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How I Am Going to Make More Money This Year Than Ever BEFORE!?

Well this is my first blog post of 2018 and don’t worry it’s not going to be one of those boring blog posts all about setting goals and sticking to them. Who has time for goal setting anyways – jeeze it’s already January 9th – you should have had your goals set last December anyways…. 🙂

I know some of you are already on about ten other email lists that have already sent you their 2018 goal setting tips – so I wont bore you.

blah blah blah boring right?

So what’s going to make this blog post different?

Well I might just use this blog post to keep myself on task…:)  First of all I just started working full time in my office this year on the 8th which means I’m already a week behind everyone else. I don’t have time to tell you all my goal setting strategies what I am going to do is explain my strategy on how to make more money.

I have decided that 2018 is going to be divided into three core areas of focus for my business.

First and foremost I will continue building affiliate marketing campaigns and driving traffic to affiliate offers through strong Partnerships I have set up over the past several years. This has always been my favorite area of focus for my business and is always generated the most short-term Revenue. This year is ALL Facebook, Google, and Native ads. (If you are wondering)

I say Affiliate Marketing is short-term Revenue because really affiliate marketing is all about building other people’s businesses. I know it sounds counter productive but here is why I do it. The amount of money you can make doing it makes it all worth it.  Really there are no headaches when it comes to affiliate marketing aside from finding good traffic channels and being a little creative when you have to be.

While others are scrambling to set up their own Shopify stores, including setting up shipping, processors, support channels, and paying high fees to operate, (for their 10-20% margins) –  I plan to still steadily drive my affiliate train pass them as they continue to fight each other for the cheapest products they can find from China to try and sell here in the Americas.

Now I am not here to bash eCommerce because really there are a ton of people making thousands of dollars a day with Facebook traffic and their Shopify stores. But in a sense this is no different than affiliate marketing in the fact that they have just basically created themselves a job, but like affiliate marketing it’s not a long-term recurring income. In the end the majority of the stores created will die and only a few very strong marketers will win in the end.  I mean how long will it take for society to realize that you don’t have to spend $39 for a tactical flashlight?

So does this mean that affiliate marketing and online e-commerce is about to die?  Hell no….Any online marketer who has been doing this for a few years surely knows that this is just the beginning. Millions of dollars can be made each year all alone as a single affiliate or ecom store owner. Good marketing applied in the right traffic channels will always win in the end! And for that reason this is why it is one of my core areas of focus – affiliate marketing.

My next area focus is going to be continuing to build a recurring Revenue stream. Recurring Revenue is what we fall back on as online business people especially in affiliate marketing and e-commerce. There is a lot of competition and it requires a lot of creativity. Sometimes we get into a writer’s block or competition becomes Fierce and our affiliate campaigns begin to die. This is where recurring revenue keeps us afloat and pays the bills. It allows us to take those weeks off when we need them.

One of the best strategies for me in generating revenue that is recurring is  building email lists with autoresponders, as well as building online authoritative sites with AdSense on them. I use the email lists to drive traffic to the blogs with adsense on them. 

The training inside our Affiliate Forum describes these strategies on how to make more money in detail from setting up the website to setting up autoresponders to what you should say in your auto-responders, and how to set up ads so that you get recurring revenue for the long term.

The recurring revenue is nice, but again the real money is made from the front line affiliate marketing campaigns using CPA affiliate offers or offers that pay recurring commissions every single month.

So lastly what is the third thing I am going to focus on this year? Well it’s a bit of online and offline trends…

There are two very big markets emerging and they are cryptocurrency and legalized marijuana.  

For those of you who know me, you know I have been dabbling in pot stocks, and bought some crytpo last year. It’s kind of addictive – I find myself re-checking stock prices even when the market is closed! WTF.

While the research has been very time-consuming, it has been very rewarding. There’s a big opportunity to make a lot of money with cryptocurrency and legalize marijuana. In Canada we will be legalizing marijuana this year. As for cryptocurrency I’m more of a buy-and-hold kind of guy so I’ve decided to buy some Ripple,  Litecoin, and I’m looking for a couple other coins that I can buy and hold.

There you have it – nothing fancy just rolling my train down the tracks and I am ready for anything that tries to stop me…

Have a fantastic 2018 – and hope to see some of you reading this post, inside the forum – sharing your success stories!

Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!

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