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How Much Does A Blogger Really Make?

This question comes up a lot… A LOT!

Can’t really blame those who ask however, it is after all a very relevant talking point so it only makes sense that we cover this for the current year so that you (and everyone else reading this) can finally have a solid answer to refer to. Before getting into the details it’s an important point to note that what most people really want to know is “will blogging make me enough money?” to which I can only say… “I don’t know, maybe, let’s find out right now.


Will I Make Enough Money From A Blog?

You can, if you take all the right steps and actually treat your blog as a business and not just a potentially profitable hobby. Take a quick look at the following numbers which illustrate averaged percentages one can expect to earn from their blogs per year:

  • 28% – Under $10
  • 25% – From $10 – $99
  • 17% – From $100 – $499
  • 07% – From $500 – $999
  • 09% – From $1,000 – $9,999
  • 04% – Over $10,000

To quickly add to the figures shown above, roughly 10% of bloggers don’t generate any revenue at all from their blogging efforts. It’s not a huge number but one-tenth of any pie is a pretty big slice, so keep this in mind when starting your own blog and don’t fall into that ten-percent. It’s not very hard to at least generate a few hundred per month via blogging, all it takes is effort and repetition.

How Do You Make Money From Blogging? – Quick Note:

Blogging in itself isn’t really a business model you want to rely on if you have other skills to earn money online. It should be used as a platform to help you promote other offers just like we do here at Powerhouse Affiliate. We use the blog to teach our readers some really cool affiliate marketing related stuff so they can walk away feeling good about the time spent on our blog and hopefully apply something to their own business, but our flagship product is the training course we offer which will not only teach the stuff you learn here on the blog but so, so much more!

What’s A Good Earnings Benchmark?

Starting from somewhere in the $1,000 per month range and going up from there should be your goal if you’re relying strictly on just the blog to make you money. If you don’t reach this benchmark, don’t worry about it… you can still do very well at even half that, or just a quarter of that provided you have multiple blogs all doing similar figures or you are using that money and reinvesting it back into growing your business to turn an even larger profit over time.

can you make money blogging

It can take a while to reach any of the aforementioned dollar amounts so don’t stress yourself out too much if you don’t start a blog then find it’s not making you an instant $1k per month or more after only 30-Days… that’s not a realistic expectation by any means. Blogging takes time which means if you are willing to put that time and care into your blog you can be very handsomely rewarded for your efforts down the line.

If you are earning from advertising on your blog pages then the amount you can expect to generate per click varies quite a bit based on which niche your blog is tailored to and which keywords you are targeting in that general niche. It might be just a penny per click or it might be over a dollar, it really depends. Just know that the niches which have very high earnings per click tend to be highly saturated and dominated by marketing titans! This should not discourage you but it should make you think about a solid plan to generate traffic to your blogs as that will be the lifeline to your earnings. Below is a loose plan of action you can use to help maximize revenue once your blog is actually in full swing.

How Long Does It Take To Make $1,000 Per Month?

It depends, this is a really difficult question to answer so let’s use a quick example to help illustrate one possibility.

Let’s say you decide to start a WordPress blog of your very own and it takes you about two weeks to set it up with your own web hosting, a nice theme and of course content in the form of written articles to populate your blog. You could write all this yourself or you could outsource that work to some place like in order to take some of the stress off your shoulders and put it on someone else’s (for a nominal fee of course).

You have to ask yourself, “how am I going to earn money from blogging?”. And in doing so, you’ll then have to formulate a plan of action to get the job done… It might go something like this:

  • Create your blog
  • Fill it with 7 to 14 pieces of good content (emphasis on GOOD!)
  • Get accepted to some Ad platform to place ads on your pages, or…
  • Have a product (or multiple products) ready to promote
  • Sign up for an email autoresponder account (optional but recommended)
  • Place a VERY obvious opt-in box on all your blog pages (lightbox works best)
  • Setup autoresponder sharing 1 article from your blog per day for a whole week
  • Send traffic from your prefered traffic method to your blog articles
  • Keep adding more content to your blog
  • Keep looking for ways to optimize and increase your earnings
  • Keep expanding that autoresponder series from one-week, to two & three etc.

What you will discover by following the simplified steps above is that your blog will start to grow and your earnings will grow with it. I do realize that this is a very over-simplified version of a full marketing plan, but fear not for we actually teach these methods inside our full affiliate marketing online lessons. Check out the homepage found Right Here to see for yourself if you’re interested.

Doing this could take a few weeks to set up and actually get traffic funneled through assuming you are using free traffic methods (which we have plenty examples of on this blog). However, if you’re paying for your traffic, make sure you have a budget to blow on testing for a week or two and then finetune your results. The reason I’ve recommended setting up an email list is to “recycle” the traffic you do get. You can just keep sending people back to your blog over and over again which would increase your odds of making either a conversion on an affiliate product, or more clicks to your ads which you’ve placed on your blog pages.

So, figuring that the initial setup phase takes two weeks max, you are left with how much time it takes to get viewers to your blog. This can take days or weeks, it really depends on your niche and your level of aggressiveness in promoting your blog. Don’t spam, nobody likes a spammer, but do feel free to go out there and share your articles with the right people.

Generating Traffic To Your Blog

This subject has been covered so many times on this blog it would be a bit repetitive to go over it again. Instead I’m going to link you to a few articles right here on the blog to help you wrap your head around different ways you can pull traffic back to your blogs. They’re free, mostly SEO based and work very well if you’re willing to put in that much needed time & effort.

  1. Part 2 of 3: Driving Traffic to Your Blogs
  2. The Simple 5 Growth Hacks To Boost Blog Traffic
  3. Use YouTube Effectively to Drive Traffic

Also, don’t forget that Powerhouse Affiliate has a very extensive training course on traffic, multiple courses (one for each different type of traffic) in fact. Not only that, but we also spill the beans on our traffic sources and hand them right over to our valued members, so why not give us a serious look and see it all for yourself? It’ll be well worth your time, we have a money back guarantee to prove it.

Click the PA Logo below to check us out now, you’ll be glad that you did.

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