How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing in 5 Easy Steps [UPDATED]

website for affiliate marketing
Website for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate website creation can seem like a daunting task but it is much easier than you think. If you’re creating your first affiliate marketing website, then this guide on how to create a profitable website for affiliate marketing will be essential reading. Let’s get started.

How to Build a Website with Affiliate Links

Building affiliate websites doesn’t have to be difficult but a lot of people get confused when it comes to affiliate links. You can easily create your own website for affiliate marketing, if you know a few simple things about the setup process. Setting up an affiliate marketing website for posting content and promotions is simple and can be done without the help of professional developers.

Creating a website with affiliate links is a great way to monetize your online presence and start earning a passive income.

What to Know Before Affiliate Website Creation

Before you start affiliate marketing, you should know a bit about how affiliate marketing works. 

You can learn about the best practices for affiliate marketing through any affiliate marketing course.

One of the biggest challenges in affiliate marketing is staying competitive and up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies. With so many competitors out there, it’s essential to stay one step ahead of the competition by researching new tactics and optimizing your website for better results.

Additionally, it’s important to be aware of any changes to search engine algorithms, as this could significantly impact your rankings and overall visibility.

How much does it cost to build affiliate marketing websites?

Building a website for affiliate marketing requires a small amount of money. You will have to spend money on the Domain name and Web Hosting for your website. This cost can be anywhere from $3/month to $15/month or more. I will cover how to buy a Domain name and Web Hosting later in this article.

How to create a website for affiliate marketing with little cost

Building a low-cost affiliate marketing website starts with choosing the right web hosting provider. Look for one that offers features like reliable uptime, easy integration with other tools, and scalability so you can grow your website as your business grows.

After selecting a provider, you’ll need to decide on a domain name and customize your website’s design. Next comes the content; create compelling copy, headlines and visuals that will engage readers and draw them in.

Be sure to include several calls-to-action throughout your website to encourage visitors to click through to your affiliates’ websites. Finally, optimize your site for search engines by focusing on keyword research and creating high-quality backlinks.

This will help increase traffic and maximize potential earnings from affiliate commissions.

Step 1: Choose an Affiliate Program

Choose an affiliate program that you’d like to work with. There are various amazing affiliate programs out there to choose from. Here’s a guide on how to choose an affiliate program that’ll work for you.

There are various affiliate marketing programs out there. Pick one that has the kind of products that you’d like to promote through your website, that offers a good commission plan, and that has flexible payment options.

One pro tip is to join affiliate programs that offer a recurring monthly commission for customers you refer.

Step 2: Choose a Few Products to Promote on Your Affiliate Website

From your affiliate marketing programs, choose a few products that you wish to promote on your website. For example, I have a website in the relationships niche, where I promote dating programs, how-to guides, and health and beauty products. 

All the content you write and the designs you create will focus on directly or indirectly promoting these products. Therefore, either choose a product you know about or are willing to research.

Also, different products have different commission rates. Choose the products that can get you good returns. It should either have a high commission rate or the potential for high-volume sales.

Affiliate marketers sell all sorts of things like web hosting services, online courses, gadgets, fashion products, workout products, and adventure sports merchandise.

Step 3: Create affiliate links for your website

Wondering, ‘How to create an affiliate link for your website?’

You will easily find your affiliate links on affiliate program platforms. These links contain reference to your unique affiliate ID. 

Here is an example of an affiliate link on Amazon Associates:

How to create a website for affiliate marketing with affiliate links
Website for Affiliate Marketing

Whenever you need to promote your affiliate products, use these affiliate links ONLY. This helps the Affiliate program track the clicks and sales that come through your website. You will get commissions on sales made only if the users purchase after clicking on your affiliate links.

Tip: Make an Excel or Google Spreadsheet for the products and their affiliate links. This will make it easier for you to find their links to add to your website’s blogs.

Step 4: Create a website for affiliate marketing with little cost

In the following subsections, I will show you how to set up a website for affiliate marketing with WordPress. WordPress is free to use. It’s one of the largest website builders in the world and used by millions of affiliates. 

This affiliate website builder exercise will help you set up your affiliate business in no time.

4.a. Choose a Domain Name

The first thing to do when you are setting up an affiliate marketing website is to choose a domain name. 

How to choose an affiliate website domain? Here’s how you do it.

Your Domain name is your website’s address. For example, this website’s domain name is This helps your users find you on the internet.

There are various domain name registrars out there. You can choose any registrar to purchase a domain name at a low price.

It’s not complicated!

Once you know what you want to use for a domain name, I recommend you use an all-in-one solution like HostGator which gives you a domain name for Free! Just go there and enter the name you want fo your domain to get started. Keep in mind you may need to keep trying many different names until you find one that is available.

If you are creating your first website for affiliate marketing, then I suggest that you choose the basic service with them and once you start seeing larger traffic numbers you can easily upgrade later.

4.b. Host Your Affiliate Website

Once you have your domain name and it is available then the next option is to set up your Web Host which is the web server you rent to host your website on the internet. HostGator does this for you when you register your domain name. Hosting allows your users see your website on the internet.

HostGator has “1 Click Easy WordPress Installation” so you can just choose a template and create a website in minutes. Just log in and click on Marketplace > Site Builders > WordPress and follow their simple wizard once you have signed up.

affiliate website creation hostgator

To secure your web server, Hostgator also adds an SSL certificate to your hosting, to encrypt the communication between web browsers and web servers, so that your users can safely use your website.

Below is an image of what you should see once you have successfully installed WordPress and logged into your WordPress installation.

4.c. Start Tweaking Your WordPress Website | How to make an affiliate website for free

Spend some time knowing all the features and tools available to you on a WordPress Website. This will help you carry out all website maintenance-related tasks easily.

ii) Set up General Information About your website

From the dashboard, go to Settings > General and set the Site Title, Tag Line, WordPress Address, Site Address, and Email Address.

affiliate marketing websites

iii) Try adding a page to the website

Website Pages are static pages or permanent fixtures of your website. Their names can be displayed in the Top navigation of your website. I recommend you set up legal pages. All of this is explained in our 30 Day Affiliate Challenge Course.

Set up pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

iv) Learn to Add Posts to the website

Use the Posts section to add blogs to the website. Your blog page will be a dynamic page, so as you add more blog posts to your affiliate marketing website, they will show on your Blog Post page. 

You can decide the URL structure for your blogs in Settings > Permalinks. I usually set it to “Post name” only.

And this is how you build a website. Now that you know how to create a website for affiliate marketing, I will tell you how to make that website effective in earning you commissions.

Step 5: Create Compelling Content or Blog Posts Around Your Affiliate Products

Create an affiliate marketing website that is impactful with good content. Content is the key to running a successful affiliate marketing business.

You need to write blog posts, and create videos and infographics to deliver value to customers and motivate them to purchase your affiliate products.

Make developing engaging affiliate website content your priority!

5.a. Write posts that are engaging and well-structured

The next thing to do is to create Affiliate Website content that is well-written and structured. Create good quality content, so that your users are motivated to return to read your blogs often. Add headings and subheadings to your posts, write short and clear sentences, and include useful information for users. Write product reviews, user guides, top product lists, and so on.

5.b. Add Your Affiliate Product Links to Your Website Content and Calls to Action

In every blog post, include the affiliate links for your products. Include clear and motivating Calls to Action. This will ensure that users click on calls to action, which have your affiliate links and purchase the products. This step is essential for you to earn commissions through your affiliate activities.

5.c. Interlink Your Website Well

Always remember to interlink your website well. Link related blogs to each other. Always mention 2-4 other blogs in each blog. This will help reduce your website’s Bounce rate and hence improve your ranking on search engines.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Once you have created an affiliate website and started creating engaging content on a regular basis, you need to start marketing your website and blog posts to draw traffic to them. 

Affiliate marketing websites make money only after people start visiting your website and clicking on affiliate links to purchase products.

More traffic will convert to more sales and hence more commission. If you’re wondering how to make an affiliate website successful, refer to the following points.

Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines

The first thing to do is find the right keywords for your website and blogs. Include those keywords on your website and in your posts. This will inform Google about the relevance of your content to the users searching for those keywords. Include your keywords in the Meta tags and content of your website. Interlink your website well to reduce Bounce rate. Create relevant and traffic-driving backlinks for your website.

Promote on Social Media

Another important promotion method is to post your content on social media. Create a subscriber base on social media. Regularly post on social media, and promote your posts through organic sharing and paid Ads. Optimize your campaigns over time to get the maximum ROI.

Create an Email Marketing List

Email marketing goes a long way in building a strong base of loyal customers. Build an email marketing list, and send relevant content from time to that email list, so that the subscribers are motivated to positively engage with your marketing messages and content sent through emails. Add proper CTAs to your emails to get traffic to your website and sell affiliate products.

Run CPA campaigns

The last, and most important way to promote your affiliate website and products is to run CPA campaigns. Take proper CPA marketing training to create campaigns that get you relevant traffic that is interested in purchasing the products that you are promoting through your posts. Optimize your CPA campaigns over time to get the best ROI.


Build affiliate websites that are relevant to your audience and product niche. Buy a domain name, and use good hosting services for your website. Use an affiliate marketing website builder from WordPress to make your work easy.

After setting up an affiliate website, post relevant content that speaks to your customers and encourages them to purchase after clicking on your affiliate marketing links.

Building an affiliate website is worth it if it gets relevant user traffic who are willing to purchase. Nurture your audience through relevant email, social media and CPA campaigns.

Start an affiliate website promotion campaign that speaks to your audience. Tweak your campaigns from time to time to get the best ROI.

We hope that this post on how to create a website for affiliate marketing helps you kickstart your affiliate business with ease.

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