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CPA Affiliate Marketing Do’s and Dont’s – Push for Success

There comes a time in every affiliates business where they either give up or keep on trucking. They either see success in CPA affiliate marketing, see very little success or they don’t succeed which results in them going back to their normal jobs forgetting the business never to return. Don’t let that be you. Your goal is to succeed and keep pushing no matter how long it takes. For some it took 5 plus years to make any little bit of profit and that to me is a huge success. More so than someone who had thousands of dollars to start and waste in learning. The reason I see it as such a success is because of the failure. Failure did not stop them and they kept pushing. Will that be you?

Today I want to post about some things that you should do and you should not do as an affiliate. Some of these are common sense but for the post and you people without common sense I will post as many as I can.

The Do’s in CPA Affiliate Marketing

Do keep your mind in the game – Get plenty of sleep, eat healthy and do not let failure prevent you from trying. Most likely you will not succeed your first attempt at Affiliate Forum. I know I didn’t. I have ran campaigns that lost me several thousand dollars before I even made a penny profit. That was scary but the most important thing is that I kept at it. I did not give up.

Do collect as much data about your campaign as possible – This is something I say often. I sometimes dream these words because I say them so much. I do because it is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your affiliate campaigns. Without data you know nothing about how you are losing money, how you are making money or why your conversions are happening the way they are good or bad.

You must keep up with your campaign. It is definitely not a lazy man’s industry. The most successful affiliates today know why they are making the money they are. They know that the yellow border around the call to action button is responsible for 3% more conversions and they keep tweaking it to see if they can get to 3.5% or higher. That is the name of the game. You do not have to be a genius or a college graduate to succeed in this industry. You just cannot be lazy and not collect data. Your goal should be to know every detail about your campaign. You want to know the source of the traffic if you aren’t bringing in paid traffic. You want to know what attracts more conversions when it comes to your call to action, your page design and more.

Do be as creative as possible – There are many reasons why you should be creative in CPA Affiliate Marketing. Your bank account will thank you time and time again because of your creativity. There are things that I have done in my campaigns that earned me several thousand dollars extra as a result of my creativity and the creativity of my partner. We have done some cool things to improve our campaigns. One of which I will not ever talk about because it worked so well that I do not want to see it abused. Your goal is to find these things that boost your campaign or add a little extra to your net earnings which can often times bring you to the profit zone which is important right? Creativity will take you a long way in your campaigns.

Instead of just having a call to action button to another web page collect an email address for later use. You want that traffic to return. This does not always work well in every campaign but it is your job to find out. In my experience collecting and email then sending them straight to the offer page works the best for me. They confirm their email later on when they check their email but for now we need to focus on the conversion. I tend to give the option and allow them to search for the option to bypass the opt in of my very promotional newsletter.

The Don’ts in CPA Affiliate Marketing

Don’t spread yourself too thin – If you are working 20 hours a day on your campaigns and still feel like you are not getting everything done or just have no time for anything else then you should probably outsource some of the work. Having too many campaigns running at once can be a bad thing. You don’t have enough time to really study your campaign and get it profiting as much as possible. I know I have had as many as 20 campaigns running at once not allowing myself the time I needed for other aspects of my business and personal life. Trust me your personal life can suffer as a result of too much going on. One thing I like to do is outsource everything I can. I do not create my landing pages. I send a detailed description and examples of what I want to my on call developer and he makes it happen. Any revisions necessary I try to work out but if I do not have time I do not. The fees associated are definitely worth it because I have more time to make even more money.

You can find a great designer or developer at a reasonable rate if you look. I think I was paying anywhere from $25 to $50 per landing page. That is a steal compared to companies charging $500 to $1,000 each.

Don’t stop learning, reading and attending events – This is important because you learn new things about your business. You learn things that you need to know to take yourself to the next level. There is always a webinar or reading material you can check out and begin reading and learning. I am always buying just about every CPA WSO on WarriorForum I can. It may get to be a bit expensive but there is usually some gold in them. I note the gold and move on to the next combining them later.

This website and content is updated as often as possible. If you are not reading and studying this site you are probably not serious about your business. I have read just about everything on here and I for one know that if I had this when I started I would have been set. I would not have had to waste the money I did on things that were not working. I would have known how to prevent that loss. This website is gold and you should be studying and subscribed.

Don’t forget to keep your affiliate managers in your pocket – These guys and gals are in the mix of it all. They see things that we do not see. They know what people are running. Now, they will not tell you who is running what with what traffic so don’t ask but they will tell you that ABC campaign is doing well for some of their top affiliates and you should try and come up with a traffic source that will work for this campaign. If there is success being seen from other affiliates then there is no doubt in my mind that I cannot bring this campaign to profit.

Remember what I said above. Be creative and never stop learning about your campaigns. You may find a way to make more money with a campaign just by making one little change to your call to action button. You may earn an extra $500 which allows your campaign to run and profit by collecting email addresses of your traffic to promote other campaigns. You will know this and it may not profit with the original source of traffic but you profit from the extra promotions from the emails you send to your collected subscribers.

Your affiliate managers are great people to get to know. Talk to them everyday and keep them interested in you. They do care about how much money you make because they usually make a commission on your overall earnings. Why would they not want to help you out?


The CPA affiliate marketing industry is a big beast that you will NEVER tame 100%. It is always changing and is too big for you to be in every corner but you can and will take a big chunk of it for  yourself you just have to earn it. You have to take action and do and don’t do everything mentioned above.

If I had to start over again with little cash and no experience…I would start by reading and learning this blog and forum as well as the course material. I would then build a content army of a site and collect emails and run some of the follow along campaigns that are provided. That is practice and you can never get enough of it. Further I would start a blog building my name on a subject posting valuable content for my readers and subscribers.

I hope that this post serves as a motivational post for all of you and that you get yourself in gear to take action and make this business work for you. I hope these affiliate marketing tips will be of great use. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment field below. I will respond to every comment.

Good luck with your business and I hope to be hearing about your success.

Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!

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