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Google’s Algorithm Change to Favour Mobile – Impacts on Affiliate Marketing?

Mobilegeddon, as internet marketers would call it was the implementation of Google’s new algorithm change that favors mobile friendly websites (mobile-optimized) in search rankings.

Responsive Vs Mobile Optimized

As smartphone penetration increases in the US, Google wants to make sure that users will find it convenient to browse websites on the device that they are using. Google has also announced last May 5, that mobile (smartphones only) search hits have surpassed desktop. So, affiliate marketers using Google affiliate program have to mobile affiliate network. These are going to be the best paying affiliate programs.

Now, how will this change affect your affiliate marketing efforts?


Brands are now obliged to create a mobile optimized website for their products and offers. Studies show that after the implementation of the algorithm, nearly 50% of non-mobile friendly sites dropped in search rankings. [1] Websites that were in position no. 4 dropped to 54 when the study concluded.

Mobile Friendly Gains and losses

Pre-mobilegeddon (left) site evaluation was done April 17, post mobilegeddon (right) was on May 18.


Does your network have the capacity to track app down loads and in-app purchases? This is one important factor to check with your affiliate marketing network. Cross device tracking has to be present as well – here, your affiliate marketing network must be able to track from which traffic source the user converted. This is applicable if you are running offers on several platforms – desktop, mobile, search, social, etc. Lastly, your network should also track purchases from ALL mobile OS – Android, RIM, iOS, Windows, etc.


Image from Zeendo

Here are important questions you need to ask yourself as an affiliate:

  1. Are your offers compatible with mobile?
  2. Are you familiar proper mobile tracking methods?

If you answered yes on both questions, its time you go mobile. Below are stats on which offers to run based on the consumer’s online purchase behavior for 2015.

Us Digital Ads Spending

Retail still leads consumer spending in the US as of Q1 2015, followed by financial services.


US consumers on mobile purchase record shows they have spent highly on retail, followed by mass merchants and travel. Data as of Q1 2015.

There is no sense in spending for mobile traffic if your offers are not mobile friendly. Most users who click on your ad will exit the page because their mobile purchase journey was not convenient.

Our takeway? Mobile is not to be ignored. It will continue to grow and increase.

[1] Mobilegeddon: Nearly 50% of Non-Mobile Friendly URLs dropped in rank, E. Enge, June 2015, Web

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