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Here’s A Way To Use YouTube To Sell Affiliate Products?



You might already be aware of the massive stats that YouTube brings in each month.

  • Roughly 6 BILLION HOURS of views every single month
  • Second largest search engine
  • Over 1 BILLION registered users

Pretty much any typical statistic you’d look for in a ‘successful’ website YouTube has it by the bushel. With this detail in mind it’s very clear to see why so many marketers choose to use YouTube as a means to generate free traffic.

Video Marketing

In this article we are going to cover the foundation of what it means to “do” affiliate marketing through youtube so you can decide if it’s a good tool to add to your marketing utility belt.

What exactly is considered YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

Well this is sort of youtube affiliate marketing tutorial We are talking about a video platform,  that means making and uploading affiliate marketing video in order to make this work. There are then a few options you have at your disposal to actually pull traffic off of YouTube and onto your landing pages.

Here’s a quick list of the different spots you can place links:

  • Video annotations & endscreen
  • Video description
  • In-video ‘card’
  • In the comment section

Told you it was a quick list.

It’s important to not get caught up in the technicality of the list above, that’s not the point as those are just the tools. How you use the tools is what really counts and we’re going to go over their uses and how they can benefit you right now.

Quick Note: This article won’t go over the technical uses of the various ways you can place links on your videos. If you’d like to learn how to actually do these things it’s highly suggested to search YouTube to learn how to do YouTube things. For example, if I want to learn how to use annotations I’ll just search for “annotations” in YouTube and probably filter the results based on “Upload Date” and set it to “this month”.

What exactly is considered YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

The overall process works like this

  1. Make your video (or have it made for you)
  2. Upload the video to your YouTube channel
  3. Embed your links in the places of your choice
  4. Rinse & repeat!

Youtube affiliate program is the process of making videos, getting people to view them and if the quality of the video’s content is decent enough then hopefully a percentage of those viewers click over to your landing page.

It’s a super simple process, not at all complicated by any means. There is a bit of a divide based on the fact most people just don’t know what to make videos on, or even how to make them. This is a good opportunity to mention fiverr, where you could hire people to make videos for you on a relatively tight budget.

You don’t even have to appear in front of the camera in your videos, they can all be what’s called “screen share” videos. Just set up some software like CamStudio which is free by the way, record your screen and narrate what’s happening or what you wish to teach your viewer about any subject at all.

If you need inspiration for video subjects, or if you just want to see how others are going about it then do a quick search on YouTube for some things you might want to make videos on yourself; see what they’re doing and draw from that.

What sort of videos should be made?

This really depends on your market and what you’re promoting. Let’s use the internet marketing niche, and say for example that you’re promoting products.

Something you could do to make this work for you is to find products which will be released in a couple of weeks and make a review or a ‘walk-thru’ of the thing on offer. The reason you want to find these products a couple weeks before their official launch is so you can have the time necessary to make the video and get it ranked high enough so people will see it when the product is actually launched.

Youtube for affiliate

A couple of places you can look to find product launches in the internet marketing niche are:

Find something that looks promising, contact the creator either via email or see if you can find them on Facebook, ask for a review copy and let them know you’re going to be using YouTube to promote it. You’re not guaranteed to get accepted on every product and that’s fine. The ones that you do get your hands on, simply make your videos on those, upload them to YouTube and put your links in the designated spots.

It’s not a great idea to just put your affiliate links on sites like YouTube all on their own. Instead, you should consider having a blog or some sort of landing page that will pre-sell the product you’re promoting and link that in YouTube instead. It acts as a buffer and you don’t have to post ugly affiliate tracking URL’s which tend to scare people off anyway.

What if I want to build a list instead?

Excellent decision and allow me to be the first to pat you on the back for it. Just about anything we do as marketers should follow a certain flow.

  • Traffic
  • Landing page
  • Lead capture
  • Product offer
  • Email sequence

This is what’s often referred to as a funnel. Your funnel can look totally different and that’s ok too. If you’re sending people directly to a product offer straight off your YouTube videos then I’m sorry to say it but you’re doing it wrong.

If you are reading this and are completely new to the world of affiliate marketing then stay tuned till the end of this thing to learn how you can be taught how to do things the right way.

Or just skip to the end and get straight to the point… it’s up to you!

How should videos be ranked higher?

In order for your videos to be any sort of use to you as an advertisement, they need to get views. Now, it was mentioned that YouTube is the second largest search engine out there, which means people are actually performing searches. How do we rank for searches in search engines?

youtube seo


It just so happens that SEO on YouTube is childsplay when compared to the usual stuff you’d have to deal with on Google for instance.

Here is a short list of things to do if you want to rank your videos higher on YouTube’s search results:

  • Include your primary keyword in the actual name of the video file you’ll be uploading
  • Put your keywords in the video description (don’t keyword stuff, keep it classy)
  • Target “lower hanging fruit” if you’re not going for brand new product launches
  • Use a custom thumbnail and name it your primary keyword
  • Put your primary keyword in the video description (include the 2nd & 3rd)keywords if it makes sense to
  • Send a few backlinks to your video through either posting it around on Facebook and/or Twitter or
  • Use PBN (private blog networks) to link back to your videos for some added “link juice”

If you don’t know what a PBN is then look for it on fiverr or a site called konker.

You don’t need to send hundreds or even thousands of links to your videos, only a handful or even a dozen will do the trick. It’s just to get a quick boost in the ranks as soon as your video is launched. Once it’s available to the public for views it’s pretty much set & forget.

You may only get a few hundred views over a few months to some videos but you must remember that the more videos  you do on various promotions, the more your stuff will be out there and it all adds up.

Not only that, but every single view you get to your videos will be extremely targeted if you use the right keywords!

The End Is Here!

YouTube is an extremely powerful tool that is open for everyone to use if they choose to. It’s a great way to sell products, build a list, and build a following if that’s what you want to do.

That being said, it’s by no means the final stop, there is so much more out there in the world of affiliate programs for youtubers and it can be a confusing journey when you don’t have a solid source for learning what actually works.

This is where we come in…

At Powerhouse Affiliate you’ll find an array of options and each of them comes with comprehensive training to help even the newest marketers amongst us get their businesses off the ground.

Once you’ve got a firm understanding (or if you’re already a seasoned marketer) then we offer advanced techniques and training to get those current profits you’re at now and grow them exponentially!

On top of our exclusive training you’ll also have access to what we call our “Businesses in a Box!

These are essentially blueprints to take you from start to finish, all the way to the bank. If you join up with us for nothing else but this you’ll be more than happy you did, we guarantee it. No really, we have a fully covered, no hassle, money back guarantee.

powerhouse affiliate

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