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How to Choose the Right Affiliate Network for Success in Affiliate Marketing  

There are several factors that contribute towards making your affiliate marketing career a great success. And it all starts with how you start, and more importantly who you start with. The two crucial components that shape the success of your affiliate marketing career are the affiliate program you promote and the affiliate marketing network you are part of.

Merchants rarely directly work with affiliates, and you get access to the best affiliate programs only via affiliate networks. While there is a lot written about how to ensure that you get accepted by the affiliate networks, I think it’s equally important for you to know which affiliate networks to work with.

How to Choose the Right Affiliate Network for Success in Affiliate Marketing

These are 5 factors you should consider while choosing the best affiliate networks


1. The Type of Affiliate Programs they Offer

While some of the big affiliate networks offer a very specific programs, there are networks that offer all the top niches in one spot. For instance, Vault Affiliates is an affiliate network that focuses on everything mobile and desktop offering a wide variety of trial offers, app downloads, straight sale, and lead gen or similar programs.

2. Terms of Payment

As an affiliate marketer, you may invest in paid traffic generation methods. In order for you to get the returns on your investment, it is crucial to ensure that the network pays well and on time.

Most of the bigger networks require you to have a PayPal account for membership, or they may pay by direct bank transfer. Some networks have a minimum billing value, below which they will not release payment; the payment will be carried forth to the next cycle. Whether this is good or bad depends on the minimum value as well as the average order value and the commission. So, you have to consider several factors before you make the decision to go with a particular network based on this parameter.

3. Support of Affiliate Network

Always consider the kind of support the network provides especially to newbie affiliates. Are there discussion forums? Do you have access to training modules/guides? Is there a dedicated affiliate manager to answer your queries? Also, evaluate the kind of support the network provides for marketing and promotional activities.

4. Cookie Period

The cookie period is the time between a person’s first visit to the website (through your affiliate link) and the time he makes a purchase, for which you will get the commission. Longer the cookie period, your chances of making money are higher. Some of the top affiliate networks like Amazon offer just a 24 hour cookie period. On an average the cookie period duration may vary between 30 days and 120 days.

5. Tracking

In a recent survey conducted amongst affiliates, an overwhelming majority stated that the tracking technology provided by the network is one of the crucial factors that they consider before signing up.

State of the art transparent tracking technologies ensure that you are getting the credit for every action that comes through your affiliate link and this is important to keep you motivated and invest further in the business, resulting in greater success for you.

What factors did you consider while choosing the best affiliate marketing networks?

Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!

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