Does Affiliate Marketing Work? Top 8 Questions Answered

does affiliate marketing work

We all strive to make money to make ends meet and we all want a regular source of income that can help us live comfortably.

I am a Digital Marketing Specialist who started Affiliate Marketing and earned enough on a month-to-month basis to be able to quit my full-time job. 

I will soon post about my experience, but before that, I will answer a few questions I am often asked about the feasibility of Affiliate Marketing as a primary source of income.

Here, I am also answering the web’s most popular questions about Affiliate Marketing.

I will try to bust myths and bring clarity to the game of affiliate marketing.

1. Does affiliate marketing work?

Does affiliate marketing really work

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, every time I tell someone that I am an Affiliate Marketer. 

In reply I always say one thing, ‘There are thousands of people out there earning their living from just Affiliate Marketing, so Yes, Affiliate Marketing works!’ 

It’s a multi-billion dollars industry, and every year there are more and more opportunities available for such marketers to cash upon. 

So, if you are wondering, ‘Does affiliate marketing really make money,’ the answer is that it does. Affiliate marketing really works!

Verdict: Is affiliate marketing real? Does affiliate marketing really work? Yes and Yes!

2. Do affiliate programs work the same way as any other source of income? 

Can you make money with affiliate marketing

It depends on how you are able to create an effective campaign to drive sales or traffic for your affiliate products. 

Nevertheless, it works for those who are persistent and spend some time and effort in creating CPA campaigns the right way.

It isn’t difficult, but it requires some knowledge and effort.

You will find attractive, but not always true, affiliate marketing propositions out there that tell you that you can make $10,000 a month without any effort, but, more often than not, those are false claims.

Affiliate Marketing requires proper knowledge and effort to succeed. Like I said, it isn’t difficult, but it’s still not ‘No Work’.

Verdict: Can you make money with affiliate marketing? You can, if you work for it.

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3. How does affiliate marketing work?

how does affiliate marketing work

The next most important question is, ‘how does affiliate marketing work?’ 

The truth about affiliate marketing!

Here, I will briefly tell you about affiliate marketing, how it works, and how to make money with it.

Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing where you promote another company’s products and are paid commission for every successful sale you are able to drive for the other company.

Here’s how affiliate marketing works:

  1. Choose a niche: Choose a niche that you’d like to promote. Pick something you are interested in or something that can get you good returns.
  2. Choose an affiliate program: There are hundreds of affiliate programs out there, like PowerHouse Affiliate Program, Amazon Affiliate, CJ Affiliates, and Target. For your niche, choose an affiliate program that will give you a good commission.
  3. Promote the product: Good promotion is the key to earning real money with affiliate marketing. You can use various ways to promote the product online. 

    For those wondering ‘how to make affiliate marketing work?’, this is your answer. You can create a website and various landing pages to promote your affiliate products. Optimize your website for search engines, write good content and promote the website through online Ads and other methods. To learn how to promote products online, you can sign up for our Free affiliate marketing course.
  4. Sell products: With the help of the above promotions, more and more people will be motivated to visit your website. You can write good content to motivate website visitors to click on the affiliate links in your website to go to the product website to purchase the product(s) you recommended.
  5. Earn commission: How do affiliate programs work? When someone uses your affiliate link to make a purchase of the product, you earn commission on that sale. If you aren’t able to sell anything, there isn’t any earning—it’s that simple! 

    With good promotions and consistent efforts, you can easily drive sales for your affiliate products and make money with affiliate marketing. This will help you earn a constant stream of income.

Verdict: Is affiliate marketing hard? Does affiliate marketing work with no previous skills? It’s no cake walk, but it isn’t rocket science either, so you can easily learn the art of Affiliate Marketing.

4. How to make money with affiliate marketing? How to make money being an affiliate?

making money with affiliate marketing

Making with affiliate marketing is like running a business. You can only make money and profits, if you put some effort into it.

Wondering how to make money being an affiliate? There is a system to make money with affiliate marketing. You can learn everything about how to make money with affiliate marketing through Free PowerHouse Affiliate Marketing Course, but here’s an overview of the tasks involved:

  1. Create a Website with Good Content
    Create a website with good content. Know what your customers want know and offer them that information through good content and graphics.

    Add your affiliate product links on the website at strategic places to motivate users to click on them.
  2. Promote your website on search engines
    Optimize the website for search engines. Use the right keywords in your content, tags, and promotional material.
  3. Create social media accounts and promote there
    Create social media pages for your website and promote your products through organic and paid activities on social media. Learn profitable ways to promote through a good affiliate marketing course.
  4. Create an email list and promote to subscribers
    Always spend effort on creating an email subscriber list. This will help you build a strong foundation of website patrons. You can send new content and products to this email subscriber list to get instant traffic and make sales.

So, if you want to know ‘can you really make money with affiliate marketing?’, the answer is You Can, as long as you put in the required effort or resources to promote your affiliate products.

For making money, affiliate marketing can be your full-time source only if you give it its due attention

You can make money online with affiliate marketing through various fabulous affiliate marketing programs available out there. 

Affiliate Marketing Average Income is around $1000+ per month for people who put regular effort in promoting affiliate products. There are also people who earn up to $10,000 a month or more with affiliate marketing.

Verdict: For those who want to know ‘how much do affiliates make’, the answer is simple, it’s how much you want to earn!

Set earning goals!

Set a monthly earning goal for yourself and then increase it gradually. E.g. start with a goal of $500 per month. Once you achieve that, increase the goal to $1000, and then $1500, $2000, $5000, and so on.

Affiliate marketing income potential is dependent upon the kind of CPA strategy you have put in place, the kind of content you are producing and the kind of products you have chosen to promote.

If you are working for someone running an Affiliate business, then your Affiliate marketing salary can also be very high. People who hire professional affiliate marketers to run their affiliate marketing business shell out a lot of money, as they are aware of the returns they will get on the investment.

So, can you make money with affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can!

5. How much does affiliate marketing pay?

How much does affiliate marketing pay

It depends from one affiliate program to another. Some affiliate marketing plans can pay up to 60-70% of commission. Study different affiliate marketing programs to learn about their commission on different products. Choose programs and products wisely to really make money as an affiliate.

6. Is affiliate marketing income enough for day-to-day survival?

Affiliate marketing income

It can be. Affiliate marketing profits are really high for some programs. Nevertheless, it all depends on the quality of affiliate marketing practices that you carry out.

Concentrate on high quality content and promotion campaigns, and you’ll be able to achieve any earning goal for you affiliate marketing project. Making money with affiliate marketing is like getting returns from any other business—you have to work on making your affiliate marketing project a money-making unit.

Affiliate marketing profits can be enough to cover you lifestyle expenses, if you learn to carry out effective CTA campaigns on a regular basis.

Verdict: So, does affiliate marketing work in earning you your desired band of income? It can!

7. Is affiliate marketing worth it?

Is affiliate marketing worth it

Affiliate marketing will be worth your effort and time only if you give it the right type of time and effort. Learn the tricks and tips to make your affiliate marketing bring fruits that you can reap on a day-to-day basis.

8. Is affiliate marketing legit?

Is affiliate marketing legit

Affiliate marketing is a legit way to earn your income or second income. Choose your affiliate programs wisely and follow a legit way to promote them.

Note: When you carry out email marketing, ensure that your users have opted-in for your emails and have a proper way to discontinue or unsubscribe to your emails. Know all about CAN-SPAM Act and other email-related laws before you carry out email marketing for your affiliate products. 

There are even legitimate affiliate marketing jobs in the market, where people pay you to run and promote their affiliate marketing businesses.

With this, I will conclude this post. I hope I have answered your questions like How to make money as an affiliate? and Does affiliate marketing work?

If you have more doubts or queries, leave a comment below.

You can learn about effective affiliate marketing techniques from affiliate marketing courses that teach you about CTA marketing, email marketing, content strategies and more. 

You can easily make money online with affiliate marketing once you get a hang of the right methods and best affiliate marketing practices.

Stay tuned for best practices for affiliate marketing.

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