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How To Create Content That Matters For Readers

I know, weird title and you’re probably reading it like “what the heck is sticky content anyway, that just sounds gross!” and you’re probably right but hey guess what… you clicked the dang thing so I guess it worked, didn’t it! You can include this trick in your content marketing strategy. Now I’m going to teach you why and how so you can do this stuff for yourself so listen up and listen good- pretty please?


The focus of this article

We’re going to primarily center this entire thing off an extremely handy tool called Ahrefs. Go ahead and click on that name if you want to check the tool out for yourself, you’ll find they offer packages starting at $99 per month and if that price tag scares you then you’re not ready for this, which is fine. Bookmark this article and come back to it when you are, it’ll be here waiting patiently for you. I should also let you know they do offer a free trial just in case you really want to give it a test drive first.

Finding what’s already working for your competition and then using that data to assist you in increased success-rates is the name of the game for tools like Ahrefs. As a general rule, the more affiliate marketing content you publish affiliate marketing blog, the more traffic you’ll get. Have you heard of the “80/20 rule”? In a nutshell it states that 80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort. Think of in terms of for every 100 articles you post only about 20 of those will bring you 80% of your overall traffic and the rest of those 80 articles will usually just bring a trickle. What we want to do as marketers is increase that success rate and have a whole lot more 20%-successes than if we were just going into this blind.

Let’s talk about marketing insights

What are they and why do you need them? Imagine walking into a shooting competition blindfolded and you were not only expected to be sure the gun was pointing in the right direction (yikes) but you also had to hit the target- and a bullseye might even be mandatory. How do you think you’d do? Would you eventually hit your target right in the center? Sure you would, with enough time and enough ammo you’ll absolutely hit that target and you might even get that snazzy bullseye.

Now imagine walking into that same competition (everyone still unable to see) only now you’re armed with crystal clear sight, no blindfold. How fast do you think you’d hit that target right in its dead-center? Probably a heck of a lot faster all while using far less ammo too. That’s what marketing insights will allow you to do for your business- hit the target way more often while expending less resources and less money “buying data” because you’ll already be knee-deep in data.

Watch the competition like a hawk

If you can see what your competition is doing and where they’re doing it at you’ll be at a huge advantage. Now imagine you could see how well their stuff was performing and in which platforms it was succeeding on. What would you do if you could see the keywords that landed them this success? You’d steal them, that’s what you’d do! And you know what… I would too so that makes it all ok  😉

Get inspired & find new ideas

Why should you have to do all the hard work all the time? Let them do it and then just use it for inspiration. I’ll never suggest you just blatantly rip anybody off, that’s not only immoral but it’s illegal too; don’t do it. However, you can take some of the successes from the competition and formulate something of your own around that. Well, I suppose the exception to the whole “ripping them off” thing would be stuff they don’t own in the first place, like keywords. With marketing insights tools like Ahrefs you can actually see the keywords your competitors use and cherry pick from them to help get more traffic for yourself.

Link building & increased social shares

Would you like to find out which websites are linking to your competitors? See just what kind of content gets them the most backlinks? Want to see just who’s sharing their content and where? Knowing this stuff will let you basically duplicate their steps and put you on the same path as they’re on. Discovering where all this stuff is coming from gives you the opportunity to jump on it for yourself and that can only mean good things for you and your ROI in the long run.

Interact with your fans

It’s always a good idea to make those who champion you feel like they’re a part of the clan, because they are. Engaging with them anywhere a dialog can be had is not only a great way to learn what they want (so you can find appropriate offers to promote later) but it helps to foster a real relationship with your market that can last a very long time.

A Quick Conclusion

What you’ve just read has been a very general summary of ideas and strategies used in the content marketing scene. Having tools is a nice perk but it’s by no means a substitute to the work that’s still necessary if you want to see actual, tangible success.

The tool mentioned in this article is simply one of a whole bunch out there you could pick from- I just happen to know that Ahrefs is actually a really great tool at what it does. I’m not trying to turn this into some sort of sales pitch for the thing, there isn’t even an affiliate link or anything promoting it here, I just want you to know it exists because it really can be a huge help.

Speaking of useful things, let me tell you a bit about what we’re here for. Powerhouse Affiliate was established as a place for not only learning but success. We’re driven by the same motivation and hunger you are and it’s for that reason we do our best to offer our services at affordable prices.

If you’d like to take your affiliate marketing career to the next stages then we’d surely love that chance to help you along the way. Give us a shot, you’ll be glad that you did. And hey, if you decide we’re not a great fit then you can always take advantage of our money back guarantee! We’re not here to make life difficult for you, you’ve got enough to deal with. Check out our Free Affiliate Training. 

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