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Campaigns for Millennials: Why You Should Definitely Target This Demographic

When it comes to setting up your marketing campaigns, there are a lot of variables to consider. Obviously, the first question you need to ask is who your target market is. You can’t market to everyone, at least not if you want to be successful. You need to narrow your focus and target a single group of potential customers: men over 65, stay-at-home moms, young couples looking to buy their first home, etc. Or… Millennials!  In this post, I’m going to tell you why you should definitely target this group, and create campaigns for millennials.

Who are Millennials?

Millennials are those who were born between 1980 to early 2000. This demographic is currently the largest age group in the US. This generation was the first generation to have the lead in internet access and is by far the most educated. [1] Millennials also hold the most lucrative spot for marketers – purchasing power. In 2014, studies reveal that millennials have an estimated purchasing power of $1.3 trillion. [2]

Campaigns for Millennials

With technology in their hands, the majority of millennials’ purchasing decisions rely heavily on thorough research and recommendation. This generation is the most challenging age group to market to as they are skeptical about their purchases and are not easily persuaded by paid advertising.

who are Millennials

What Influences a Millennial’s Purchase?

So if you are thinking of what do millennials buy online, then here are a few things that influence a millennial’s purchase.

  • Recommendations

Millennials are more likely to purchase an item if they have read or heard recommendations from family, friends or people they highly look up to.

  • Budget

Millennials are risk-averse in spending their earned money on products that are too costly as most of them are still paying for their student loans. In the older age group, this attitude was brought about by the US recession in early 2000.  It’s not that they are not spending, the members of this generation are just being financially responsible for where their money goes.

  • Cause

Products that support causes are most likely to be purchased by millennials. 50% of millennials who are parents are likely to buy products that support charities or causes. [3]

  • Social Exposure

Brands that are active on social media are being supported by millennials. Millennials feel the need to connect to a brand, for them, their opinion must matter. Any dis-satisfactory purchase by a millennial will be written on social media, from an inadequate dining experience to faulty factory defects – millennials are quick to voice out opinions.

  • Convenience

With technology in their hands, millennials make most purchases on their mobile phones or tablets. Businesses adapt to creating seamless cross-channel online shopping experiences as 30% of millennials use up to four devices per day. [4]

What Do Millennials Buy Online?

Although there are several factors for a millennial to decide on a purchase, they are inclined to purchase on impulse. 52% of millennials, were more likely to purchase on impulse than any other generation as they have access to information and are strapped on time because of their busy schedules. [5]

What Do Millennials Buy Online

Studies reveal that millennials still spend most on apparel and hair & beauty products. Brands have consistently made it easier for millennial shoppers to access their products 24/7 as 72% of this generation search online before they hit the mall. [6]

Retail-Charts Millennials

With this data, the problem of how to target Millenials becomes easier. Affiliate marketers should choose offers wisely, especially if 70% of their target audience are millennials. An understanding of your target audience would go a long way. If you get into their minds and understand what products they want in their life and how these products benefit them, sales will eventually roll in.

Final Thoughts

If you want to succeed in affiliate marketing, you need to know your audience well. The truth is that millennials are not always easy to reach but with the right strategy, you can surely tap into their wallets. So when you set up your affiliate campaign, make sure you target millennials.

Have you had success targeting millennials in your campaigns? Join the conversation, and leave us a comment below.

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