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Finally An Awesome Exit Pop!

  Hey guys have you tried to use an exit pop and noticed that the thing only comes up after the user already commits to exiting the page?  Here’s an awesome exit pop that grabs users right before they exit. What’s awesome is that you can start using now free! All credit goes to Nicky

Other Useful Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Looking for awesome content to keep you busy? Here’s some of the top affiliate marketing blog sites. Check out our latest guides in the powerhouse forum!

Media Buying Sources You Didn't Know About! 2

PPV Traffic Sources

PPV is one of the most powerful forms on online traffic available. PPV lets you target specific websites, and If you target correctly you can get a bunch of  dirt cheap quality traffic. How PPV traffic works: PPV traffic works by creating pop ups when a user visits a certain website or types in a

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Make Cheap Clicks Work On 7Search

7Search is is a great source of traffic to get started on, but sometimes getting a profitable campaign might be tricky. If you’re direct linking you might not get the data you need to make your campaign successful. Creating a landing page can help you see the engagement rate and help increase the ROI of

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Grab This Mobile POF Guide Now!

Ever wonder how to make a mobile Plenty of Fish campaign? You probably heard about it, but probably didn’t know how to set up a campaign. Don’t burn money trying to figure it out. Learn how to run mobile traffic on POF! Login POF mobile app, discover how it works and go step by step

Get Pay Per Text Traffic!

Have you ever heard about Pay Per Text traffic? Pay Pay Text service is also known as PPT.  Pay per text service looks just like anchor text (like this),but when someone hovers over the link a cool ad box can come up giving the user more information about your ad (depending on the network). PPT

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Awesome FREE PPC Coupons

  Here’s a few quick free advertising coupons that you guys might be interested in. Bing’s a lot more friendly towards affiliates than Google these days. If your going to go with Google you could try a pay per call campaign. Check out the coupons below: Adwords: Get $100 after spending $25   Bing: $50

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Does Dynamic Insertion Matter?

  Here’s a quick campaign that was being ran in the US. This landing page is from bought from a WSO off the warrior forum. Landing  page A was a normal landing page with ad copy that targeted the USA and UK. The other landing page is using Max’s Mind’s geo targeting script. Check out

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Get Mobile TRAFFIC!

Looking for some mobile traffic, but tried of having to deal with being disapproved to run your offers? Here are some of the top ways to get traffic in the game besides Facebook and Google! 1. Lead Bolt Voted one for the best mobile networks online. 2. Millennial Media (which has now acquired the

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