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Don’t Get Sued Writing Garbage Advertorials



Don’t Get Sued Writing Garbage Advertorials 1

Yes you read that title right, we’re going to go over the finely tuned art-form of writing a killer Advertorial using advertorial best practices. These are the advertorials that not only pulls in those sweet-sweet sales and conversions but also won’t get you sued; how awesome is that!

Awesome ADS

For those of us who don’t yet know what the f-heck an advertorial is… They’re native advertisements which can be found on any number of different types of websites… think of it like this. You want to put an ad up on some website but you don’t want to be glossed over by the dreaded “ad-blindness” which plagues the majority of poorly crafted ads these days. How do you do this? The proper response to that question is “very sneakily my dear fellow marketer and internet alchemist.” (Is ‘sneakily’ even a word?)

Okay, jokes aside it basically works like this:

  • Find a target webpage you wish to advertise on
  • Take note of what sort of content populates said page
  • Gather up some killer info on the subject and make sense of it
  • Write a small article which is a blend of part info, part advertisement
  • The ratio of information to advertisement is roughly 80/20
  • Create an extremely bizarre or captivating image if one is permitted in the ad-spot
  • Launch the ad and monitor your stats for the duration of its life-span
  • Tweak and optimize as necessary

I know that may seem like a whole lot of junk to do and it is… but the good news is that it’s all really short, sweet and simple steps which honestly won’t take even the “newbiest” of new marketers more than maybe an hour to get through- and that time will drop dramatically as you continue to get better at doing this stuff.

Why Advertorials Work So Darn Well

Before we jump into the specifics of how to craft these little pieces of marketing magic let’s talk about why they work so well.

The short answer to this is simply that you are essentially borrowing the credibility of the website you’re advertising on. Although they are perfectly legal and completely ethical forms of advertising (provided you craft them in that way) the honest truth is that advertorials are a bit sneaky because the majority of people reading them will just naturally assume they’re looking at “just another article” on the site you’re advertising with.

Due to the variety these types of ads come in and all the different places you could put them it’s not hard to see why the native-ad has become king of the hill in recent years.

Advertorials come in a variety of flavors such as:

  • Listicles, or list style guides and articles
  • Informative video adverts which blend perfectly with the original site’s content
  • Full-sized articles which combine the craft of a sales page with solid article writing
  • These advertorials can be part of a page or five pages long or more!
  • Pretty much any form you can relay valuable information while setting a sales pitch works

Chances are extremely high that you’ve landed on a website which has a bunch of these sponsored posts and you have even probably read them and maybe even followed a few of them through to the sponsor’s website without even paying much notice to the fact you’ve just been converted on an effective advertorial. Hit up any major site and you’ll see they pretty much all have advertorials up in one form or another.


Take a look at that image above and notice the appearance of an article titled “11 Snaps only starbucks lovers will understand.” This looks like a typical list-style article you’d find on a site like BuzzFeed only this particular article is sponsored by Starbucks which effectively makes it an advertorial.


Directly above this text is another example of an advertorial found within The New York Times website. Once thing you’ll notice is the difference in how these ads are listed. BuzzFeed marks their ads by calling them “promoted” while the NYTimes calls them “paid post.”

Something you need to be aware of is every time you see one of these ads they’ll always be denoted in some way, you’ll probably never see an ad in any form on a legitimate site that isn’t somehow labeled as such; doing so is basically illegal and just considered a shady business practice.

In short, when created following the advertorial best practices, advertorials work so well because of the places they’re often times found and how they’re crafted to look like well written and informative articles instead of just some typical ad you’d find plastered up on any number of sites all over the internet. The power lies in the placement and format of these ads.

How To Write An Advertorial That Actually Works

The frame of mind you should approach these advertorials from is one of giving value. I hate using that phrase as I feel its way over used to death but it’s absolutely true in this case. You want to write an article based around whatever your offer is, but that isn’t enough. This article needs to be so informative, it needs to give so much value to the reader that they’ll love it over anything else they could possibly read on that website. In fact, you want it to be so awesomely informative that it’ll make the reader just forget about the site they’re on completely and want to go visit your site or offer and make that conversion thus landing you a sale!

I’m sure you’ve already considered this but what we’re effectively talking about writing here is a sales page which doubles as a tutorial or some sort of informative article that brings to light all the benefits and features of whatever your offer happens to be.

When you keep in mind that these articles should be mostly well crafted information and marginally sales-pitch then you have everything you need to formulate an effective advertorial.

It’s a good idea to keep the call to action near the bottom of the article. The reason for this is simply because pushing the product or offer before you’ve effectively given a solid case for the sale will often times yield in lower conversation rates. You might get people clicking over to your site just out of curiosity but when you recite your call to action after you’ve hyped up all the cool stuff your offer has in store for the reader then you stand a much higher chance of actually landing that sale because it only makes sense that people who read what you have to say all the way through are more likely to want to buy than those who don’t.

Study your target publication

Each site you wish to place an advertisement on will be unique in its own way. You need to study the details to know how your ad should be crafted. Looking for details such as:

  • Site context, is it a medical site, viral “entertainment” site, etc.
  • The layout is important, pay attention to how they organize their content.
  • Typography matters in most cases.
  • Look at the column choices and design the look of your ad to fit within them.
  • Pay very close attention to things like headlines, blurbs and bylines.

You need to have a grasp on the audience which visits these sites. If you don’t know who you are speaking to then you’ll find your words will often times fall on deaf ears and that’s no good for conversion rates.

Mimic opening sentences

One thing you’ll notice on most websites is how they often tend to flow in a certain way. Most articles will have opening lines which follow a certain type of flow, mimic these in your own advertorials whenever possible by borrowing the style of other articles you find on your target site.

Mimic article bodies

Just like the opening line of an article is important to pay close attention to, it’s also a good idea to do similar with the rest of the article’s body. It’s perfectly fine to put your own flare on your articles but you’ll want to do your best to make your advertorials have a certain cohesion with the rest of the content found on the publication you’re targeting.

Study the readership

Knowing your audience is extremely vital for any level of success otherwise you’re shooting blanks in the dark. You need to have at least some understanding of the type of person who follows the publication you’re composing your native-ads for.

Follow the advertising policies

This is important to do because your ads will be reviewed before they’re accepted and if you’re breaking rules not only do you stand the chance of simply not being accepted at all but you might wind up slipping through the cracks only to have your ads yanked shortly after at a loss. This has been known to happen from time to time and you’ll have nobody to blame but yourself if you pay for that advertorial only to get it pulled down the very next day, or even worse… just hours later.

Following Guidelines & Keeping It Legal

On top of keeping on good grounds with the FTC which do require certain forms of disclosures when advertising online, it’s also necessary to be mindful of the terms of service when dealing with individual websites and the like.

For an example of these advertorial guidelines you can have a look at some of these popular sites and see what they entail in their own advertising requirements.

What Not To Do In Your Advertorials

The best thing you can do is review the FTC website which was linked above… Here’s another link for convenience sake.

But most of the usual stuff you’d expect such as:

  • Don’t make false claims
  • Don’t use the likeness of others without their written endorsement
  • Stay away from using copyrighted material unless you have permission to
  • Don’t break the rules and follow guidelines laid out by each publication you’re ads appear on

It’s pretty simple really… don’t do any of that “typical” shady stuff you see plastered up all over those bogus sites you’ve no doubt run into from time to time and you’ll be alright.


Become A True Powerhouse

It isn’t enough to just know what to do; you need to know how to do it too if you want to see any long term success. Powerhouse Affiliate offers you a FAST START step by step best affiliate marketing training program! Follow all of our steps and SUPER-CHARGE your success rate. Join forces with the rest of the members in the premium member’s area where you’ll get access to exclusive training you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Blogging Tips

Can Native Ads Boost Blog Traffic? Here’s A Hint: YES!




What is native advertising? How does native advertising work? Can it boost blog traffic?

This entire article is meant to introduce you to this method of drawing traffic to your blog. It’s going to require a budget for advertising and if you’re already into email marketing, that’s going to give you an even bigger advantage!

Let’s just jump right in, no need for fluff or filler.

What Works Best?

The two focus points here are classic native ads which consist of longer form articles and are centered around a specific offer in most cases. The other being push notifications which are good for short blurbs that are meant to break the viewer’s focus from whatever they’re currently doing to get them looking at your offer.

Native Ads

When you’re working on one of these you have to take care that they blend in well enough with whatever site they’re appearing on. Use native ads to draw the focus of potential customers who are already interested in a specific niche or topic. These will require more effort on your part but when done right can yield a much higher return for the time and effort.

Push Notifications

Use these when you want to appeal to a wider audience. These types of ads are broadcast to a device such as a smart phone or computer browser so you don’t have to focus on matching the content or look of a specific website. A push is great for offers which use time sensitive offers or information in order to increase that sense of urgency.

Goals & Objectives

When paying for readers, which is basically what this is all about, you need to be sure your aiming for the right targets. The two primary goals in this case should be to:

  • Increase your reader base to draw more returning visitors.
  • Boost your overall engagement with the blog or website, like sharing and commenting.

In order to hit your targets a few things need to be in place not only with your ads themselves, that is the technical aspects such as ad-spend, demographic targeting and etc which is outside the scope of this article but still important enough to mention. But, also, the content of your ads must hit their mark and that’s only perfected through testing.

Listicles in Advertising

These became popular years ago as of the writing of this article and they’re still a popular format for articles which aim to produce a lot of perceived value with minimal filler.

Can Native Ads Boost Blog Traffic? Here’s A Hint: YES! 2

A “listicle” is usually done to cover a single subject in bullet point format. You’ll pick something to cover which relates to, or is directly associated with your offer and then write something to the effect of “7 Stunning Benefits of blah blah blah” (you get the idea).

Jump on Trending Events

Though trends tend to live short lives and burnout quickly, if you jump on them as they’re on the up-trend or even at their peak you can see a nice spike of traffic very quickly. This is a strategy all to itself which can be repeated daily if you’re willing to put the effort into it.

Can Native Ads Boost Blog Traffic? Here’s A Hint: YES! 3

We’ve written an entire article on how to find and jump on trends to help increase your marketing efforts which you can check out by clicking on this link ( right here ).

Poke Emotions & Promote Thought

Most people don’t interact with things they’re shown online unless it invokes some type of emotional response within the first few seconds of seeing it. What this means is that you have just that long to capture their attention and make them feel something strong enough to want to investigate more.

A great way to get inspiration for this is to check on trending pages and scan the titles of articles there as well and scanning through posts on Facebook and Twitter for the like. It’s vital for anything on the internet which is looking for attention to use provocation to tease readers into wanting to read more and interact with the post.

Getting Your Title Right

Sure, the actual ad itself is going to have it’s own text aside from the article and it should resemble, if not exactly copy the title of your article word for word. This means your titles should be short but impactful. The fewer words you can use while still poking that curiosity, the better off you’ll be. This means you need to leverage things like offering advice for your readers to walk away with, point them in the right direction for additional resources if it helps your cause (this will usually be whatever you’re offering) or you can list facts and figures in the case of listicles.

Getting The Images Right

This is extremely important in both your article and ads. We can’t help but be drawn to pictures and videos and when they’re interesting, funny or weird they’re going to have that much more impact on the people viewing your pages.

Image Topic

All images have to be relevant to the topic at hand but not necessarily exactly related. Impactful visuals, stuff that makes you want to take a second glance or just make you go “what the heck is that?” will all work well for your ads. In the articles, you need to pick images that are identifiable to the paragraph in which they’re showing up. Keep them closely related to the immediate idea and take care not to use pictures that are going to draw the readers focus too far away because you want them to keep reading.

Faces and Close-Ups

It’s ingrained in us as people to be drawn to faces so when you select pictures which feature faces you’re almost guaranteed to capture attention right away. There’s evidence to suggest that faces of babies and attractive women will garner the most attention so it’s worth testing out in the event you can make it work for your cause. Sometimes it makes no sense at all to use a face, in that case just don’t do it, pick something that is going to make sense for your ads and articles.

Keep It Simple Yet Effective

You want flashy images where it makes sense and simplicity where it’s needed. Every offer is going to need it’s own special attention and some testing will be necessary to get this right in most cases. It’s going to require you to set a budget aside to see what is working and what isn’t. Use simple banners which don’t look cluttered but still convey the right information. Don’t overload your images with so much that the eye doesn’t know what to focus on, have a focus point and put something important there like a call to action.

Native Ads is What We Do!

Powerhouse Affiliate is all about native advertising and we’re constantly striving to push the limits of success even further. We offer tons of updated training to help each of our members find success and you’re never left alone to “just figure it out” yourself.

We have an active community with very active members and staff who are always in the forums offering advice and knowledge to get past those sticking points. We hold regular webinars and showcase live campaigns whether they “win” or “lose” and then review what was done to it’s best and what could have been done better. A lot of the time you’re going to see our example campaigns turn a profit because we are a team of industry professionals who have been doing this for well over a decade, so why not learn from those who are already doing it right?

Check us out…

Can Native Ads Boost Blog Traffic? Here’s A Hint: YES! 4

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Affiliate Tips

4 Great Native Ad Networks To Consider in 2019




Did you know that ad spend has grown by 25% each year since 2016, that’s fast approaching a 100% growth by end of this year! Not only that but there’s no sign of it slowing down but it is speeding up! What this means is that if you’re in the marketing and advertising industry then you must take a serious look at utilizing native advertising to launch your business into the new year.

Native Spending Forecast

Starting from just a few years back (2016) advertisers have spent over $16Billion on advertising in just the United States alone. Fast forward to 2017 and that number grew to over $25Billion only to reach $32Billion in 2018 and now in the current year as of the writing of this article ad spend on native ads in just the US alone is projected to reach over $40Billion Dollars!

What’s this mean for folks like us?

Well, it means that you better jump on the train before it leaves the station. Take a look at all the major players in the game such as Facebook, Google’s Display Ad Network, Bing Ads, and literally any other platform which aims to squeeze ads into the mix of it’s content, they all use a form of native advertising in one fashion or another.

The concept of ‘banner / ad blindness’ has plagued the advertising industry since it’s conception and that’s cause a need for innovative forms of bringing the message to new, potential customers. By offering ads which blend into the surrounding content and actually taking those extra steps to offer value to the reader, we’re now able to circumvent that nasty ad-blindness and actually get people to pay attention to our offers!

Below is a short & simple list of four best native advertising networks that you may want to take a serious look at. Starting off with MGID (which we actually have a 25% discount set up exclusively to our members).

MGID Network

MGID can be found: Right Here

We’re starting off with a fan favorite. This ad network makes it easy for even beginners to jump into the marketing game with access to their self service dashboard, real time ads bidding and easy to understand statistics panels.

Oh… did I forget to mention they’re EXTREMELY affordable!

With an initial deposit of just $100, which is very low compared to some other major players in the native ads industry, MGID is one of the tried & true options. They got their start way back in 2008 and have stood the test of time. They currently have an estimated traffic flow of roughly 90 Million visits as of the time of this writing and that number is bound to continue growing.

MGID Network

They are easy to use, offer great customer service and the majority of their traffic comes from the United States which is considered prime tier-1 traffic for just about any offer type under the sun. They are not however restricted to only tier-1 traffic which means if you specialize in monetizing the other tiers then they’ve got you covered.

If you would like a look behind the curtain then feel free to check out this estimated overview of their statistics. SimilarWeb Stats for MGID: Click Right Here

Targeting Options

As with any ad network there are options to help you finetune your efforts and MGID is no different. Here are a few options open to all advertisers on this platform:

  • GEO Targeting
  • Browser Specific
  • Language Targeting
  • Device Targeting (Desktop, Mobile)
  • Retargeting Options
  • Scheduling of Time & Date
  • Frequencing Caps
  • Selective Bidding (to dial in to what works for you)

Not too bad!

Now, it’s important to review their content guidelines in order to be sure you’re staying compliant. This particular ad network is considered friendly for newbies, as well as being very affiliate-friendly. It’s a good place to get familiar with the process of running native ads for yourself in preparation of branching out into other networks such as some mentioned further down this article.

Revcontent Network

Revcontent can be found: Right Here

Revcontent hasn’t been around quite as long as MGID, they are however a very strong contender in the industry. With a fair balance between quality traffic while still remaining relatively affiliate friendly, they’re an excellent source for high frequency traffic.

Revcontent Network

A very large portion of their own web traffic comes straight out of the US and a number of other tier-1 & 2 countries closely following. Have a quick look at the SimilarWeb stats if you’d like, which can be found: Right Here.

What sets this native ads network apart from some of its competition is it’s stringent policies for the publishers of it’s traffic. These are the websites which feature ads from Revcontent and they are required to have a few things in order before they can be accepted into the program such as a 50k monthly views minimum on top of an expected higher quality of content on the site.

This network has a pretty large reach:

  • Over 250 Billion displays per month
  • 97% of US households view at least some of their ads
  • An impressive 3% average CTR

On top of that, Revcontent has two options for bidding styles which are CPC & vCPM. That means you can pay per click as most native ad networks have, but you can also opt to use the pay per 1,000 impressions which is something used by ad networks such as Facebook and Google’s own ad network.

They of course offer you all the standard specifics when tuning your ads such as:

  • GEO Targeting, in both the include & exclude variety
  • Device & OS Targeting
  • Language
  • Retargeting Options
  • Brand Targeting
  • Topic / Niche specific Targeting
  • Exclude Low Volume Widgets Option

Some of these may be new to you and that’s alright. For now you only need to know that these options make it possible for you to dig deeper into your analytics in order to find your diamonds and dump the coal. No sense in wasting all that ad-spend on sites and brands which won’t convert for you when all it’ll take is a bit of testing to see which options are clear winners.

It’s important that you review their FAQ section before applying for this native ads network as they take their quality assurance very seriously. If you don’t meet their standards they will reject your application. Have a look at their requirements and more: Right Here

Taboola & Outbrain

Taboola can be found: Right Here

Outbrain can be found: Right Here

Let’s start with a brief introduction to Taboola. If you’re looking to get your ads out to big spaces such as NBC, MSN, AOL, Business Insider (and more) then it’s time to swim with the sharks. Established in 2007, Taboola has built a highly authoritative reputation in the native ads space which has given them top pickings when it comes to placing ads on real authority publishers.

Half of the traffic which finds its way over to this network come from tier-1 countries and when you add to that the fact they work with large brands such as the recent ‘Dollar Shave Club’ it’s  no wonder they’re considered difficult to join forces with. It’s really not advisable to approach this network until you have a sizable ad budget along with offers which match their policies which can be found Right Here.

Moving on to Outbrain. Chances are extremely high that you’ve been exposed to a number of ads from this network in one form or another. A lot of political sites, humor-based sites and all around viral type websites love using Outbrain as their prefered network when it comes to placing ads for monetization. What this means for us as advertisers is that we’ve got the potential to reach a ton of people from all across the global internet.

In order for a website to even be considered to show Outbrain’s ads they must meet some very high expectations such as having at least 1-Million visits per month! Now, this figure is negotiable on certain terms but coming right out the gate swinging a figure that large is absolutely going to tell the world they mean business.

Taboola & Outbrain

What this translates to for advertisers and affiliates like us is in order to run ads with these guys you have to meet their strict guidelines, they won’t allow anything that seems even remotely scammy or “hype driven”.

Both of these large native ad networks tend to have a higher CPC of about $1 per click, of course it will vary based on what you’re targeting. They do add all the usual targeting options which have been shared above along with the option to set fairly low budgets at just $20 minimum for Outbrain & $75 for Taboola. But with higher costs per click you’re probably going to require a larger budget anyway.

What’s It All Conclude To

In short, if you’re just starting off then you’ll probably want to stick with MGID and other networks like it. Once you’ve become more established and have a larger bank roll to spend on advertising then you may wish to consider using larger networks such as Outbrain.

These aren’t even the only contenders on the block. There are a bunch more such as AdBlade, AdNow, Content-ad and many more. The great thing about all this is that we actually teach this stuff. Inside the member’s area of Powerhouse Affiliate we have resources dedicated to helping you find the right ad network for you. There are quite a few options and over time you could very well try them all.

Superior affiliate training
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Affiliate Tips

Native Advertising: What to Expect in the New Year




Powerhouse Affiliate prides itself on the top level training offered to our members over on our main website (found right here) of which native ads and cpa marketing are at the front of the line. We specialize in this brand of marketing and advertising, it’s what our staff do personally as well as the creator of Powerhouse so there’s no wonder we love teaching this stuff because it’s not only a business but also a passion.

This article you are reading right now will review some of the major highlights of implementing native ads into your business model as well as introducing a quick review of what we teach and what you can learn in order to skyrocket your success in this new year.

How To Start Native Advertising

The simple answer here is “just start” and get ready to learn along the way. This is one of those things you can’t just read about and watch a bunch of videos then expect to become a professional overnight! You have to get experience and the only way to do that is to jump in and start doing the work.

We get some common questions which we can address right here, such as:

Does it cost money?

  • Yes, you can expect to spend at least a few hundred dollars when just starting out.

Will this work in my country?

  • Absolutely it will! The wonderful thing about the best native advertising is that you can use it to your advantage in just about any country on the planet that has access to the internet.

Which niches work best?

  • You will usually find that the major niches work best in any case, those are based around (money, health, relationships) and oftentimes things which spark passion such as hobbies provided there is a way to monetize these things. That said, you can make a profit from just about any niche, even if it’s a small one. Then you’ll simply start all over again in another market and stack your success one on top of the other.

Can I start for free?

  • You can start learning for free! We offer you access to our introductory course for no cost at all, you only need to create an account with us so you can access the training.

How much money can I make?

  • That is up to you because there is never any guarantee you’ll make a specific number, we can only take guesses based on the past success of others. Powerhouse Affiliate has helped to teach a ton of affiliates who now have their own successful business online, you could be the next one if you’re willing to do the work and take this stuff seriously.

Here Are Some Native Ads Facts

Advertisers have spent roughly $9 Billion Dollars on (RTB) ads, which stands for Real Time Bidding. These are the same types of ads you find on Google, Bing, as well as practically all Native Ad Networks. They are responsible for a huge chunk of success across many markets and just about most niche-ideas you can think of.

Facts about Native ads

According to Business Insider, that figure is expected to grow to $26 Billion by the end of 2020 which is only two years away as of the writing of this article! The reason for this is thanks to the higher (CTR) or, Click Through Rates of these types of ads when compared to the dwindling stats of older style ads such as banners which now can get as low as UNDER a single percent.

The age of the Internet has given opportunity to people just like us where it hasn’t previously existed. All it really takes is the right knowledge and a willingness to do the work. You can’t expect to instantly grow your business into a 7-Figure giant right away but with the proper dedication and attention to detail you’re bound to be limited only by your own willingness to get things done.

What Are Native Ads Exactly

They’re typically informational pieces such as written articles or videos which actually give some form of valuable information to the customer and in doing so also link to some appropriate offer. Think of it as a blog post that suggest something helpful for the reader to buy in order to satisfy a need or want.

The old style of advertising was basically “here’s my product and it has these great features, buy it!” but now that the general population has become too savvy for such ads, it’s necessary to offer them what they actually want while also informing them of just how they’re going to benefit from it.

This means native ads are much more well planned, researched and executed with respect to targeting and data collection. You have to keep close figures on all your ads and their conversions in order to cut the junk and ramp up on the winners which are making a profit. If you don’t know how this is done, we teach this too.

How Can You Learn Native Advertising

Let us teach you how it’s done. We offer multiple course, each focusing on specific aspects of the art & science behind native ads as well as cpa marketing.

Everything is set up in easy to follow steps which you only have to review and implement. Plenty of our lessons teach other styles of marketing such as social media targeting and email marketing which can both be very profitable, but what we pride ourselves in most is how comprehensive our cpa and native ads courses are.

Native Advertising: What to Expect in the New Year 5
-These are only a portion of what we teach-

Learn how to take advantage of Google Ads, which also includes live case studies performed by our staff. We hold nothing back, you see all the successes and failures, as well as how those “fails” were turned around and leveraged to eventual success just like a professional marketer would be expected to do.

We have an active community you’ll become a part of so you can interact with us as well as all the other members so you never have to worry about questions going unanswered. Regularly updated training as well as bleeding-edge information on the marketing and advertising industry. We do this stuff for a living so everything we learn we simply pass on to each of our members!

Superior Affiliate Training
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