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So you want to create affiliate blogs that make money for you?

If the purpose of your blog isn’t to generate sales (eventually) then this post isn’t for you.

I’d encourage you to visit one of the many other articles offered here on the powerhouse blog. We’re going to discuss how to make your blog content “solution oriented” for optimal value to your viewers, which results in more sales.

Affiliate Blogs & Solution Oriented Content?

The way consumers buy these days has fundamentally changed. Gone are the days of simply taking your word for it, they have smart phones with browsers and pricing apps.

They have access to the internet where they’ll hunt down reviews and discounts. When it comes right down to it, they have a lot more power in the buying decision than they used to which puts affiliate marketers in an interesting position.

Think about what goes on in your mind when looking to buy something; what questions and concerns do you have of your own?

Whatever you came up with is the right answer when trying to figure out what other’s asked themselves. The job of the modern affiliate marketer is to provide a solution and not simply “just a product or service” recommendation.

You need to fix the problem, satisfy the need, and not only that but you have to do it in a more appealing way than your competition.

That isn’t to say its necessary you become the absolute best of the best because you don’t have to be. But you do need to find a way to relate to the consumer and be sure that your offer actually solves their need to buy.

Solution oriented content keywords

I know that’s a mouth-full but that’s only because it’s a pretty important chunk of this whole solution oriented thing. It’s pretty much a given that keywords are important for this sort of content marketing and affiliate online marketing.

I do however wish to mention that you shouldn’t get caught up in doing just SEO as that’s only a piece of the entire pie. You want to also take into account email lists and social media stuff.

solution oriented affiliate blogs

I wanted to share a brief list of different keyword types you might find handy. These are more like keyword formulas that you can plug other keywords into for maximum results.

  • Best [keyword]: This is good for products that someone has a lot of options / competition for
  • How to [keyword]: This one is pretty self explanatory I’d like to think.
  • What is [keyword]: Comes in handy for those who need something without knowing what it is
  • [Keyword] review: A lot of people look for reviews!
  • [Keyword] tutorial: A lot of people look for tutorials!
  • [Keyword] for [keyword]: Think “best earphones for jogging, or something like that
  • [Keyword] vs [keyword]: Also pretty self explanatory I’d think

It is possible to find a bunch more keywords like these- they’re usually called “buying keywords” because they target people who are already looking to buy something and just want to find the best place or the best version to spend their money with.

All you’ve got to do is a Google search for something like “buying keywords + your niche” or other variations of that… get creative and you’ll find gold in them there hills.

Take the proper steps

This may come as no surprise to you but everything in business comes backed by a plan of some sort. Blogs with the intent to turn a profit are no exception and we’re going to review the steps you should be taking to really amp this thing up and see some solid ROI’s.

Tell a story which qualifies you

The idea here is to do what your competition (at least the majority) are not. Provide legitimate information and actually help your prospect solve whatever that issue is they came to you for.

If you can pull that off then you’re going to convince them you’re the one to come to for answers and that builds trust and qualifies you in their mind to suggest things they should buy and to help them get off on the right foot.

This can be done with a story about how you were in their shoes but in doing so you want to truly spark their interest. Capture their attention with humor and story telling. This is meant to put them on a journey through your world where you’ll then be able to provide them with further details down the line to really put them in a buying mood.

Really emphasize the problems

Once you’ve worked on some rapport with the reader and they identify you as “one of them” to a degree it’s time to really drive those pain-points home with an iron stake. If you truly want your readers to take action then you must press on those sensitive spots and help them understand that there’s no time like now to take action and fix their problems.

affiliate blogs

If you gloss over this part then you’ll probably find the majority of potential customers will simply remain impartial and wind up passing over your order. Buying decisions at their most fundamental core are emotional decisions. If you can really help guide them down that path then they’re going to come along for the ride.

Show them the ideal solution in theory

Too many people jump straight into the sale at this point, that’s not the best way to go about it. Instead you want to walk the reader through what the best solution might be and then tie it into your offer by the end of it. They want to know stuff like:

  • What’s the more important features
  • What things do others overlook that they should watch out for
  • Is there a checklist of things they could use to help them out

This step is put in place to help things seem less “pushy” so they don’t feel pressure typically associated with a sales pitch. By first describing the problems and then following it up with what solutions might work best you’re positioning yourself as an authority in their mind.

Show your solution in action and its affects

If you can get testimonials in favor of the solution you offer then you’ve got some solid social proof which is a powerful thing to back up your claims.

On top of that, if you can actually demonstrate the offer in action, showing it works as promised then you’ll have far more conversions than if you stick only to describing things in a more subjective way.

This is just food for thought, if you can’t get an actual example of a solution then don’t let that stop you. You’ll still do far better with the information above than if you’ve done nothing at all.

One thing that could work really well during this step is providing the reader with some kind of guide they can follow along with.

It should be something that illustrates to them what was done and the results it got, but without actually ever showing them the finer details of “how” it was all done. Those details are reserved for customers after all.

Review the problem with your content and add your final call to action

affiliate blog call to action

A great trick for converting visitors into customer is to have a summary of the problems and solutions. During this summary you’ll want to sprinkle in a call to action which prompts them to take action like we talked about earlier.

Really pour it on thick here with your call to action, make it obvious but not pushy. Let them know you want to give them what they’ve been looking for and that all they need to do is follow through. A feeling of confidence should be fluttering around in their mind by this point and conversions will tend to show that.

The conclusion

If you begin working on your affiliate blogs in this way you’re bound to see the income start rolling in. It does require work and sure, this stuff can be outsourced if you have the budget for it. Just keep in mind that you’re going to want to train your virtual assistance or ghost writers to produce content which forms to the points above.

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