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Finally An Awesome Exit Pop!



Finally An Awesome Exit Pop! 1


Hey guys have you tried to use an exit pop and noticed that the thing only comes up after the user already commits to exiting the page?  Here’s an awesome exit pop that grabs users right before they exit. What’s awesome is that you can start using now free!

All credit goes to Nicky Cakes for sharing this script on his blog.


To use this script paste it in between your head tags.

<script src=””></script>

exitpopped = 0;
showpop = 0;
delay = 3000;

setTimeout(function(){showpop = 1;}, delay);

if(e.pageY <= 5 && exitpopped == 0 && showpop == 1){
exitpopped = 1;
alert(“your exit pop code here!”);


Screen Shot:













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