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Five Tips in Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

In our previous post, we have shown you how to analyze data from your Facebook campaign.  Now, we will show you how to optimize Facebook ads using the same campaign we have previously highlighted. These tips are ways to further improve your campaign performance by using the results from a generic ad campaign or a campaign that has ended.


1. Creatives

If you ran several creatives pick the one that generated the highest clicks, CTR and relevance score. These metrics will serve as your guide as they are your KPIs.


We ran 3 different creatives with different copies but results show that creative no. 3 after the end of the campaign achieved the highest clicks & CTR. You may opt to use the same image and ad text copy on your next campaign.

2. Time of Day

Facebook has enabled advertisers to set specific days and times their ads are going to show on the audience’s feed. This option is only available if you have set your campaign spend to run on a lifetime Facebook budget.

Time of Day

Now, how do you know the best time to run your ads? Use the image below as a guide. Most people use different devices throughout the day. Depending on your goal, you may select suggested days and times.

Device Performance

If the majority of your sales come from desktop, it would be best to create a campaign that would run during weekdays and work hours only, as studies reveal that most users use desktop to search for a product during work hours only.

3. Placement Delivery

Facebook has recently added a feature wherein you can view demographics based on your campaign objective. You may use this to further improve the delivery of your ads. In the result below, the ads received clicks from 3 sources and none from desktop. You may choose to use these options in your next campaign instead of running in all traffic sources.

Placement Delivery

4. Segment Demographics

Use your audience data results wisely to get to know who clicks on your ads. In the results below, you may set-up your campaign in the following manner:

  • Men, 25-64 ears old (age & gender specific)
  • Men (gender specific)
  • 25-64 years old, all genders (age specific)


5. Contextual & Behavioral Targeting

We have seen most Facebook conversion optimization articles focusing on reach and skipping these targeting rules, but that leads to wastage. In a perfect world, one should only pay for traffic which would target the right audience. You may refer to the examples below.

  1. Insurance
    1. Contextual (what your audience usually searches/reads about) – Interested in business, travel and family relationships
    2. Behavioral (what your consumer is most likely to be according to their search behavior) – Family heads, businessman and frequent travelers
  2. Diet
    1. Contextual – Interested in health & fitness, food and entertainment
    2. Behavioral – Moms, millennials & generation Y (those who are 35 & up)

Contextual & Behavioral Targeting

Facebook is a great way to promote a product or  boost sales, but one must understand that to avoid paying for traffic which does not convert an advertiser MUST always make use of their campaign data wisely, that is effective Facebook conversion optimization.

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