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Great Business Ideas For 2019 That Anyone Can Start Today



Before we get started with the list of the best business ideas to make money, it’s important to discuss your goals and desires for starting an online business. What type of business suits you best, what are you looking for in a business? Do you want automation? Is it important there be some level of predictability in your online business ideas? Should it be primarily product based, or service based? These are things to consider and hold in the back of your mind as you read through the rest of this article…

Let’s get started with some of the hot new business ideas!

Affiliate Marketing

At the top the best business ideas to make money is what we’re all familiar with… good old fashioned affiliate marketing. It’s inexpensive to get started, it’s easy to maintain at a lower level and just about anyone can jump into this type of business from almost anywhere in the world! It’s practically perfect for those of us looking to live that “laptop lifestyle” just keep in mind it does take work (and usually a small budget) to get started. Sure, you can  jump into this stuff for almost nothing but the cost of a computer and internet but if you want to compete with the big boys you will need an advertising budget of at least a few hundred dollars per month, so keep that in mind.

Affiliate & CPA Marketing is something we specialize in teaching here at Powerhouse Affiliate. If you’d like to see what we can teach you then have a look at our main website… Here is a link for you to click.

Etsy Storefronts

If you’ve got an artistic side and don’t mind putting in the work to craft your own wares for a profit then this may just be the option for you. This platform started out as a place for crafters to put their home-made goods up for sale but it’s expanded now to include many different categories of ‘stuff’. Take a look for yourself over at the Etsy-Website.

(here’s a video on how to start your own Etsy Shop)

Simple items which can be personalized tend to sell well on this website. If you find some way to produce things such as pillows, wedding favors, mugs and to a lesser degree even various clothing items (usually the more specialty, the better) then you can carve your own path to success with Etsy in only a matter of a few weeks or a couple months. This website does have the benefit of being a traffic-hub with a built in customer base, however, you can’t rely only on this fact to get people over to your own Etsy page as competition does exist and it tends to be a bit on the heavy side these days. But if your stuff is good and if you practice excellent customer service then you stand a very good chance of turning a few bucks into a few hundred or possibly more per week with Etsy.

General E-Commerce & Shopify

Once upon a time it used to be expensive to build your own online shop… those days are gone now. With the invention of platforms such as Shopify and others like it you can now simply sign up for your own account and be promoting a new webstore in a matter of hours or days. Just about all your technical needs will be taken care of for you, you only need to maintain the shop and keep all your plugins and the like up-to-date.

Running your own e-shop is pretty much like running your own micro-Amazon or any similar website which specializes in selling products to the general public. The great part about this is that you are not limited by any other corporation in terms of what you can sell because you’ll be running your own shop all by yourself. This does mean you will have to pull traffic in on your own but with the help of social / viral marketing this is usually really simple to do. It will require a budget however, running an e-commerce site does require startup capital so be mindful of this fact.

if you are looking for the best startup ideas of 2019 than we have a really helpful topic on how to start your own Shopify store in our private member’s only forum. It covers everything you should know from signing up for your own Shopify account all the way down to running your very first ad to get traffic to your store. If you’d like to check it out then have a look at our Powerhouse Affiliate homepage for details on how to join forces with us, we’d love to have you there!

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Amazon As A Product-Seller or eBook Publisher

Before we jump into this one it’s only fair to warn you that becoming an Amazon FBA seller used to be super simple, but it is no longer. There is a pretty large set of hoops you have to jump through and that is even if you do get accepted because more people are being turned away now than ever before!

There is a great channel on YouTube which is ran by a cool guy who has found success with the FBA business model and if you’d like some very practical tips on getting started as well as tons of inspiration to lead you in the right direction then you should check him out…

Here is a link to his YouTube channel: Rules For Rebels

There are some startup expenses associated with this method and they are roughly as follows:

  • An Amazon Professional Sellers Account at $40 per month
  • Advertising Expenses to bring Traffic to your Offers $100+ per month
  • Inventory Expenses to stock up on products you’ll be selling
  • Possible Expenses to obtain a legitimate business license in your local area

The process of fulfilling orders via Amazon’s FBA program is very straightforward.

  1. Hunt for products which are proven to turn a profit
  2. Source these products for your own shop
  3. Place them up for sale
  4. Direct traffic to your offers (Amazon has built-in traffic) but it’s good to get your own
  5. Amazon handles the ordering process, the shipping and any returns you may get from customers, you basically take care of the front end work and they handle the backend

It is possible to earn a very comfortable living with this type of business model if you are willing to put the work in but be warned that you are relying on Amazon to keep your account alive which is sometimes a roll of the dice. They have been known to shut down entire business at the drop of a hat based on some ambiguous “violation” of their very poorly worded terms of service. So if you are going to play nice with Amazon then expect to have a bumpy ride at some point and under no circumstance should you make this your only means of income!

Become A Virtual Assistant / Freelancing

Think of this one as being your own boss, but still being an ‘employee’ instead of the business owner. Granted we all still tend to do a lot of our own work, when you are the VA for someone else’s business you are being hired to do the work they want to distribute out to you in order to lighten their own workload.

If you develop a favorable reputation as a virtual assistant then you stand to make a lot of money doing this, just keep in mind this is legitimate work and you will have to spend typical work-hours getting tasks done just as any employee would. In fact, a lot of really good VA’s get so much work thrown at them after ‘word of mouth’ picks up that they often hire other VA’s to help them do it all!

There are a few places you could get started and the biggest of them all for right now seems to be a website called UpWork.

If for some reason UpWork isn’t to your liking then there are more options out there, here are a few:

If you find yourself wanting to learn more to bump-up your own skills in an effort to fetch higher paying jobs then you can always head over to Udemy or Teachable and take a few classes to put that extra pep in your virtual assistant step.

Wrapping It All Up

Sometimes all we need is a kickstart to get us going, that’s what the purpose of this article is. Perhaps something you’ve seen here can help you get started so you’ll find your own success, but in the meantime if you’d like to learn more about how affiliate & cpa marketing works consider giving us a shot. We specialize in teaching just about everything you need to know in order to succeed in this industry, we know what we teach because we actually do this stuff ourselves. Check out Powerhouse Affiliate for yourself by clicking on our logo below.

Powerhouse Affiliate

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