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Getting A Razor Sharp Edge On Facebook’s EdgeRank


Facebook is huge, with over 1.5 Billion registered accounts worldwide it’s no secret this social media giant is the place you and your business need to be. In case you wanted to see what that number looks like it’s 1,500,000,000 registered users- that is one thousand five hundred million users!

As Facebook continues to lead as the most popular social media platform to date brand new innovations in their ranking algorithms and the way in which they present their users with popular content is always being shifted around to best suit the end-user. One of the best ways you can put your business in the mix is by having your own business oriented fan page. With a Facebook Fan Page it will be possible to keep your brand, products and services at the forefront of your audiences’ minds.

It should be noted that when dealing with a social media juggernaut like Facebook there are never any guarantees. That said however, there are steps you can take to help ensure your content will be displayed to your audience and that’s what we’ll be going over in this article- how to get an edge on Facebook’s Edgerank.

Discover The Edge

What is Facebook Edgerank? Let’s discus and see how Facebook uses it for a moment.
Facebook Edgerank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine which content is displayed to the viewer via their News Feed. Though Facebook no longer officially uses the term ‘Edgerank’ make no mistake about it, the algorithm is still very much in use and is updated regularly to account for marketing trends and user habits.

When Edgerank was originally introduced by Facebook it took three things into account which then determined what content should be displayed to the end-user, that being your audience members. These three factors were:

  • Affinity Score
  • Edge Weight
  • Time Decay

Affinity score was and still is used to show how strong the relationship is between the user and the brand, or whatever the user happened to be looking at to put it in simple terms. It’s pretty basic at its core. The more a user would interact with a particular brand’s posts, be it clicking links, liking a page, commenting or whatever, the affinity score for that brand would go up which makes it more likely for that particular user to see more of the brand’s post in their news feed in the future.

Edge weight is determined by the user’s own actions and how they relate to a brand’s posts. For example, things such as commenting, liking a post, sharing and the like all help to determine edge weight between a user and a brand. Every single action has a different weight value meaning that each piece of content distributed by any particular brand would be deemed more important based on the interactions with it from various users. Just as an example, if you see a post that has far more shares than likes it might be safe to assume that specific post has a more favorable look in Facebook’s algorithm due to the fact people want to share that piece of content more than simply clicking a like button.

Time decay is a simple concept to grasp. Basically, it’s a factor which takes the age of a post into account. That means the older a post is, the less likely it is to be seen by users. This means that if someone were to log off Facebook for an extended period of time then come back the chances are very high they simply will not see an old post. In recent updates Facebook has added a few new features into their news feed which allows the user to revisit old posts but this only seems to apply to that individual’s own personal posts so it won’t have any benefit to your business or brand but you never know what Facebook will do in the future.


Why Does EdgeRank Even Matter?

Facebook is massive in its potential reach. With so many people logging on every day it’s a no brainer that anyone looking to advertise their message or get their brand out to the masses needs to utilize Facebook to its full potential.

With around 1.5 Billion users worldwide, and the internet landscape constantly changing, it’s just good practice to keep on the edge of what’s working and Facebook Edgerank will help you do this if you use it to your advantage. One place you can always count on to help you keep ahead of the pack and keep your business front and center is at the Affiliate Forum.

A Few Tips To Get You Started

Here are a few great tips to help you optimize your Facebook marketing efforts in advance. Though these may seem to be common sense it’s vital to be sure you take them into account when representing your brand on Facebook.


Always make sure the quality of your post is top notch. Make every effort to post only the most up to date information which is both relevant to your brand and targeted to your specific audience.


There is so much content on the internet today and more is being produced at a phenomenal rate every single day. I think it’s no secret that due to this the attention span of the average reader has gone down so to be sure they get your message you should make it short and sweet… get to the point as elegantly and effectively as possible each and every time.

Pictures & Video

Images and video will win the game every time when compared to simple, plain text posts. If you want your message to be received you want to always be attaching a picture or video along with your text. Remember that the majority of Facebook users are on their phones and they love to just scroll, scroll, scroll. Don’t get passed up because you didn’t put something to catch their eyes while they’re scrolling.


Don’t be afraid to prompt your audience for certain actions. Give them a reason to click that like button, tell them to share your post if they agree, like, or even dislike it so they can share their own opinions with all their friends- in turn getting your message out even further and reaching more people. Encouraging people to do things like make posts on your fan page, share their opinions on existing posts, and even asking them to share their own photos and videos on your page for others to engage with are all excellent ways to help boost your ranking.


The age of your posts have an effect on its visibility. Because of this it’s vital that you are always updating your page with new and fresh posts. Daily is not a bad idea but even just a few times a week would help boost your visibility.


Audience Insights

One of the big reasons you want activity on your own Facebook fan page is for the demographic charts that Facebook provides to every user who has a fan page.

Imagine having access to details such as age ranges, geographic locations of your audience, other pages they like, their spending habits, how they like to live, and the details go on and on. This is what makes Facebook such a powerhouse for advertisers and affiliate marketers. You can draw your demographics in with such pinpoint accuracy it’s only a matter optimizing campaigns to see profits and success.

There are so many more awesome things to learn about Facebook’s platform and how to use fan pages and even their own correct PPC campaign setup. If you’d like to learn more about it you can head over to the Affiliate Forum site. The premium information you’ll learn there through the premium membership is top notch and a sure bet for anyone looking to get an edge.

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