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How To Become A Millionaire From Affiliate Marketing

So you want to become a millionaire from affiliate marketing?

Maybe you heard someone say that they have been making a ton of money online and you want to cash in on the secret?

The pleasure of working from your home, in your PJs and having a hefty bank balance is appealing to many of us.

However, most of us who have played this game for a while, know that the world of chasing internet riches is not a bed of roses and it is high risk. 

First of all, finding a HUGE campaign is like finding a needle in a haystack, and once you have spent money finding this needle, you need to spend more money scaling it.

Once you have spent all that money, you need to be confident your affiliate network or the people who own that affiliate program are gonna pay up.

Good opportunities are often drowned out in the endless world of scams.

Let’s be honest, its hard to argue that 90% or more of those gurus pushing crap have failed themselves in making money online doing exactly what they sell.

Another 7% probably have a solid method that’s CRUSHING, but they are either selling it for several thousand dollars, or the this method will be dead in a few months.

Then you have a few sites, (the remaining 3%) who really want to help you and give you the foundations of winning in online affiliate marketing. To achieve affiliate marketing success, you need to learn this like any other trade.

There are tons of huge businesses online that have been created by affiliates. Affiliate marketing offers anyone an entry point into making huge money online quickly.

Unfortunately, many people jump into affiliate marketing and fail. This is one main reason why so many people are skeptical of believing that huge money can, in fact, be made online.

In this post I am not trying to convince you that affiliate marketing is easy money, but offering some credible details as to how you can seriously improve your chances for affiliate marketing success. Grab some chips and get ready….

millionaire with affiliate marketing

The fact is that becoming a millionaire affiliate marketer if very possible and likely your best opportunity to get to the elusive 7 figure mark.

So, what are the secrets?

Well there aren’t secrets.




When you are making money online, the first thing you need to program in your mind is that you are not a salaried worker anymore who can just sit at a comfy desk and waste time.

As you start your online money making scheme, your salary is non existent.

Your earnings will depend upon the sales you make and consequently the commissions you earn.

When people have a salaried profession, they can sneak in a leave here and there, and take a day off when they wish.

However, being on a commissioned work pattern means that every day you miss your job is a day where your earnings could be impacted.

But there is an exception for affiliates. Affiliate marketing offers the opportunity to build some passive income.


You should also spread your income across a few affiliate networks, and not place all your trust into one network. Networks die, and when they do they seldom pay. Be aware of this, and find a solid business to put your trust into.

Have a ballpark figure of how much you would wish to earn that month and then keep a track of your earnings, and if possible spread that wealth across a few networks or make sure you have solid paper work in place with direct advertisers.

Successful Affiliates are Stubborn and Persistent

If you want to make money online you need to set our mind to it.

You need to have the inspiration to make sales every day. At the same time, you need to be prepared for several bad work days. You have to understand that a bad work day should not slow you down or rob you of your confidence.

Unlike a job that fetches you a fixed salary, there are a lot of ups and downs in affiliate marketing. However, when you hit a goldmine in affiliate marketing you can earn a year’s salary in a week. It’s finding those gems that costs us time and money.

Successful Affiliates Know how To Manage a Bankroll. 

The key to staying afloat is managing your budget, almost like managing your poker bankroll. Good Poker players don’t go into a single game with their entire bankroll. Good affiliates don’t start up a campaign with the last $500 they own. If you only have $500 to your name then go get a job before you start trying to make money as an online affiliate.

Affiliates Who Bank Hard…Have a Plan of Action.

You need goals, and you need to focus on achieving those goals no matter what. This is important because unless you know what you want, and why you want it you will never have the desire it takes to achieve success in this business.

Following is a checklist of some of the questions you can ask yourself to understand what drives you.

  • How much money do you want to earn?
  • How would this amount of money change your life?
  • Do you have someone you need to impress?
  • Why did you leave your salaried job?
  • How focused are you at working regularly?
  • What are your short term goals and long term goals?
  • How do you plan to achieve your goal?
  • Do you have a backup plan just in case the existing plan doesn’t work?
  • Why do you want to work online to make money?

These are some of the questions which should have answers.

FULL TIME Affiliates Made it Because They Did Not Give Up.

We have seen a lot of people come perilously close to being successful in online affiliate marketing, but they never managed to taste the rewards of their own success because they gave up just before clinching it.

Why did they give up? Perhaps they failed to trust themselves.

You should make it a point to trust yourself. Yes, there will be a lot of bumps in the road, and it might take some time before you can actually meet success, but in the end, the ones who win are the ones who think they can.

When you are confident that you can make it work, you are a lot more likely to succeed.

Rich Affiliates Have Extreme Focus.

Of course, you have to be focused. There are a lot of people who put in years and years of effort and end up losing the little they had. So, what separates the successful from the unsuccessful? Why do some of us fail while others make it really big? The answer could be thinned down to one word – focus.

Yes, there are thousands of opportunities on the internet which you can choose for making money online. But, not all are going to be correct. So, what is the smart solution? Focus and find out which ones seem to be the best. Affiliate marketing has produced a ton of affiliate marketing millionaires. :).

While it is upon you to ultimately narrow down the options and pick the perfect scheme, I’m here to tell you that its true, affiliate marketing DOES work, and it pays extremely well.

Every Successful Affiliate Does The Following in Some Way or Another:

  • Explore the niches you want to work in. It is important to pick a niche that has a high number of “buyers” or people who like to spend money.
  • Create a website or landing page relevant to that niche that will sell the product, or get people to become a lead.
  • Test different affiliate programs in that niche.
  • Continue producing more content in that niche and testing different angles.
  • Get traffic to your website.
  • Use analytic tools to measure success and find opportunities.
  • Delegate routine tasks.
  • Automate what you can.
  • Ask questions, find a community of people who can help and lead you down the path to success. 

In the end, confidently focus on your career and never give up. Trust yourself and I am sure, you will soon be writing a post yourself as to how you became a top affiliate! Yes, the dream is real and now that you have the secrets, go get it.

Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!



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