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Avoid These Very Common Time Management Mistakes & Maximize Productivity



There is a common theme among most of us hard workers that working hard is the only way to get the job done; or was it working smart? No, wait, it was the early bird catches the worm…

Okay, nevermind that, it’s all feel-good-filler anyway. The point is simply no matter what school of thought you subscribe to in an effort to get your work done, you won’t get anywhere unless you manage your time well. That’s what we’re going to discuss in this edition of our handy affiliate marketing blog so come along for the ride if you’d like a few helpful tips and ideas. Here are some common causes of poor time management.

Failure to plan

I know, planning is such a bummer and if you’re anything like me you probably still don’t do it to the best of your ability when you do it. It doesn’t matter how many times this idea is drilled into my head, I absolutely hate the entire concept of planning with a passion. But you know what… I always get way more done in a single day when following a well structured plan than when I don’t! The proof is in the pudding, structure your workdays with a well thought out plan or agenda and you’ll be a powerhouse in no time.

There are all types of tools you can use to get this done, I like to use Google Calendar for most of my planning. You can use it from any device you own or use, all it requires is that you log into your account and then you’re in! If you have an alternative preference that is completely fine but do yourself a favor and jot down a “to do” list at the very least and then start ticking off those items as “done” and you too will notice your productivity reach the moon.

Procrastination is a time killer

This is second on the list because it ties in with the first when it comes to bad time management. It’s far easier to ‘dilly dally’ when you don’t have a well structured agenda to follow while staying on track. It can start with something as simple as checking emails. Next thing you know you’re scrolling through social media and get swept up in a bunch of non-important stuff. An idea sparks and you have to look it up on YouTube which then leads you down a rabbit hole of binge watching videos from your subscription list and by the time you glance at the clock literally hours have passed and you’ve not done a single ounce of work! Don’t do this, do your work and stay on track. There is so much time after you’ve knocked all your tasks out that it’s just not worth letting procrastination ruin a perfectly productive day.

Being overly committed to any one task

I know this one seems out of place but let’s just explore a quick example. Pretend for a moment that you’re testing out a new offer and though you know it converts for other marketers, for the life of you, you just can’t seem to make it work for you. You crunch all the numbers and spy on your competition but just can’t get it to convert the way you know it could be converting. Why? It starts to eat away at your day and maybe even your budget and after a while you’ve just spent far too much time and money on this thing when in retrospect you could have put a portion of that effort and budget into something else that would have potentially doubled your odds to find a winner.

It’s okay to skip over things that just don’t workout in a reasonable amount of time. Come back to them later if you have to, but don’t let a single issue eat up all your time and effort, it’s not very efficient and can often times lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Not scheduling is not good

Going back to the idea of planning, setting certain tasks to a schedule can be extremely beneficial. It not only frees up valuable mental resources (so you don’t have things on your mind all the time) but it also frees up time to put effort into other tasks. Anything that needs to be done on a regular and consistent basis should be considered for automation or outsourcing. Even if you are a solopreneur, hiring someone else to handle a few specialize tasks can add to your bottom-line in the end.

Discriminate against those distractions

This was mentioned briefly in the segment on procrastination but it’s worth emphesys. Find a spot that is as distraction and noise free as possible. Get away from the television, don’t listen to music which doesn’t promote deeper focus, ignore or silence your phone and for the love of everything stay off of anything social media!

Multitasking can sometimes make us feel like we’re getting a lot done, and that may be the case for some of us, but in most instances it’s best to just focus on one thing at a time. Pick up and put down one task at a time, give it your full attention and don’t worry about the other things on your “to do list” while working on whatever may be in front of you, it can all be taken care of later. Something that is a common distraction in many of our lives these days is emails. Set aside a chunk of time each day to go through your emails and handle whatever needs to be done during that time. After that, close your email account down and don’t bother with it until the following day, or check it on a schedule if you absolutely must look at it more than once in a single day.

In conclusion

All of the above are simple ideas meant only to give you a starting point and perhaps propose the concept of better time management. If you’ve ever seen those books which boast ideas of working only a few hours a week, one of the key concepts is managing your time more effectively and avoiding common time management mistakes. If you’re spending a lot of time appearing to be busy but getting nothing done then you’re simply wasting time and could instead be using all that extra time to do things you enjoy.

Why take up so much time mixing distractions with work so that eight hours fly bye and nothing much has been done? Focus on what you need to do, do it well and then move on with your day until tomorrow arrives.

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