog and/or news styled theme.


(You’re not actually pretending to be a real news provider, but there is nothing wrong with using a news theme or layout for your WordPress or html designs so that you appear more professional)



-Pay attention to the layout, typography, and column choices on your main target websites where your ads will be placed.


-The headlines, blurbs, and bylines



More important, you must understand the publication’s audience. (More on that in a minute)



2. Study the Headlines


Whatever the headline style looks like, match it.


Are the headlines news fragments like Time’s “Court Sentences OJ to Community Service” … or are they inquisitive and complete sentences like “How many years off your life is smoking stealing from you?”



3. Study the Opening


You must study the first several sentences of multiple articles. You must understand how the publication pulls readers into their stories. A great place to start is to study the most popular articles.



-Do they open by introducing a character?


-Is that description in-depth or shallow?


-Do they describe a location?


-What senses do they focus on: sight, touch, sound?


-Do the opening sentences tend to be short and punchy, or longer and more detailed?



4. Understand the Advertising Policy of the

Publication or Traffic Sources


Most of the time you can advertise directly on sites by searching the page and looking for “advertise” option. Other times you can join ad networks and they will distribute your ads over multiple channels. We will talk more on that in later volumes. Look for their position on advertorials.


If you have doubts, ask specific questions to your ad managers!



5. Create the Story


View your advertorial like you are a journalist.



-Collect your facts


-Stockpile your quotes


-Introduce the character


-Describe her life


-Introduce conflict



Remember that a good story has a plot with twists and turns to catch interest and build curiosity.



6. Insert Problem Here


What one thing is the ideal reader suffering from?


What keeps her up at night?


And what one emotion do you want to bring out in that ideal reader?



7. Agitate the Problem


In a good story you introduce the character. You introduce her normal life. Then you disturb the hell out of it.



She was healthy for years until her eating addiction took over and heart problems set in.

He thought everything was fine until his doctor told him his $50 a week cigarette smoking addiction caused severe lung problems.


Your reader should relate.



8. Introduce an Enemy


Who or what is behind all this pain?



-Sometimes it is a big brand, which lies to you about how its products are made


-Sometimes it is a weird neighbor, who’s creeping on your children



Rally readers around an “enemy” and they will listen to you.



9. Give Them A 100% Solution!


Once the reader is sufficiently disturbed…it’s time to hammer home the solution! This will be your product or service.


Demonstrate how your diet program can teach her to lose unwanted fat just like it did for Sally X, or how e-cig is a safe and effective solution to that helped Jim stop smoking, or how Instant Checkmate allowed Melissa to search anyone’s criminal past, or how this muscle enhancement product got Ralph a date in no time and on his way to living a healthier life with sexy women begging to hang out with him!


The list goes on…


These are the benefits of your product or solution. The significant advantages that make the problem go away.



10. Support your Bold Claims


Your story will front as a claim. It is best if this is a true story, about a real person.



-A grandmother’s new life with her grandchildren after quitting smoking


-An insecure man’s world changed when he began exercising and using your product to change his physical health and confidence



You must substantiate any claim you make about your product or service with facts, test results, and statistics. Pour this information on. Many times you can get real testimonials & claims directly from the offer’s page and advertisers generally don’t mind you using them in your own promotions.


You must create the feeling that there is not another product available that can offer the benefits that the offer you are promoting provides.



11. Add A Call to Action


If you’ve done your job, your reader will be breaking out the credit card! She will want to buy your product NOW.

Tell her, specifically, what to do and the exact steps on how to obtain this product right now.



-How to subscribe


-How to download the eBook


-How to buy your product


-Have nice large buy now buttons or links that make it easy to buy



12. Add a Sense of Urgency


Tell your reader this is limited time, or it won’t be available forever, or it’s only available right now online, or limited supplies available, etc!


And the ultimate goal of a good advertorial or promotional blog is that if you removed the “Advertisement” label, the brand name, and the calls to action, then the content should blend into the publications you are targeting with your advertisements!



What’s Next?


Let’s address the elephant in the room…


It is very easy to cross the line into deception.

That’s why you should definitely familiarize yourself not only with the FTC rules, but also the rules and guidelines that are on the advertising platforms or traffic sources you use to send traffic to your native ads.







Promoting offers with 1-Click Upsells is a unique way to double your conversions! If your story includes “2 steps to success” or you simply tell people about the benefits of both offers, you can increase the likelihood of getting 2 conversions from your landing page. This works extremely well for 1-click upsell offers but also for lead capture pages!

Basically a 1 click upsell occurs like this. Visitor buys the first trial product and you receive let’s say a $35 conversion instantly. The visitor is then automatically sent to the advertisers “upsell” or 2nd offer through the CPA network/advertiser platform which tracks a click to the second offer. The second offer is another offer from the same advertiser that usually pairs very well with the first offer. In many cases the 2nd upsell converts over 75% if the visitor is expecting it.

For a lead capture example, a landing page could be more like a squeeze page. For example tell a story of how you first entered your email at to get your free non-smoking guide (which of course is set up using an auto responder), then step 2 you bought Regal E-cig and experienced much success!






Let’s describe one more example before ending this lesson.


This is an example of an “Advertorial” type of landing page for Instant Checkmate. This landing page is available as a specific offer on Vault Affiliates Network and links straight to this page-


As you can see all of the components are there including a disclosure at the top and bottom of the page. There are also many links to the actual product. It also depicts a story similar to a news release, and has much more content should the user want to research more. It also includes specific social media links which add more value and social proof.


When the user arrives on the page they immediately get captured by the headline which kind of gives people a reason to believe their own records are being exposed! Did you know that over 50% of the first time users of Instant Checkmate search themselves!?


In our later lessons you will also learn how to find other examples of landing pages you can modify to suit your needs.




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