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How I Use NativeAdBuzz to Win… & Why EVERY AFFILIATE ON THE PLANET Should Try It!

Do you want to know what the competition is up to? If you said “no” then kindly click on the little “x” in the upper corner of your browser now… this article isn’t for you!

Powerhouse Affiliate

Native Ad Buzz offers a very generous

7 Days for $7 trial-run and it’s worth 10x that so give it a shot

We can all use a bit of help every now and again and that’s what NativeAdBuzz offers by the ton. You just have to make the best use of NativeAdBuzz. So much help you might lose sleep at night from the excitement of possibilities this spy-platform can offer you. I know I’m really hyping up a storm right now but you’re going to discover why that is for yourself in a moment so keep reading.

Features Galore!!

Features, features, NativeAdBuzz has so many features… and the awesome thing about all these features is the simple fact they’re updating them all the time to keep a competitive edge over their competition which means great things for you.

Here’s a quick overview of the NativeAdBuzz search process.

  • Get yourself an active account first. They even offer a 7-day for $7 trial so test it out yourself.
  • Get your search terms in order. Search by keywords, Ad Publishers, Advertisers themselves, Landing Page Keywords, Networks, so many more options and you can even scale down to specific devices if you wish to.
  • Look through all the options available to you on the interface and adjust your search criteria at any time to see different results.
  • Cherry-pick all the best features of any ad you see, they’re all just sitting right at your fingertips waiting for you to pick and choose what you want.
  • Take all the glorious info you’ve collected and use it to come up with your own winning ads!

Sort your search results by things like:

  • How long a particular ad has been running. (The longer an ad runs the better it performs, you can use this little detail to mimic successful ads in your own campaigns) this takes all the guess-work out of the equation and you can just focus on running ads you know will work and make money doing it.
  • Check on ads to see if they’ve been running on social media sites such as Facebook & Twitter. If your goal is to build a loyal following on social media or just tap in the mountains of traffic they receive every single day then NativeAdBuzz will let you walk in and dominate any niche of your choice!
  • Want to target specific countries? Well now you can and NativeAdBuzz will help you do it with ease.

What sort of niche works best?

It doesn’t really matter what niche you’re in because Native Ad Buzz has you covered. It’s got advance algorithms running in the background which are constantly keeping tabs on different advertisements being ran all over the internet.

What if I don’t know what Ads I want to run?

You have access to all the ads you need for inspiration. Just pick your preferred subject, advertiser, or niche and set your parameters then begin browsing. Take a look at the top performers and duplicate what they’re doing (but take care not to just totally copy what they’ve got… that’s just not cool).

You can dig as far into an ad as you want; it’s even possible to track down landing pages and you can even track down which offers are being promoted in case you wanted to set yourself up with new things to promote in the future- or just to see what the other guys are up to.

A simple example of a landing page you’ll be

able to spy on from inside NativeAdBuzz

Does it work for CPA Offers though?

You bet it does!

Can you imagine having access to a tool that will allow you to see a bunch of advertisements in your niche which are working (and which may not be working so well so you know what to stay away from) and then being able to use this extremely valuable information to make ads of your own that you know will do well right from the start? How many conversions do you think that could get your CPA offers?

My guess is a TON!

OfferVault is a popular CPA curator; use it to find lots of offers to choose from.

Let’s talk price for a moment

If you’re in the native online advertising scene on any level chances are you may already be aware of some of those other guys out there which offer similar services to Native Ad Buzz. The thing about them is the difference in price for what they offer. These different service providers know that this type of data is priceless for anyone trying to get a leg-up on the competition and charging extremely high premium prices is something they can get away with. Heck, even Native Ad Buzz could get away with it if they wanted to… but that’s not what they chose to do.

Competitor prices can range as high as $329 per month… and that’s only for the “Basic Package” which is pretty steep, even for my taste. I’m not knocking their tools because they offer some super awesome stuff too, but if I can get away with having similar tools at a much cheaper price-point then I’m going to keep that extra cash in my pockets so I can invest it on more advertisements.

With three plans in effect you can choose which one works best for you and your budget. The awesome part about it is the fact you could start out with the $47 per month plan and upgrade when you start seeing a higher ROI thanks to the information you get from this awesome tool.

I think it goes without saying that the annual plan is the best bang for your marketing buck but we all understand that sometimes you just want to check stuff out, see if it’s a good fit… that’s why they offer that nifty $7 trial  😉

So, make the best use of NativeAdBuzz and win!