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Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2



Realistic Goal Setting

It’s very important to set reasonable goals for yourself when starting out. The process of stepping from one small victory to the next in an effort to build up to larger victories is how things get done with efficiency.

This lesson is a very short one as there’s just not much to cover…

Think of this lesson  more as a friendly pep-talk & reminder that you can reach your destination, it only takes planning out the right steps and a “never give up” attitude!

Where Are You Starting From?

how to start affiliate marketing

We all start from different places with regard to finances and personal experience. However, when it comes to practical insight into the methods of affiliate marketing specifically, we all start from the bottom and must work our way up.

There are different levels of operation with regard to affiliate marketing. The great news is that even those of us who operate at the novice level can make a killing when it comes to that whole “making money” thing.

By the end of best affiliate marketing course you’ll have the knowledge required to take you beyond novice status. You won’t quite be at the elite level, that only comes with experience and there is only one way to get that… go out there and do this thing!

Walk Before You Run!

Everything needs to happen in steps. Putting one foot in front of the other is the only way you’ll get anywhere and when it comes to affiliate marketing that concept is no exception.

affiliate marketing concept

In the lessons following this one you will learn the steps (in order) necessary to set up your own affiliate business. We’ll go over:

  • Finding a profitable niche for affiliate marketing blog
  • Which tools are necessary to help you succeed
  • How to find stuff to sell
  • Building your website
  • Various marketing methods you can use
  • Different ways to get traffic
  • How to track everything for optimization and profit

As you progress through your lessons you’ll be introduced to concepts and terms which will be defined in that moment. It’s usually easier to grasp something when it’s within it’s proper context, so that’s how this entire series of lessons was designed to flow.

From this point forward things are going to be more “matter of fact”. All the introductory stuff is out of the way and it’s time to get down to basics.

Coming up we’ll go over the process of setting up various accounts you will probably need in order to perform all necessary tasks covered within this affiliate marketing course.

Not everything covered in the next section is absolutely necessary but it is probably a good idea to have each account set up in the event you decide you’re ready to utilize them. Be sure to store all your logins some place safe where you won’t forget or lose them, account recovery sometimes doesn’t go as smoothly as we would hope so it’s best to avoid that whole thing all together. However, in the event you do lose your log-in details… recovery is an option.

Setting Up Accounts And Tools

Every professional needs tools & that’s no different in affiliate marketing.

Setting Up Accounts And Tools

What we’ll cover in this lesson is the process of setting up various accounts for a number of different tools & services you’ll find helpful along your affiliate marketing journey.

This entire lesson is pretty straight forward so lets jump right into it.


It’s a good idea to set up one central email account where you can store details for all the other accounts you’ll be using.

Do to the fact this one account will store vital information for all your other accounts it’s an extremely important idea to guard it well.

Create Your Gmail Account

Navigate over to the Google Gmail website, the link below takes you directly to it.

Google loves to change the layout and look of their webpages very often so what you see up above may be different than how their page looks at any given moment… but that isn’t very important.

The idea is to look at the page, find the option which says: Create Account

Then go through the steps laid out for you to set up your new Gmail account.

create gmail account

Setup 2 – Step Authentication

Once you’re in your new account (after creating it of course) you’ll want to do the following:

Click the little square icon in the upper right corner of the window which looks like this.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2 1

From that point, simply follow the steps outlined in the animated image below.


When you see a “gif” image like the one below, simply click on it to play it. Click it again to make it stop if you would like to. This process can be repeated over & over to start the animation from the beginning at any time.GIF

gmail screenshot

The steps shown in the image above are outlined as follows:

  • Log into your account. (if you’re not logged in already)
  • Click the “Google Apps” icon in the upper right… it looks like a bunch of small squares.
  • Click the icon which says “My Account”.
  • Click “Sign-In & Security”.
  • Scroll down until you see “2-Step Verification” then click on it.
  • Click the button which says “GET STARTED”.
  • Enter your Gmail account password then click “NEXT”.

Now you simply follow the prompts, enter your cell phone number and continue on accordingly. You will be asked to verify a code which will be sent to your phone via text and after that your authentication should be all set up.

From that point forward you will have to log into your account with your password as usual, but you will then be sent a code via text message you’ll have to enter on top of the password in order to login and access your account.

Now that your ‘Master Account’ is set up and ready to use, you’ll be using this account when you sign up for your other accounts. Anytime you’re asked for an email, just use the one you created here. Of course, if you wish to go with a different email provider you can, the concept of having one central account is what’s important.

Paypal For Processing

Setting up an account with Paypal is very straightforward.

Here Is A Direct Link To PayPal

A quick note on this subject however… You don’t have to use Paypal if you wish not to. It’s being used here strictly as an example. You can use just about any payment processor or merchant account you desire. It is understood that not every payment processor will do business with every country or territory so it will be important to keep that in mind. Any questions regarding specifics with these companies can not be answered by Powerhouse Affiliate, you will instead need to contact that processor and inquire with them.

paypal for affiliate

When creating your account with PayPal you’ll have an option to make one which is “personal” or one for a business. It’s a good idea to read through the terms of service to be sure you know which one is a better fit for you.

That said, a personal account would do fine, but you get access to more tools if you go with the business account. If you wish to start with a personal account and then transition that into a business account, that’s an option too.

Keep in mind that once you have a business linked with your PayPal account it’s final. You can’t change it, you’re stuck with it.

Most payment processors (probably all of them) will let you link a credit card or DEBIT card to your account, as well as a bank account. It’s a good idea to do this for ease of use when transferring funds to and from your bank.

In a previous lesson there were a number of other payment processors shared, here is that list again for convenience sake:

fund transfer methods

The list above is in no way conclusive. There are many options out there, in a bunch of varieties for different needs. It would be a good idea to browse through them with consideration to details such as:

  • what they charge for transaction processing
  • if there are any additional fees
  • where they operate and
  • what countries they deal with (and don’t deal with, if any) and etc.

ClickBank Product Marketplace

This is the famous website…


Setting up an account with is pretty straightforward.

Here Is A Link To Clickbank

When you visit the website for clickbank you’ll see the homepage which will look something like the image above.

Locate the tab which says “CREATE ACCOUNT” and click it to be taken to the account setup page.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2 2

Simply enter the appropriate information into the required fields.

Click the “Next Step” button.

On the following page you’ll be required to enter your payment processing and payment info. You’ll have a field for your SSN or EEN numbers, you will be able to select your appropriate country and once everything is filled out you’ll be able to head to the next step.

Account Information is the next step where you’ll be able to read the contract agreement between you and clickbank, as well as pick a username & set your password which will both be used to login to your clickbank account in the future.

Once that is done you’ll be asked how you plan to use clickbank. Your options will be as an affiliate or a vendor. Initially, you’ll want to join as an affiliate as this is the subject of this entire course. In the future if you wish to sell your own products on clickbank you will need to create an entirely new account and set that one up as a vendor.

Be sure to check the email account you used to signup as you will have a verification message from Clickbank waiting for you. Simply follow the instructions in that email and you will be able to finalize your account by verifying it.

Aweber (Email Autoresponder)

You’ve probably heard the term “Email Marketing” in the past. It’s a straightforward concept of collecting leads (people who shown an interest in your offer & sign up to join your list) and then sending out emails in a strategic manner.

One of the contenders in the email-autoresponder industry is a company called Aweber.

Here Is A Direct Link To Aweber

Aweber used to offer a $1 trial for your first month but they have since jumped on the Free For One Month bandwagon, that’s great news for us!

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2 3

The setup process is straightforward. You will need:

  • Your personal information
  • Billing information (more on this soon)
  • Then you just start using your account… that simple

Now, when you sign up you will need to provide a credit card. It won’t be charged unless you keep the account past the 30 Day Free Trial mark.

Here Is A Link On How To Cancel Your Account

Cancellation is extremely simple, there are no questions asked, you just go through the steps outlined in the link above and you’re done.

If you are following the lessons outlined for you within this training course however, you probably won’t want to cancel your Aweber account. Email marketing and the process of collecting leads is VERY lucrative as you will see for yourself when we jump into the section on email marketing in the near future.

Bing Ads

Bing started out much smaller than it is now, and though it’s still not nearly as big as Google it’s a very good resource for PPC Advertising.

Here Is A Direct Link To Bing Ads

In many cases you might find that your PCC costs in Bing is smaller than Google which is always a good thing. The fact of the matter is that you’re going to want to eventually start testing out multiple advertising sources (once you reach that level) to see which performs better for your specific needs.

You’ve probably gathered by now that these advertising platforms require you to use a credit card when signing up. They each walk you through their individual required steps and you can rest assured that you won’t accumulate any charges onto your credit card until you start actually running ads.

BeMob (Tracking & Stats Tool)

The truth of the matter is that your level of success is going to depend on your ability to track how much advertising money and expenses are going out vs. how much revenue is coming in. The better you can do this the higher your profit margins will rise.

Here Is A Direct Link To BeMob

We’ll be covering this tracking tool in more detail in a future lesson. For now, you can either set up an account and take a look around at it’s dashboard yourself, or hold off for awhile until we jump into this in more detail as it’s going to require some specific details & things to keep in mind for optimal use.

introducing the technology of sixth sense

Stay Tuned For Part #3!

Bill Dorey

Super Affiliate at Powerhouse Affiliate
Bill Dorey has been in the internet marketing industry for the past 9 years.Bill has explored many aspects of the industry from working for Affiliate Networks & Advertisers to generating 7 figures as an Affiliate.
Bill Dorey
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Affiliate Tips

Top 12 Tips to Create an Affiliate Marketing Ebook



Affiliate marketing ebooks are often used to market and sell products. However, the book can’t be all about sales. It has to be educational, entertaining and value-driven.

In this article, we will explore the best ways to create affiliate marketing books that help boost your affiliate marketing sales.

As a bonus, I will also cover a short list of best affiliate marketing books and resources at the end of this article. (Unrelated to this article, but will help you in promoting your affiliate marketing book.)

1. Choose a product niche for your affiliate marketing ebook

choose niche - affiliate marketing ebook

First of all, choose an affiliate product niche that you know about. It’s important to write about a topic you are good at. You can always get to know more about a product through research, as long as you have an interest in the topic and would love to learn about it. 

Also, ensure that the product you’re choosing has a good market. Your effort will be worth it if the product has a good demand in the market.

2. Find the right affiliate programs

choose an affiliate program

Identify good and reliable affiliate programs that offer the affiliate products you chose. 

There are five things to look at while choosing an affiliate program—Program’s brand positioning, product offering, commission rate, cookie duration and payment methods.

There are many reliable affiliate programs out there. Some give great commissions, some have longer cookie durations, while some have such good brand reputation that they make up in volume what they lack in commission rates.

Some good affiliate programs out there are Amazon Associate program (includes Amazon ebook affiliate program), Powerhouse Affiliate Program (our very own), CJAffiliates, ShareASale, etc.

3. Make a sheet of affiliate links

sheet of affiliate links

This step is optional, but I always suggest that you make an Excel or Google Sheet of your selected affiliate links. This helps you find all the relevant products links in one place.

It doesn’t have to be an exhaustive list. Choose the products carefully, so that you can plan your affiliate marketing ebook around them.

4. Write a working title of your ebook

writing a title of your ebooks

Do some research on Amazon Kindle Store and see what books in your niche have good reviews. This will give you an idea about what people like to read about.

Write a few working titles for your ebook. Choose one to start with. This will make the base for creating an outline for the book and writing it. A title works as a broad theme that you keep in mind while writing the book. It can give a book direction. 

For example, if my ebook is for selling home products, then I can write a book called ‘Organize Your Home and Save a Year of Your Life’ or ‘A Clean Home to Declutter Your Personal Life’.

You can always change the title of your ebook later, if you feel like it. You can also skip this step and start without a working title. It is recommended, but not compulsory.

5. Read a few popular ebooks in your niche

read ebooks in your niches

Read a few popular ebooks in your niche to understand what people like. This will help you write better by understanding what users want to read. It will also give you writing ideas. You can always write on an existing topics from a fresh perspective.

6. Create an outline of your affiliate ebook

create an outline of your book

To make your writing process more streamlined, it is best to create an outline for it. This will save you time while writing and editing the book. This is how the best writers write their books. They create a wireframe of the book and then start writing.

This will also help you plan where to add your affiliate links and suggestions so that the readers are convinced to purchase those products.

7. Write your ebook or hire a freelancer

writing affiliate marketing ebook

This is the most important step of this whole exercise. Write your ebook to genuinely help people on a subject. You can even write your book to entertain the readers. Either way, your book should deliver real value to your audience.

Many people end up writing affiliate marketing ebooks that are too salesy. This can put off readers and get you bad reviews on Kindle and other ebook stores. Promote your affiliate products passively in the book.

Create a story or a theme that readers can relate to. Once they feel connected with you, you are more likely to sell affiliate products to them.

If you are busy or think that writing is not something you are good at, you can even hire a freelancer to write the affiliate marketing ebook for you.

8. Add affiliate links to your ebook

add affiliate links to ebook

Add affiliate links to your ebook at the right places. Do not add links where the pitch is to salesy. Always be subtle in your promotions. Deliver content value to readers while suggesting an affiliate product.

9. Edit and proofread the ebook

proofread affiliate ebook

Some people are really particular about spelling and grammar. Edit and proofread your book or take the help of a professional to do so. People can give a book bad reviews just because of some punctuation or grammatical mistakes.

10. Design your ebook and format it

design your ebook

Once you have written your ebook, format it as per the requirements of Amazon Kindle Store or other such ebook stores. Format your book neatly. Use readable fonts and heading styles. Convert your ebook to PDF and other acceptable formats.

11. Publish your ebook for affiliate products (and pricing)

publish your ebook

Once your book is ready, publish it on Amazon Kindle Store and other such places. You can give your ebook for Free to begin with, till it gathers some good reviews. Later, you can increase the price, as you like.

People tend to download Free ebooks a lot. So, starting with an affiliate marketing free ebook is always a good idea. Some books do well even if they are paid, but to get to that point, it’s good to gather some good reviews.

12. Promote your ebook

promote your ebook

Once you have created and published your ebook, promote it through various modes. You can create a website for affiliate marketing ebooks.

Search engine optimizing your website will help you get traffic through search engines. You can even promote your ebook through paid Ads on search engines and social media. Organic social media promotions can also help.

Best Affiliate Marketing Books and Resources

best affiliate marketing books

Also, as I promised, here’s a list of some of the best books on affiliate marketing. There are also various free affiliate marketing courses to help you learn how to promote a website.

  1. Ebook (Paid): Affiliate Marketing: The Beginner’s Step by Step Guide to Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing by Kevin Ulaner
  2. Ebook (Paid): Passive Income: Ideas – 35 Best, Proven Business Ideas for Building Financial Freedom in the New Economy – Includes Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Dropshipping and Much More! by Chandler Wright
  3. Ebook (Paid): Affiliate Marketing: How to make money and create an income by A Anderson
  4. Ebook (Free): The Beginner’s Affiliate Marketing Blueprint: How to Get Started For Free And Earn Your First $10,000 In Commissions Fast! (Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing in 2019 Beginners Edition) by Alex Marketing
  5. Online course (Free): Powerhouse Affiliate Marketing Course by Joey Babineau

All the best with your ebook affiliate marketing project and feel free to leave a comment below if you have any queries.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks on affiliate marketing.

Bill Dorey

Super Affiliate at Powerhouse Affiliate
Bill Dorey has been in the internet marketing industry for the past 9 years.Bill has explored many aspects of the industry from working for Affiliate Networks & Advertisers to generating 7 figures as an Affiliate.
Bill Dorey
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Affiliate Tips

The Fastest and Best Way to Learn How to Sell Affiliate Products



learn how to sell affiliate products

When you begin an affiliate marketing website, it seems like a mammoth task to learn how to sell affiliate products. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I understand that the task can seem overwhelming with so many things required to be done and learnt. 

Here are all the things that one needs to learn to sell affiliate products:

  1. Choosing a niche for the products to sell
  2. Creating a website for affiliate marketing (plus hosting the website on a good web host)
  3. Finding the right affiliate networks and programs to work with
  4. Creating content for the website
  5. Promoting the website through various organic, social and paid channels
  6. Analyzing website and campaign data to optimize content and Ads
  7. Monitoring the industry and market to find the right promotional and sales opportunities

All this can’t be learned in a day, but it’s good to remember that…

Rome was not built in a day!

You are not building an architectural wonder, but building an affiliate website is no less than making art.

There are various Gurus and websites teaching how to sell affiliate products. However, not many are authentic and not many really reveal the real best ways to sell affiliate products.

After being burnt by taking advice from many such affiliate gurus, I found a simple and free way to learn how to market affiliate marketing products. 

How I Started to Learn How to Sell Affiliate Products

starting to sell affiliate products

When I started my Edtech affiliate marketing website, I started learning from top marketing gurus in the world, by subscribing to their online content.

Their methods helped me set up a basic website and promote it moderately. There was still a gap in where I wanted to be. I was getting some traffic on the website, but I could not sell my affiliate products.

I had recently quit my job and I needed a project that actually helped me get back on my feet. It was a lot of struggle, but I kept at it.

I researched the market and realised that there was a lot of potential which I could tap if I had the right knowledge.

I was mostly experimenting with the tips and tricks revealed by these marketing Gurus, as I wasn’t able to spend on taking their paid services or courses.

Meanwhile, I also dabbled with courses and tips from ‘not so genuine’ marketing gurus out there.

How the ‘Gurus’ of Affiliate Marketing were Full of Empty Promises

teachers of affiliate marketing

There are some genuine marketing Gurus out there, while many are just out there to mint money. They sell their half-baked ideas or overpriced courses which do not reveal the actual ways to success.

Here are few types of promises and claims you’ll find online from such Fake Gurus:

  • Learn how I make $10,000 per month with affiliate marketing.
  • How to earn $1,000,000 per year with affiliate marketing.
  • How to get from zero to 100,000 visitors on your website per month.

And so on.

Over time, I have become wiser to not blindly follow the methods charted out by such Gurus, as they are often trying to sell their expensive programs.

They rehash the same old content available online and make bold claims about them discovering the best ways to sell affiliate products.

So, amidst a sea of such deceptive teachers, where do you go to actually learn affiliate marketing?

How to really learn to sell affiliate products?

In this post, I will reveal my experience and the place I learned how to market affiliate products.

Where I Learned How to Sell Affiliate Marketing Products!

where to learn how to sell affiliate marketing products

After going through all the available resources I mentioned above, I finally found a straightforward way to do things.

I signed up for a Free affiliate marketing course, which had clear deliverables. Well, since it was free and I had nothing to lose, I signed up for the course.

This is what I received from it:

  • A guide on who to create an affiliate marketing website (free templates for the website)
  • Tested methods on promoting an affiliate website through SEO, Paid Ads, and Social channels
  • An affiliate marketing Forum to discuss related topics (this is a great resource to learn from other’s successes and failures)
  • A step-by-step strategy to set up CPA campaigns that are cost-effective
  • A long-term strategy to make your affiliate website profitable

What I liked about this course is that there were no tall claims or unrealistic goals. It simply gave advice on the best practices to follow to sell affiliate marketing products and it worked!

The course is PowerHouse Affiliate’s Free affiliate marketing training.

It allows beginners and Pros to find the best way to sell affiliate products through its learning resources like:

Live case studies, Forums, Webinars, Access to affiliates and coaches, and other training material

There are over 85,000 people benefitting from their training.

They also suggest the best tools you can use to host, run and promote your affiliate website.

Did I Learn How to Market Affiliate Products? Did I Succeed?

how to market affiliate products successfully

I learnt a lot of things about how to sell affiliate products through this free course.

I not only improved my website, but I also moved to a better web host, which helped me get better rankings on the search engines.

The web and promotional tools suggested by PowerHouse Affiliate are freely available in the market, it’s just a matter of someone pointing them out to you.

I designed my promotions and campaigns strategically, as defined by the course, to get great click through rates.

Now, I attract relevant traffic of up to 150,000 users to my website each month. We all know that getting traffic is not everything. I had to work on my CTAs and content structure to convert that traffic.

I optimized the content for better results and inculcated some tips from affiliate experts I got connected to through the course. This helped me increase the conversion rate.

Now, my income ranges from $8000 to $15,000 a month. (Not to brag! 🙂

I am taking the time to share my experience so that other affiliates out there do not have to go through the same gruesome journey of spending a lot of time and money in learning what can be learned for free and in little time.

The only tip I will give to affiliate marketers out there is to Start Learning TODAY!

Do not delay the process of learning how to sell affiliate products, and do it through legitimate courses and sites.

You might find some hurdles, but it will be all worth it in the end.

Consider this post as a testimonial and my way to thank Powerhouse Affiliate for being a platform that cares about teaching actual affiliate marketing methods that work!

I hope you all find success in earning satisfactory affiliate income. 🙂


Bill Dorey

Super Affiliate at Powerhouse Affiliate
Bill Dorey has been in the internet marketing industry for the past 9 years.Bill has explored many aspects of the industry from working for Affiliate Networks & Advertisers to generating 7 figures as an Affiliate.
Bill Dorey
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Affiliate Tips

How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing in 5 Easy Steps



How to Create a Website for Affiliate Marketing in 5 Easy Steps

If you’re creating your first affiliate marketing website, then this guide on how to create a website for affiliate marketing will help you in the task through simple steps.

Building affiliate websites doesn’t have to be difficult. You can easily create your own website for affiliate marketing, if you know a few simple things about the setup process. Setting up an affiliate marketing website for posting content and promotions is simple and can be done without the help of professional developers.

In this article, we will discuss all the steps required to make an affiliate website.

What to Know Before Starting Affiliate Marketing

Before you start affiliate marketing, you should know a bit about how affiliate marketing works. 

You can learn about the best practices for affiliate marketing through any affiliate marketing course that can simply explain the concepts, tricks and tips for affiliate marketing.

How much does it cost for building affiliate marketing websites?

Building a website for affiliate marketing requires a small amount of money. You will have to spend a small amount on the Domain name and Web Hosting for your website. This cost can be anywhere from $3/month to $ 15/month or more. Remember to get a good hosting service for your website. I will cover how to buy a Domain name and Web Hosting later in this article.

How to create a website for affiliate marketing with little cost

Using the following steps on how to make an affiliate website, you can easily create a successful affiliate earning platform for yourself.

Quick jump to any step on how to make an affiliate marketing website:

Step 1: Choose an Affiliate Program

Step 2: Choose a Few Products to Promote on Your Affiliate Website

Step 3: Get Affiliate product links from your Affiliate program

Step 4: Create a website for affiliate marketing with little cost

Step 5: Create Compelling Content or Blog Posts Around Your Affiliate Products

These steps illustrate various image examples to show you how things look in real while setting up an affiliate website.

Here are the steps to ‘how to build an affiliate marketing website’:

Step 1: Choose an Affiliate Program

Choose an affiliate program that you’d like to work with. There are various amazing affiliate programs out there to choose from. Here’s a guide on how to choose an affiliate program that’ll work for you.

There are various affiliate marketing programs out there. Pick one that has the kind of products that you’d like to promote through your website, that offers a good commission plan, and that has flexible payment options.

You can choose from top affiliate marketing programs like Powerhouse Affiliate Program (our very own), Amazon Associates, eBay, Bluehost, and CJ Affiliates.

Step 2: Choose a Few Products to Promote on Your Affiliate Website

From your affiliate marketing program, choose a few products that you wish to promote on your website. For example, I have an education technology website, where I promote Edtech toys and games. 

All the content you write and the designs you create will focus around these products. Therefore, either choose a product you know about or are willing to research about.

Also, different products have different commission rates. Choose the products that can get you good returns. It should either have a high commission rate or the potential for high volume sales.

Affiliate marketers sell all sorts of things like web hosting services, online courses, gadgets, fashion products, workout products, and adventure sports merchandise.

Step 3: Get Affiliate product links from your Affiliate programs

Wondering, ‘How to create an affiliate link for my website?’

You will easily find your affiliate links on affiliate program platforms. These links contain reference to your unique affiliate ID. 

Here are a samples of an affiliate link on Amazon Associates:

How to create a website for affiliate marketing with affiliate links

Whenever you need to promote your affiliate products, use these affiliate link ONLY. This helps the Affiliate program track the clicks and sales that come through your website. You will get commissions on sales made only if the users purchase after clicking on your affiliate links.

Tip: Make an Excel or Google Spreadsheet for the products and their affiliate link. This will make it easier for you to find their links to add in your website’s blogs.

Step 4: Create a website for affiliate marketing with little cost

Wondering ‘how to setup an affiliate marketing website?’

In the following subsections, I will show you how to setup an affiliate marketing website with WordPress. WordPress affiliate website builder is free to use. It’s one of the largest website builders in the world. 

This affiliate website builder exercise will help you set up your affiliate business in no time.

4.a. Choose a Domain Name

The first thing to do when you are setting up an affiliate marketing website is to choose a domain name. 

How to create an affiliate website domain? Here’s how you do it.

Your Domain name is your website’s address. For example, this website’s domain name is This helps your users find you on the internet.

There are various domain name registrars out there. You can choose any registrar to purchase a domain name at a low price.

It’s not complicated! You can easily select a domain name on Bluehost (Get Your Free Domain), nameCheap and other such website.

4.b. Host Your Website

Your Web Host is the web server you rent to host your website on the internet. This helps your users see your website on the internet. There are a dime a dozen web hosts out there. If you are creating your first affiliate marketing website, then I suggest that you choose a basic service with a good web host.

Ensure that your web host allows easy WordPress installation, so that you can just choose a template and create a website in minutes. Also check that your web host offers good customer service and has an easy-to-use user panel.

Some of the web hosts like Bluehost are popular and cheap. You can read about Bluehost services below:

To secure your web server, you can add an SSL certificate to your hosting, to encrypt the communication between web browsers and web servers, so that your users can safely use your website.

bluehost domain for How to create a website for affiliate marketing

4.c. Create a WordPress Website | How to make an affiliate website for free

Once you have booked a domain name and purchased web hosting services, then all you need to do is go to your web hosting platform and click on WordPress Installation. WordPress is a great free affiliate website builder. 

When you click on WordPress Installation from your web host service, it will prompt you to choose a WordPress Template. 

After choosing a website template, you can just start working on your website’s pages and posts. WordPress makes it easy to build your own affiliate website.

I recommend that you spend some time knowing the following three things about your WordPress Website:

i) Know Your Dashboard

Spend some time knowing all the features and tools available to you on a WordPress Website. This will help you carry out all website maintenance related tasks easily.

ii) Set up General Information About your website

From the dashboard, go to Settings > General and set the Site Title, Tag Line, WordPress Address, Site Address, and Email Address.

The Site address should be ideally set in format. 

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2 4

iii) Try adding a page to the website

Website Pages are static pages or permanent fixtures of your website. Their names can be displayed in the Top navigation of your website.

Set up pages like About Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2 5

iv) Learn to Add Posts to the website

Use Posts section to add blogs to the website. Your blog page will be a dynamic page, so as you add more blog posts to your website, they will show on your Blog Post page. 

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2 6

You can decide the URL structure for your blogs in Settings > Permalinks.

Get Started With Affiliate Marketing/CPA Marketing Step by Step Free Course Part #2 7

And this is how you build an affiliate website. Now that you know how to create a website for affiliate marketing, I will tell you how to make that website effective in earning you commissions.

Step 5: Create Compelling Content or Blog Posts Around Your Affiliate Products

Create an affiliate marketing website that is impactful with good content. Content is the key to running a successful affiliate marketing business.

You need to write blog posts, create videos and infographics to deliver value to customers and motivate them to purchase your affiliate products.

Make affiliate website content your priority!

5.a. Write posts that are engaging and well-structured

The next thing to do is to create Affiliate Website content that is well-written and structured. Create good quality content, so that your users are motivated to return to read your blogs often. Add headings and subheadings to your posts, write short and clear sentences, and include useful information for users. Write product reviews, user guides, top product list, and so on.

5.b. Add Your Affiliate Product Links to Your Website Content and Calls to Action

In every blog post you write, include the affiliate links for your products. Include clear and motivating Calls to Action. This will ensure that users click on calls to action, which have your affiliate links, and purchase the products. This step is essential for you to earn commission through your affiliate activities.

5.c. Interlink Your Website Well

Always remember to interlink your website well. Link related blogs to each other. Always mention 2-4 other blogs in each blog. This will help reduce your website’s Bounce rate, and hence improve your ranking on search engines.

How to make an affiliate website successful? Promote Your Affiliate Marketing Website

Once you have created an affiliate website and started creating engaging content on a regular basis, you need to start marketing your website and blog posts to draw traffic to them. 

Setting up an affiliate marketing website brings fruits only after people start visiting your website and click on affiliate links to purchase products.

More traffic will convert to more sales and hence more commission. If you’re wondering how to make an affiliate website successful, refer to the following points.

Optimize Your Blog Posts for Search Engines

The first thing to do is find the right keywords for your website and blogs. Include those keywords on your website and in your posts. This will inform Google about the relevance of your content to the users searching for those keywords. Include your keywords in the Meta tags and content of your website. Interlink your website well to reduce Bounce rate. Create relevant and traffic-driving backlinks for your website.

Promote on Social Media

Another important promotion method is to post about your content on social media. Create a subscriber base on social media. Regularly post on social media, and promote your posts through organic sharing and paid Ads. Optimize your campaigns over time to get the maximum ROI.

Create an Email Marketing List

Email marketing goes a long way in building a strong base of loyal customers. Build an email marketing list, and send relevant content from time to that email list, so that the subscribers are motivated to positively engage with your marketing messages and content sent through emails. Add proper CTAs to your emails to get traffic to your website and sell affiliate products.

Run CPA campaigns

The last, and the most important way to promote your affiliate website and products is to run CPA campaigns. Take proper CPA marketing training to create campaigns that get you relevant traffic that is interested in purchasing the products that you are promoting through your posts. Optimize your CPA campaigns over time to get the best ROI.


Build affiliate websites that are relevant to your audience and product niche. Buy a domain name, and use good hosting services for your website. Use affiliate marketing website builder from WordPress to make your work easy.

After setting up an affiliate website, post relevant content that speaks to your customers and encourages them to purchase after clicking on your affiliate marketing links.

Building an affiliate website is worth it if it gets relevant user traffic who is willing to purchase. Nurture your audience through relevant email, social media and CPA campaigns.

Start an affiliate website promotion campaign that speak to your audience. Tweak your campaigns from time to time to get the best ROI.

We hope that this post on how to create a website for affiliate marketing helps you kickstart your affiliate business with ease.

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