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Learn Guerrilla Marketing Tricks Using Trends

We need to talk about trends and what they can do for you as a marketer. Trends can be a very powerful tool when used in the right ways and the great news is that there are so many out there just waiting for you to scoop them up. Using Google Trends, Facebook’s Trends and even Twitter can all give you some insight on what your next marketing target should be so lets get started.

A quick note about this style of marketing:
It’s sometimes difficult to match up an offer with a current trend, this is where the concept of “The Big Three” come into play, and they are:


This type of marketing works best with CPA offers, hard selling is super difficult and you probably will wind up making less revenue over-all than if you just promote things like email submits and “low commitment” type offers.

If you filter your traffic right it’s also possible to build pretty large email lists using this method, you’ll just have to be sure to maintain any lists you build from this method as the quality of lead will typically be lower than a lot of other list building methods. But hey… you’re basically getting these leads for “free” so if you don’t mind the extra work it takes to filter them once they land on your email lists then by all means, go right ahead and collect all the leads you possibly can!


Here is the webpage:

google trends

The image above has a few details to go over, so here they are…

Using Google Trends for market research is a great option. At the very top, upper-right of the page you will see:

  • The Search Bar
  • Start With An Example
  • Latest Stories & Insights
  • And more… simply scroll down the page

The search bar is of course used just like any typical Google search, you just input what you want to look for and you’ll get the results. On top of those results you will also be presented with alternative results, similar results and other various data you can use to expand your current search to help broaden (or even narrow) your research.

The example section is a nice detail allowing you to casually brows a few popular searches in your given geo-targeting. In case you’re not aware, you do have the option to choose which country you’d like to search trends for and your results will be customized for the particular location you have selected. Looking at starting examples is a fast way to get ideas if you’re casually hunting around for them.

google trends stats

Latest stories and insights is something you’ll see when on the homepage for Google trends. It offers you a quick rundown of how the new Google insights features work as well as what sort of data you can expect to retrieve from it. It’s actually quite helpful and worth taking a glance at, even if only for a moment. Though in many cases you probably won’t be using all of the features that this trends tool has to offer, it is nice to know that they are at your fingertips when necessary.

Once you use the search bar in Google trends for market research you’ll be greeted with something perhaps a bit more familiar… the trends page.

google trends market research

The image above is probably more what you’re used to. On each trending results page you’re going to have access to a variety of different types of data and it’s all useful in some way. Down at the very bottom is where you’ll see related topics & queries which are great for expanding your initial search terms. It’s important to know that this style of research is meant to be very broad at first, then you start chopping it all down until you settle on something specific you’d like to target and market.

Trending Searches

If you pay attention to nothing else in this article, pay attention to this!

Google has a really great page called Trending Searches and it can be used to discover what others are looking for in a general sense as well as doing the same for specific search terms such as “affiliate marketing” or anything else you’d like to find trends for. Here is the webpage so you can take a look at it: Google Trending Searches US-Specific

trending searches

It’s American Football season at the time of posting for this article so you can see the trends are heavily related to that. This is an excellent way to see what’s already being heavily searched for so you can jump on the wave and ride it all the way to profits where it makes sense to do so.


Facebooks current trend searching options are a lot more user friendly once you learn how to use them, check them out:

There is an entire section of Facebook dedicated to collecting trending data and all that information is presented in such a way that you can casually browse through it and find some very helpful information to suit your needs.


It would be a great idea to take some time to familiarize yourself with this insights page and click through to some of the options given to you. Trends are everywhere and sometimes they’re specific to a particular platform. Since Facebook is such a huge platform it’s safe to say they have more than enough data to give you a very clear idea of what people are spending their time scrolling through and clicking on for further details.


Here is a helpful webpage:

As you can see… this isn’t about Twitter’s website it’s self but instead a very handy tool called trends24.

This site allows you to keep track of various trends on twitter over the course of multiple hours which means you have a lot of up to date data to work with. Not only that but you also have the option to choose from multiple countries, so that’s really helpful.

Alternatively there is a “tag cloud” feature which will display the most popular trending subjects at the top, working it’s way to the lesser popular options as the list goes further down the page.


Now we discuss how to use this data in an effort to bring more traffic to webpages and of course more conversions!

You write your articles, follow SEO best practices, use related images and you can even embed video onto the page (never link out to a video on another site in this specific case) and then have your offer at the bottom and top of the article. This way you effectively double your chances of it being clicked on.

Do not have any clickable links within the body of your article unless it leads to your offer. In many cases linking out to other sites is a great way to signal to Google your page is worth ranking higher in the SERPS, but in this specific case don’t do that because these articles / pages are not necessarily meant to stick around long so it doesn’t matter.

YouTube Traffic

Here is the webpage:

Chances are fairly high that your pages are not going to rank on their own. You will need help and this is where YouTube comes in handy. Not only that but just about any social media site can do the same, though you don’t want to risk spamming so use these with caution. It is possible to lose your accounts if you spam with them, don’t do that because it’s not worth it unless you’re prepared to deal with that situation.

The idea here is to use YouTube rankings in both the YouTube site it’s self and of course on Google. This means that you will need to conduct a bit of keyword research using the keyword planner tool in Google, and then write your trending articles based around these keywords as well as including these keywords in the title of your YouTube video and putting them in the description too.

Coming up with the videos is the hardest part here but you can use some free resources available at the whim of a Google Search. It’s possible to make videos for the purpose of quick traffic using this YouTube method very quickly… VERY quickly!

The better your videos look the higher your click through rates will be to the links in your descriptions, so just keep that in mind. And you may be wondering why I haven’t mentioned the trending section of YouTube it’s self and that’s because it’s a well know quirk of the site that the trending section is curated and not an actual reflection of what’s truly trending on YouTube. So it’s basically worthless for this purpose.

That’s about it, the rest is up to you.

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