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Beginners Guide to Building an Email List With Facebook Pages



Are you looking to build an email list fast?

Chances are you have tried to build an email list from scratch using various email list building strategies you’ve found all over the Internet, and you just don’t know what might yield those favorable results. Well, let’s go over an idea I think you’ll find very handy.

Though there are a lot of various topics to cover on the broad subject of email list building and email marketing we will cover how to build an email list on Facebook.

Let’s say you already have a list, maybe it’s an empty list *sad face* and you want to start adding those glorious email addresses to that list. Let’s also assume you are on Facebook like the majority of the world is… that’s a whole lot of potential customers to collect email addresses from.

The question then becomes “how do I get people off of Facebook and onto my email list?” Well my lucky friend, the good news is that it’s actually really easy and we’re going to review a very simple way to do it now. First set up your page.

Using Facebook Pages & Groups To Build An Email List

Yes, that’s absolutely right… By using a Facebook page, or in some cases even a Group, it’s possible to get people to interact with your squeeze pages and have a fair bit of them potentially opt-in to your email lists.

Once you have the Facebook account you wish to use all set up and ready to go you’re going to want to create a new page. A simple search on Google for “Facebook Create a Page” will bring you right to Facebook’s ‘create a page’ template where you can then go through the steps and set up your new Facebook page.

Now, which type of page you create will depend on what the purpose of that page is. If you’re a local business and you wish to build a list of local customers you can use the “Local Business or Place” option. Something tells me that if you’re reading this you’re probably an Internet Marketer and wish to build a page tailored around that, so let’s do this now.

Now, which option you choose is totally up to you, if you’re not exactly sure which one is right for you then you may want to click around and look at the various options presented. For now we are going to go with the option that says “Company, Organization or Institute” and once you click it you will be presented with a drop-down list of even more options to choose from. If you want to keep things nice and generic while still serving the purpose of building email list with Facebook I’ll highly suggest you scroll down that list and look for “Internet/Software” then pick that.

Go ahead and type in your company name, just keep in mind that whatever you type into here will be the name of your page so pick something that you want to use as a keyword. Remember that a lot of times people will find your page by actually searching for it in the search box at the top of the Facebook page.

Once your page begins to grow and people start to share it, it’ll grow organically. The two main ways people will find your page is by searching for it using keywords and by coming across posts you make on other pages and in groups (we’ll go over this soon so keep on reading)

After you’ve done this step you’ll be brought to the next step where you can enter a brief and to the point “about us” type of page description. It’s a good idea to enter the URL of your webpage if you have one right here. Keep this short and to the point as you only have 155 characters to enter.

You’ll notice there are three fields to enter text into and from top to bottom they are “what your page is about” then right under that “website links” and under that is where you will pick the unique web address of your brand new Facebook page.

Try to use something that is also a keyword you want to target but also sounds like proper English. In this example I’ve chosen “Internet Marketing Guru” which is a horribly silly example but it’s only for demonstration purposes.

Next step is to upload your page’s profile picture. Before you do this I want to go over a few things to keep in mind.

Pick a picture that represents your website, your product, your niche, or yourself if you are doing this to build a following based around your own personal image as an authority in your niche.

Whatever you decide to go with here just be sure the image is clear, it stands out, and that you are happy with it. Think of it as a logo or a trademark of some sort.

Step three is the “Add to Favorites” and you can choose to skip this if you wish. If you plan on creating multiple pages and wish to access them a little more easily then you might want to do this step, but it’s up to you. We’ll skip it here.

The next step is an important one. Here you can use some targeting to help Facebook reach out to the right people. I know it’s tempting to want to just cover the entire world (and in some cases this might be a good option), but chances are the things you offer are specific to either a region or set of regions, or a language such as English.

A few key features to take advantage of are:

You can use the “Browse” button and just start browsing through the lists that Facebook has to offer you, or you can type in your own interests. Get as specific or as general as you like here, each has its own benefits.

If you are trying to target any particular language such as English or Spanish it’s a good idea to specify that here. If you want to leave this open so that maybe people who speak multiple languages will still have a better chance of coming across your page then leave it blank… Save and move on to the next phase.

That’s it for the set up process, now your page is created and you can begin to do things like create posts on your page’s wall, or add a “Button” which is basically just a tab on your page where you can segregate different things onto different sections on your page.

What Should I Post?

This is where a lot of people get stuck and the answer is honestly pretty simple.


I know, mind blowing right?

But let’s think for a moment here. What sort of stuff do you click on and spend your precious time looking at? Things you want to see, right? Well, don’t you think it makes sense that everyone else does this too?

The whole idea is to create an awesome page on Facebook that people in your niche will want to spend a few minutes looking at but will also want to share with their own friends and people they stay connected to.

How do I collect Emails?

To collect email list with Facebook page you can actually use an app that installs right into your Facebook page. This application allows you to quickly and easily place an AWeber web form onto your Facebook Page, helping you convert social media audiences into email subscribers.

You will need an AWeber account to use this application. If you don’t have an AWeber account yet, you can start a 30-day trial for free.

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