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BEWARE: The “Get Rich Slow Scam” and the Biggest Perpetrator

My whole life I was programmed to believe that if “it’s too good to be true” it probably is.

This age old phrase sounds like a simple way to go about important life decisions, but thankfully I have not fallen for it. That phrase is a scam in itself.

If I applied this train of thought to my previous decisions, I would have missed out on nearly everything I have accomplished to date.

By implementing such a simplistic approach to due diligence, this thought process will result in millions of dollars in lost opportunities for anyone who applies it.

If you apply this train of thought to any business or opportunity, you will often times convince yourself that something is going to fail, or that it is a get “get rich quick” scheme. You will carry on searching for something until you are satisfied that it is “not too good to be true”.

The fact is, I have always entered into opportunities that sounded REALLY GOOD and it paid off.

So why do people convince themselves that if something sounds “too good” it’s bad?

Does this mean something “not so good” is better? 

Is it because they would rather “Get Rich Slow” than “Get Rich Quick”?

With respect to making money, I think it is because many people are programmed to immediately look for ways they can fail or lose their money, rather than focusing on how they will succeed.

Of course there are thousands of scams out there, and we know it, but not everything is a scam. I know several people who earn thousands and even 10’s of thousands of dollars daily online.

How do they earn this much money you ask?

Well they found a “method” and they had the mindset to implement it. They put in hours, days, weeks of work, and applied themselves until they succeeded. They are strong minded people.

The method is different for many of them.

Some of them use affiliate marketing (like me), some people warehouse & sell products from China to people in the USA who pay more, some people do drop shipping, some people do blackhat advertising, some people own digital goods and run affiliate programs, some people own CPA networks, some people buy and sell web traffic, some people buy diet and muscle supplements for $3 a bottle from a fulfillment center and re-sell them online for $75 a bottle, some people sell google and Facebook accounts, some people sell payment solutions for those accounts, some people collect emails and then blast their lists daily with products, and the list goes on and on and on…and they all got rich. 

You see there are hundreds of real solid “schemes” out there where you can actually get rich quick (legally) because the internet is VAST, and billions of people access it daily.

With a real method to earn, and some desire to succeed, you can make money online. In fact you can make a hell of a lot of money.

So, let me ask you – Are you one of those people who loses out on great opportunities to make a lot of money simply because of your mindset?

Do you always think of how you will fail, rather than how you will succeed?

Let me tell you about the “Get Rich Slow” Scam. This is actually the biggest scam of all, and the perpetrator is you!

The get rich slow scam is something that has been ingrained into your thoughts. People who have fallen for this scam believe that something that can earn money fast is likely a “get rich quick” scam, and therefore they will not try it. They have essentially been scammed out of a great opportunity, by no one but themselves.

This type of scam is easily avoided. All you really need to do is some research and confirm a few facts rather than applying a blanket opinion on something.

To make it more simple, let me talk about 2 Key Ingredients you need to make a lot of money fast (legally). You need a method to generate profits from your investments (time or money), and you need the proper mindset. It’s that simple.

First let’s talk about mindset.

Making money is a life skill. You cannot just wake up one day and think you have the skills or qualities needed to make money. You need to learn basic principles like problem solving, being able to see opportunities where they exist, being able to identify threats when they exist, and you need to be optimistic in your endeavors.  If you constantly think you will fail you will, and of course if you constantly think you will succeed you will.

If you apply the right mindset you are ready to engage in opportunities to earn more money. Now you need a method to earn profits.

So you don’t have a method to make money?

Well if you are thinking of how to get rich with affiliate marketing, then let me help you with that. Powerhouse Affiliate was built to give people a method or a means to earn money online in one of the most “simple” forms of online money making – and that is affiliate marketing. (fact check – go ahead and search google for “affiliate marketing” and you will see it is a real opportunity)

Powerhouse Affiliate is an interactive training platform and community that’s sole purpose is to help people earn money as affiliate marketers.

So get rich with affiliate marketing. It doesn’t require a large budget, you don’t need to own any products or services, you don’t have to ship products from China, you don’t have to get processing and billing in place to sell pills, you simply are a freelancer who gets to choose and pick what you want to promote online, and earn money from it.

There are literally thousands of affiliate products and services available that you can promote online to earn commissions.

So what are you waiting for? You can even join FREE Click Here! 

Thanks for reading! I am a FULL TIME Affiliate who has been doing this stuff online since 2002. Hit me up in the forum if you have questions or comments. Go to Powerhouse Affiliate and join now!

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