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How to Build a Massive List Using Aweber Campaigns – Why I Use Aweber Over Others.

I thought it was time to come here and give some details about why I choose Aweber as the one autoresponder service for all my successful email marketing campaigns.

Trust me I have tried many including, Interspire, Infusionsoft (or as many call it confusion soft), Mailchimp, and Get Response.

First let me tell you many of those services are fantastic in their own ways, but as an affiliate and someone who has to save as much time as possible, let me tell you why I stopped using the others quickly.

Interspire was on my own server and posed a few issues, Infusionsoft was too expensive, confusing and more than I needed as an affiliate, Mailchimp banned me because they don’t like certain niches, and Get Response was ok, but didn’t offer some of the great features of Aweber.

In particular, Aweber has introduced Campaigns, (which I think looks similar to some features in Infusionsoft that I liked).

For those of you who have recently read our 5 Phase List Building Courseinside our CPA Marketing Training program, then you know that Phase 3 is ALL about the autoresponder set up and how to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns.

This phase of the system is important because when we get into describing traffic methods in Phase 4, it is imperative you have a system set up to send people the correct messages as they go through your entire funnel and make decisions.

Now I understand many people swear by their auto responders, but today I want to explain what I like about Aweber. First of all they have taken “the confusion” out of tagging and allow you to set up campaigns where you can easily segment people, and send messages to people, as they complete certain things in the funnel. SIMPLY AWESOME.

What is even more awesome is they will take your legacy lists and follow ups and easily import them right into a new campaign so you can start tagging.

Aweber campaigns

So what does this mean exactly?

Well basically instead of just creating a “list” you are creating a campaign in Aweber. The list is only part of this “bigger picture” or “funnel” that we explained in the course. So first thing I did was moved an old list into a new campaign. Now I can easily implement the entire 5 phases of the listbuilding course right into Aweber.

As it is clearly shown in the course we implement an opt in bait, a trip wire, and then a main offer or sale.

All along the way as people go through the funnel, they either opt in or out of certain pieces of the funnel. (for example did they download the opt in bait?, or did they accept the tripwire? or did they buy the main offer?)

In the past you would have to use list automation inside Aweber in order to move people to the right email sequence as they completed certain tasks or milestones, but now you can apply tags all within the same campaign!

This greatly reduces the amount of lists required, and the amount of automation rules, that quite frankily were very confusing in themselves. So now if someone buys the tripwire, you know that they are HOT leads and need a certain sequence of emails that are catered to those buyers. If they didn’t even download the freebie, then they need a different sequence of emails that clearly warms them up more.  This can be done through “tagging”.

I have yet to dive right into the entire campaign set up but you can bet that you are going to see some amazing in depth Follow Along Campaigns inside Powerhouse Affiliate Forum that will show all the steps in making the most out of these Aweber email marketing campaigns and applying tags properly!

So the bottom line is if you are still thinking about buying an autoresponder, then I highly suggest you take a look at Aweber.

You will notice that I have not used an affiliate link in this post and I get no compensation for you joining them. I genuinely believe this is a good product and will make setting up effective funnels easily.

Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!

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